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  1. I spent the weekend at the Newport Hill Climb in West central Indiana. Hundreds of pre-war cars in the show and all stock. And it's not just a lawn chair event, these cars are run up the 1800 ft. hill in a timed event, by class. There is also another car show in town for street rods and muscle cars. It's a great show!
  2. For Sale $150.00 plus shipping. This may fit other years also, would look great on any early Desoto. This has CPDD stamped on back, it is original. Please PM any replies.
  3. I have this early Desoto gas cap, (I don't think it's a radiator cap) that I am trying to identify. It's in very good condition. I'm guessing it's from the thirties, can any of you guys help me with the year car this belongs to? I will offer it up for sale here first for forum members. Any idea of value? I've never seen a gas cap with the name on it, (like tail light lenses), did they make any with Dodge or Plymouth on them also?
  4. I have these push buttons on a 56 DeSoto firedome. Would these work for you?
  5. 1938 ?? Chrysler radio head. Good nickel plating, good glass, good knobs, the cables and dial all turn with knobs. Needs a good cleaning. $100 plus shipping.
  6. I have a 1956 Desoto Firedome two door hardtop to part out. Car is straight & complete, but with a rusted frame and rear quarters. Front end (grill inside car), doors, hood and trunk, bumpers, SS trim, wheel covers, most glass, all good. This was a nice car that was left too long outside. I am keeping the engine. I believe the 1955 and 1956 Desoto and Chrysler shared the same body? What do you need?
  7. I found this old Chrysler radio controller inside a Desoto parts car I bought. Dirty, but very good condition. The knobs turn 3 cables out the back, and the dial still works. Looks like it's from the thirties to me... Can anyone identify the year so I can properly list it for sale?