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  1. Thanks everyone. Really appreciate it! I guess 15k is probably too much as well... Should I drop it to 10-12?
  2. Wow, seems like no interest... Expert Buick Owners: What am I doing wrong? -Dave
  3. Ellicott City, Maryland. (Don't worry about the flooding seen in the news, I live far from there...)
  4. I need help selling my 1964 Buick Electra and some of my friends told me to check the forums, and here I am. This one is in really good shape. I say almost perfect based on the feedback I’ve received from people that have come to look at it. I’ve been told that I shouldn’t sell it. Ive been told I should take it to car shows. Ive been told I should keep it for my kids. I have decided I am going to sell it. My uncle left it to me several years ago. He bought it from the filmmaker of Runaway Bride. They incorrectly say the year in the movie, but this was the car they used. Had the streamers on it when he bought it. Awesome car. All original, down to the chrome around the gas fill. I have taken good care of it since he passed. Runs beautifully, I just need space in my garage. My wife and I want to keep it, but we just don’t have the room... it’s a big car, and just not our thing.. as horrible as that is to say. I want this thing to go to someone else who will appreciate it. ~30K original miles. Power everything. Interior gorgeous. Engine bay clean. Original paint. Someone that came to look at it told me it still has the factory undercoat, and it’s in really good shape. People say that this car needs to go to car shows, and I really don’t have time for that, even though I do try to go when I can. When I got it shortly after he passed I rebuilt the carb, put new guts in it. I obviously changed all plugs,etc. I put magnetic points in it. I had to replace the fuel pump because it was leaking. I replaced the master cylinder because my wife wouldn’t let me drive it unless I did some work on the brakes. It has one small dent on the front driver side. I don’t know where it came from, but with something like this you don’t mess with it unless you know what you are doing, and I don’t know what I’m doing in that area. Power antenna doesn’t work. Haven’t tried to fix it. Radio is finicky but if I turn it off and on a bunch of times it starts to not sound as scratchy. Please private message me... hopefully it will send something to my email.