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  1. My '40 Plymouth Roadking coupe. Running boards were optional, but mine sports the original running board delete. Most I have seen have the running boards.
  2. Yes it is still available. $100 US plus the shipping cost.
  3. They are beautiful cars, and will always draw a crowd when raising or lowering the top. Several years ago at the Newport Hill Climb there was one with the top stuck half down. The guy was looking for help to get it down so he can drive home. Before long there were six or eight of us shade-tree mechanics, myself included, with tools and voltage meters. It seems they draw a pretty good crowd trying to fix them also! We were checking voltages and trying to jump the switch. We were trying to jump the individual Motors. I think we eventually loosened a bar or two and got the thing folded down into the trunk so he could drive home. I hope he found someone to fix it correctly after that...
  4. I spent the weekend at the Newport Hill Climb in West central Indiana. Hundreds of pre-war cars in the show and all stock. And it's not just a lawn chair event, these cars are run up the 1800 ft. hill in a timed event, by class. There is also another car show in town for street rods and muscle cars. It's a great show!
  5. For Sale $150.00 plus shipping. This may fit other years also, would look great on any early Desoto. This has CPDD stamped on back, it is original. Please PM any replies.
  6. I have this early Desoto gas cap, (I don't think it's a radiator cap) that I am trying to identify. It's in very good condition. I'm guessing it's from the thirties, can any of you guys help me with the year car this belongs to? I will offer it up for sale here first for forum members. Any idea of value? I've never seen a gas cap with the name on it, (like tail light lenses), did they make any with Dodge or Plymouth on them also?
  7. I have these push buttons on a 56 DeSoto firedome. Would these work for you?
  8. 1938 ?? Chrysler radio head. Good nickel plating, good glass, good knobs, the cables and dial all turn with knobs. Needs a good cleaning. $100 plus shipping.
  9. I have a 1956 Desoto Firedome two door hardtop to part out. Car is straight & complete, but with a rusted frame and rear quarters. Front end (grill inside car), doors, hood and trunk, bumpers, SS trim, wheel covers, most glass, all good. This was a nice car that was left too long outside. I am keeping the engine. I believe the 1955 and 1956 Desoto and Chrysler shared the same body? What do you need?
  10. I found this old Chrysler radio controller inside a Desoto parts car I bought. Dirty, but very good condition. The knobs turn 3 cables out the back, and the dial still works. Looks like it's from the thirties to me... Can anyone identify the year so I can properly list it for sale?
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