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  1. Another ride to a local show last weekend at Miami Lakes, FL. "Almendrón" took another unexpected first class trophy in it class.
  2. Lamar, if you keep buying "cacharros" you can put that old ledger to good use. Let me know when the party starts... I can use a cold one at anytime as long as I can have my Bustelo after dinner. Even thought I don't smoke, I'll bring the Galan's
  3. If it makes you feel better, I would take the blue one but I still think I would never will have the opportunity to choose but yet again please post 6 numbers for me and maybe we both have a chance
  4. And the story goes that Jordan grew up to be a fine man and a connoisseur of 54 Buicks taking after his dad steps and probably got married and was transported in a Buick the same year and color of the rag top he was yelled at when he was reprimanded without any probable cause. If the rag top without the (fill in the proper adjective here) owner could find its way to the B Gardens both father & son ( the girls too) would live happily ever after. Poor horse with a disgruntled rider. That horse should be roaming in a GA clay pasture. Photo posted without permission due to no water
  5. Also this week at an auction in Ft Lauderdale? Not sure but someone told me it went for mid 60k
  6. Yesterday at a local show in Miami Lakes, FL. There were two of them but took picture of only one
  7. Every time I search "Buick" that beautiful RoadRag is looking at me! If I'm not mistaken, I saw it briefly at the 2012 ? Nationals in Charlotte, NC
  8. Also the radial tire gave it away
  9. Forget about the driver, just focus on the car and the girls!
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