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  1. ^^^^ That is a good price. And yes, they are getting harder to find.
  2. If anyone gets pics and ISN'T buying it... I'd be interested. Cali. Is little more of a commitment than you guys closer. GOOD luck on the sale !
  3. I'm normally not a "patina" guy, but yours is right on the marks. Looks really nice ! I agree, I wouldn't paint it, just enjoy as she is now.
  4. Very nice work on the Chrome. I use 0000 steel wool (unsure what you used) and Mothers metal paste polish For HEAVY neglected chrome, otherwise its a micro rag and Mothers. Only issue I have is I get micro swirl marks from the steel wool that scratched the chrome. Need to find a way to get rid of them.. Or if I am just set with it until I re-chrome ? Curious if you have the same issue ?
  5. MikesWoodieWorld Where is this Lady ?? I am near Bakersfield.. Is she an hour my way.. Or more towards the coast ? I need to get my 49 Registered.
  6. AWESOME !!! Another 49 Sedanette.. And a RM to boot !! I look forward to your build.
  7. Very Nice !! Glad you found one. I will admit I am a bit jealous as I'm realizing how hard it is to find parts for these one year only 49s .. Especially Sedanette specific. Be happy you got a complete one !! Enjoy
  8. I don't have a solid answer on why they left the scripts off. But the thought that came to mind on your question of Buick thinking they were innovative and not using a model designation for the Roadmaster is the 4 ports. 4 ports was all a person needed to see to know it was a RM. The longer fender and hood was also a give away. Again, I have no solid evidence, but to me that is how I always know ( from a distance ) it's a RM or not.
  9. Wilf, If you get a 49 Body, I can help with some of the parts. I have been on a MAD search for 49 Sedanette only pieces. If you see my thread, you will see why. I actually have an Extra dash. It needs a tiny bit of work, but it will get you through a pinch if you find yourself in the same situation as me with my Previous Owners HOT ROD hacksaw follies. Keep us posted. Patience is key. As others have said, Making a Caddy into a Buick will be hard, cost more $$$ than if you started with a Buick, and may even frustrate you to the point you abandon the project. Once I get mine in order, All the extra pieces will be going to RE-Fund my project. So I will definitely help you out.
  10. I haven't heard of this brand, so I will just post what is on the tire. HI Society Premium High Performance L 78 - 15 4 Full Plies Polyester Tubeless ...Hope that helps Eric
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