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  1. It is May now nothing to report other it took this long to take the wheels off. Took a lot of elbow grease to remove those stuck brake drums
  2. Like 50's grille, looking for good used front and rear bumper guards for "Tobby"
  3. I walking a fine line here too, I like the convertible but not the covered front wheel treatment or the fact that is a police vehicle. This is what it should look like.... my other ride
  4. Did not made it to Boca but all dogs has its day. Congrats!
  5. The guy sent me more pictures, still have not seen it in person. Now he tells me that he was not sure that he wanted to sell and installed what it looks like oversized wire wheels and new tires (sorry don't like those) this is what the picture depicts the interior. Keep you all posted
  6. Reminds me of that most interesting man in the world commercial " I don't always drive a Buick but when I do, I drive a Riviera"
  7. Thanks guys, I Knew I could find the best reviews here. There is more than meets the eye. If I go to check it out, I will keep you posted
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