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  1. Well, I promised my wife that I was not going to buy a car at Mecum Indy where I am this week. Intended to just have fun watching others spend money and a lot of nice Buicks changing hands. Yesterday I broke my promise.I was thumbing through a catalog of The Maryland Collection, 47 cars being sold at 'No Reserve' and noticed a 1921 Buick Touring car for sale. I walked to the display and was blown away by this wonderful car that had been restored over the years and looked awesome. In the back seat was a 3 ring binder full of the car's history including history back to early 60's, complete restoration receipts from 1979-80 and later by the renowned White Post Restorations of White Post, VA.After reading about the car and work done I decided to check with a friend that knows early Buicks on pricing to confirm what I thought the car might be worth. We were both on the same page so I decided to bid on the car and after spirited bidding, I won the car. I am thrilled as it will be a fun car for family, shows, parades etc. Apparently there are very few 1921 Buicks left, especially in this condition. The car had been sitting in a 100+ car collection in Maryland for more than 10 years and after the passing of the father in 2017, the family decided to liquidate the collection, hence my lucky day.Called the wife and explained what I had done, then sent photos and she forgives me since she loves the older, antique cars.Buicks forever Chuck
  2. Buick GS400 Coupe in Fort Worth, TX.. I have too many cars and have to sell one or two so I am reluctantly parting with this ground up restoration GS400. I bought it in Dec 2013 out of Iowa with the interior and paint done. I added the pin stripes plus all the work listed below: Engine/Running Gear Completely rebuilt, numbers matching original 400 engine and transmission Engine rebuilt to stock specs except cylinders/pistons are .30 over Rebuilt correct Rochester 4 Barrel carburetor Alternator, Starter, water pump, fuel pump, distributor, power steering, all new or rebuilt New 17 electric fan and shroud om new 4 core radiator to meet OEM specs, linked electric radiator fan controls with A/C controls New front after-market disk brakes/master cylinder/power booster All suspension/bearings/bushings rebuilt or replaced New rubber dust shields on fender wells Replaced rear end with one with little wear on third member gears New OEM correct exhaust system Coated exhaust headers Correct Star Wars air cleaner New B.F. Goodrich 14" red line radial tires New Vintage Air Conditioning System and used new A6 aluminum look alike compressor Used OEM under hood A/C compressor mounting bracket/pulleys New under dash Vintage Air heater/AC box with controls Removed existing dash bezel and installed stock A/C bezel with center vent, ducts etc. Tachometer not working New carpet and new Legendary white vinyl interior including new new dash pad and new Kick panels New Custom Modern Radio with blue tooth/USB connection and new rear and front speakers with new radio aerial Excellent condition tilt steering and turn signal levers installed Exterior - New correct OEM spec grill, grill vertical piece re-chromed, improved top grill stainless New passenger side mirror, new new quarter window latches and new rear window new glass Many other odds and ends improved or replaced. . Price $ 31,995 and I am losing a bunch of money at that price and I am willing to discuss offers Engine without A/C compressor installed yet. A/C compressor installed
  3. We had a great time at the OTHER table getting to sit with the Scheib's and meet other folks. Concur on great food and atmosphere. Chuck & Dianne
  4. Thanks again for the positive comments. I was overwhelmed by the positive comments about the SportWagon at the BCA meet in Brookfield even to the point that several folks told me it was their favorite car at the meet. That included a gentleman who, while I was drying off the car Friday morning introduced himself and his 14-15 year old son and said " I just wanted to tell you that my son says your car is his most favorite car at the meet, and likes it better than mine!" We had a good laugh and I shook the son' s hand and thanked him for coming and enjoying the cars. Had several folks come by who wanted to talk about growing up and having a station wagon in the family and their experiences. To see all the cars at the meet, whether archival, restored, modified, or drivers, etc. plus meeting and talking with folks was well worth the trip from Texas. The SportWagon was trailered up and back and other than having to buy 4 new tires for the trailer after a blowout in Oklahoma, the 2200 mile round trip was uneventful. Wife and I look forward to BCA in Denver in 2018 and in Oklahoma City in 2019. Chuck
  5. I may have missed this somewhere but I remember a Forum breakfast at a previous meet. Is there one this year? Thanks, Chuck
  6. Final Detail:Drove the SportWagon into the trailer this morning, front wheels went over rear wheel lifts just fine, got to the front wheel lifts, and the rear wheels engaged the rear wheel lifts. Gave it some gas and it started to climb up the lifts but the front lifts were giving more resistance due to their height. Gave it a little more gas and the rear wheels spun on the slick painted incline on the rear lifts and the car shifted to the left ! Cut the engine, climbed out the tail gate again, assessed the situation and decided I had 2" clear from side of car to rear opening frame on left side to back the car out carefully. Unhitched the cable to the rear door ramp on the trailer to give me a little breathing room. Climbed back in through the tailgate, backed the car out carefully, no damage. I then applied stair tread non-slip 4" strips to the rear lifts. Got back in the car and drove it back in the trailer and this time it went all the way in and up on the lifts. Re-attached rear door cable and Mission Accomplished.
