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  1. That is the King Ranch Hunting Buick that belongs to the Kerr family. Saw it in person at their museum in Kingsville, Texas
  2. Guys I will be honest. Don't know anything about Rivs other that always admire the looks. will like to find out how much do you think this car is worth, found it locally and will go to take a look in person. The seller says has about 93,000 miles and he is the second owner and that "everything works" Are 80's Rivs collectibles, are they appreciating in value? Got my attention due to the rag top. Any info is welcome. The guy is asking 7K
  3. Bacon & Eggs Benitin y Eneas Lulu & Tobby
  4. I don't allow anybody to touch my car especially in car shows, I made an exception to take this pic since the girls were wearing gloves....boy did my wife got pissed!
  5. Mr. Can we touch your car?
  6. Elizabeth Montgomery Bewitched
  7. Didn't I also mention "weird"? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! never questioned the speed. To some this is a work of art just like someone's junk is somebody's treasure. I sometimes likes junk...
  8. I also wonder if the tire model "Firestone 500" came out off these events.
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