  7. John, the weather continues to be unstable between here and Brookfield so I am not going to take a chance on driving it. Besides, I would have to clean it up when I get there !!
  8. The saga continues So I drove the Sportwagon into the trailer this morning, up on my new ramps without a hitch, wheel stops worked and I put the car in park, turned off the engine and opened the door and BUMP! Seems all my measuring was with the jack under the front cross member and when I roll in with the weight of the car on the front wheels on the lift ramps plus my 'mature' body weight, the door is still hitting the escape door frame by an inch after it cleared yesterday on the jack. Crawled out the tailgate again.So, I decide if the front is elevated then I need to elevate the back wheels and see what happens. Out comes the floor jack, under the differential and up it goes 1 1/2 " (1 thicknesses of 2X material). Walk around to the escape door, open the car door and there is an inch clearance, but, with with previous experience I get up into the front seat and start to shut the door. As I close the door the bottom of it lightly rubs on the escape door frame so my weight is the culprit again. Put my foot out the door onto the trailer floor to take some weight off the car for door clearance, open the door as far as I can, which is plenty to get in and out through the escape door, and get out.I raise the differential with the jack, put 2 pieces of 2x10 under each rear wheel, let the jack down and go check the door again. Now there is 3" clearance without me in the car and should be plenty left even with me sitting in it. Now I have to build two more lift ramps for the rear wheels! Thought about just stacking 2 - 2 x12's on each side from back to my front lift ramps but that was expensive and I did not want to secure that much wood to the trailer floor. Also, at the time was thinking I would be using my basket tie-downs on the wheels and the wood would cover my tie down tracks in the floor. So off to Home Depot to get more 2 x 10 material and make two back lifts.Made the back lifts, installed them tonight and will try the car again in the morning and it should work fine ( I trust!). I went ahead and evaluated tie-down options and as it turns out I can't use the basket wheel tie-downs because there is not enough room remaining between the car body and the trailer side walls for me to get to each corner, finagle the straps over the wheels, and tie them down to the track. Decided to use regular tie-downs on the rear axle connected to rear 'D' rings which works well in spite of the long overhang and gas tank of the wagon. I will cross a pair of tie-downs at the front using 'J' hooks the towing drivers use in holes in the frame and connected to the 'D' rings at the front.Sure am glad I decided to test load the car on Tuesday instead of waiting this weekend with little or no time left before we leave. I don't intend to trailer the SportWagon very often but drive it! The trailer is mainly for my 1932 Buick and a couple of Model 'A' Fords and works great for them, no clearance problems.Will give a report and photos when I get back from BCA.
  9. So, I am getting the SportWagon ready to go to Brookfield and national BCA and have decided to trailer it rather than drive it for several reasons. First and foremost the weather in the midwest has been unpredictable and nasty these past few weeks. I don't want to get caught in the middle of Missouri, Illniois or points north or south in the wagon with no protection after spending a few coins on the wagon. Second, the rebuilt engine and transmission only have 100 + miles on them and I don't have time to put another 400 breakin miles on them before we leave in less than a week. So, I carefully drove the wagon in the 24' enclosed trailer (about 18' clear due to a cabinet inside) and checked clearances carefully. I had a large orange cone at the front to tell me when I was close to the cabinet. So, once set in the trailer, I proceed to open the driver's door and surprize! even though I have an open 'escape' door on the driver's side of the trailer to let me out of cars in the trailer, the wagon door does not clear the bottom of the escape door frame. So, I sit there and contemplate my options on how to get out. I try to slither out the drivers door but get head and torso caught, same on passenger side. It appears the only option is turn around on front bench seat, lean over and fold down second seat, climb over front bench on to the horizontal back of the second seat, then fold third seat flat and get to the tailgate which I then opened from inside and get out! I decided I had to come up with a solution that allowed me in and out of the car from the escape door. Knowing many before me have solved the problem with lower car doors (like Corvettes) clearing the trailer fender wells by driving up onto 2x wood material, I made some measurements to what I thought it would take to raise the car enough to open the driver's door into the escape opening. I put the floor jack under the front cross member, jacked it up, stacked three 2 x 10 pieces of wood under both front tires too get 4 1/2 " lift, let the jack down and viola! it was enough lift to open the door with at least 18" horizontal opening and enough to get my 'mature' bod in and out of the car. I made some crude wooden 4 1/2" ramps, bolted them to the trailer floor with 1/2" bolts and tomorrow morning I will try again and see how it all works. Wish me luck. Chuck, See you in Brookfield Attached Files:
  10. Brian, please add Dianne and I to the list for the dinner. We are not bringing the 32 67S this year but will enjoy the camaraderie with the PWD group as we have at past meets. Chuck Nixon Fort Worth, TX
  11. Thanks for all the positive comments, hope to visit with many of you in Brookfield. Chuck
  12. I will be taking pictures in Brookfield on the show field in the modified class. With all the bad weather hitting the midwest I have decided to trailer the Sportwagon instead of driving it. I have a 24' enclosed Pace and it will give me a sense of security if we run into high winds and wet weather or worse. When you spend a decent amount of money and lots of time on a project you would hate to see it damaged by lousy weather. Chuck
  13. So the hard work is done and the 67 Buick Sportwagon GS 400 clone is ready to drive and enjoy. Newly rebuilt 400 BB and T-400 now have about 100 miles on them and so far so good. In our 95-100 degree weather the engine temperature is 190 -200 degrees, I tried the factory A/C several days ago for 3-4 miles at 30-45 MPH in urban setting going back to my house from downtown and it worked well but engine temp climbed to 210. I spent 4 long days working at the interior shop to get all the folding seat hardware put back together using all the special nuts, bolts, screws, etc. then added seat backs, and finally put the seats and hardware back in the car with shop personnel help. Interior Shop: re-covered the 2nd and 3rd seats, (front bench seat and carpet already done), made new side and odd shaped filler panels out of a dense black board and then covered them with the correct vinyl to match the seats, recovered the wheel well humps and spare tire cover, made new carpet to go between back of front seat and up behind the second seat, all the flat metal pieces that are on the back of the 2nd and 3rd seats recovered in new carpet new carpet on all other floor panels including the storage compartment cover and side panels. I had previously refinished all the metal in black and had 8-10 pieces powder coated in black. Installed all newly refurbished seat belts from Ssnake Oyl. Then had the red pinstripes painted on. I still have some minor odds and ends to do but car should be ready for the BCA meet in Brookfield, Wisconsin July 5-8Black is hot but sure looks good when cleaned and dusted
  14. A few more Buicks from the Concours d'Elegance of Texas on April 23 in Arlington, TX. These were in the Car Corral. Chuck
  15. Well, the Concours d'Elegance of Texas last weekend was a great success starting with a tour on Friday, auction ofno reserve 44 cars private collection, cocktail party Friday night for a preview of second auction to follow on Saturday, then Sunday the big event, the Concours. Concours site was an awesome grass covered park with tree canopy located in an a larger linear park with stream and lake between the Texas Rangers Ballpark and Dallas Cowboys AT&T stadium in Arlington, TX. Had about 120 vehicles in the Concours. Cadillacs were the featured marquee this year. There was also a Car Corral with 150+ very nice cars and several Buicks which I will follow up with another post. www.concoursoftexas.org Lucky me, the 1932 67S won Best of Class which made for a great day! A few photos but I have many more of the participating cars. Perhaps I can figure out how to post them to a storage software and share. There were a few other Buicks. A 1957 awesome Buick was in the modified class and several nice modifieds in the Car Corral Chuck
  16. Hi Barney, yes the first year of Concours d'Elegance was the same weekend of Keels and Wheels and we had our car at K&W which is a great event in itself. I think CDETexas has a better chance of attracting quality cars in the D/FW Metroplex area over Conroe and especially at the Rangers/Cowboys venue. There are a ton of things going on in that setting with the Rangers and Cowboy stadiums as well as Texas Live! a tremendous new entertainment/shopping/hospitality venue under construction and Six Flags next door. I am missing the Bluebonnets in Brenham because of this event in Arlington. This may be the last year CDETexas allows non-Classic Car Club of America standards as show cars. I had someone on the Board of Directors of Amelia Island encourage me to enter the 32 Buick there until he found out they go by CCCA standards and only 80 and 90 series Buicks are allowed. Bummer, but we still get to show and tell elsewhere and that is what makes it fun. See you in Brookfield, WS. Chuck
  17. This coming Sunday April 23rd the Concours d'Elegance of Texas, www.concoursoftexas.org, will be held at the Texas Rangers Globe Life Ballpark in Arlington, TX, a stone's throw from the Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium. For its first five years the Concours was held just north of Houston in Conroe, TX at the La Torretta resort. The organizers are from the D/FW area here in North Texas so they decided 18 months ago to move it here. There is strong organization and financial resources and they hope to grow the Concours to number three after Pebble Beach and Amelia Island. I entered our 1932 Buick 67S in 2013 at La Torretta and won Best of Class. I thought why not enter it again and let friends and folks in North Texas get to see it for once. Looking forward to nice weather and a fun time. Chuck
  18. Thanks for all the comments guys. I think I will clean up the walnut a bit and find a special place for the hawk in my garage or study and show it with the car once and a while. Chuck
  19. A friend sent me a text last week while he was at a swap meet and found the Buick Hawk below and was I interested in buying it. I said yes and now it is mine. I am guessing it is some sort of dealer service award as there was evidence of adhesive along the front as if there was signage, plaque etc. Nice walnut base and the letters and hawk are in excellent condition. I played with it in front of the 1932 Buick Anybody have a guess about its purpose or age?
  20. I am looking for a nice drivers side exhaust manifold for the 1967 GS400 big block engine. Thanks,, Chuck Nixon
  21. The writer of the description of the car was very creative so I copied the description and put it in my WORD files so I can use it the next time I want to sell a car and will adapt it to what I am selling Chuck
  22. In a couple of weeks I am going to get working on some sort of contact list of 67 owners working with National and see what interest there is. Plus will contact 2017 BCA Meet planners and have dialogue on what is possible. Thanks for the email and suggestions Bill. Chuck
  23. Mr. Earl, Bill and Bryan, I agree with your thoughts and will start with the organizers of the 2017 meet but begin a ground swell (populist?) campaign to recognized the 1967 Buicks. I am swamped right now for a couple of weeks but will get after it in mid February. I will start with the Riviera and V8 Buick web sites as well as this BCA site. Any other organizations I should be tapping into IE: Wildcats, etc? I could always to to the BCA directory and look up who has 1967 Buicks and contact them but that could be a monumental effort. Advice and recommendations welcome. Chuck
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