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  1. ^^^^ That is a good price. And yes, they are getting harder to find.
  2. If anyone gets pics and ISN'T buying it... I'd be interested. Cali. Is little more of a commitment than you guys closer. GOOD luck on the sale !
  3. I'm normally not a "patina" guy, but yours is right on the marks. Looks really nice ! I agree, I wouldn't paint it, just enjoy as she is now.
  4. Very nice work on the Chrome. I use 0000 steel wool (unsure what you used) and Mothers metal paste polish For HEAVY neglected chrome, otherwise its a micro rag and Mothers. Only issue I have is I get micro swirl marks from the steel wool that scratched the chrome. Need to find a way to get rid of them.. Or if I am just set with it until I re-chrome ? Curious if you have the same issue ?
  5. MikesWoodieWorld Where is this Lady ?? I am near Bakersfield.. Is she an hour my way.. Or more towards the coast ? I need to get my 49 Registered.
  6. AWESOME !!! Another 49 Sedanette.. And a RM to boot !! I look forward to your build.
  7. Very Nice !! Glad you found one. I will admit I am a bit jealous as I'm realizing how hard it is to find parts for these one year only 49s .. Especially Sedanette specific. Be happy you got a complete one !! Enjoy
  8. I don't have a solid answer on why they left the scripts off. But the thought that came to mind on your question of Buick thinking they were innovative and not using a model designation for the Roadmaster is the 4 ports. 4 ports was all a person needed to see to know it was a RM. The longer fender and hood was also a give away. Again, I have no solid evidence, but to me that is how I always know ( from a distance ) it's a RM or not.
  9. Wilf, If you get a 49 Body, I can help with some of the parts. I have been on a MAD search for 49 Sedanette only pieces. If you see my thread, you will see why. I actually have an Extra dash. It needs a tiny bit of work, but it will get you through a pinch if you find yourself in the same situation as me with my Previous Owners HOT ROD hacksaw follies. Keep us posted. Patience is key. As others have said, Making a Caddy into a Buick will be hard, cost more $$$ than if you started with a Buick, and may even frustrate you to the point you abandon the project. Once I get mine in order, All the extra pieces will be going to RE-Fund my project. So I will definitely help you out.
  10. I haven't heard of this brand, so I will just post what is on the tire. HI Society Premium High Performance L 78 - 15 4 Full Plies Polyester Tubeless ...Hope that helps Eric
  11. Great Post Dan, its good you are taking her out and enjoying!! Glad to see the front end down also.
  12. Thank you Bryan !! Will look into that contact
  13. That is awesome !! Wish I could swing the $$ for that ! Good luck on the sale.
  14. Great job. I agree with the cleaning up before working idea.
  15. Thank you very much for the photos.. Really tells me where I need to be with mine !! If you decide you do not want the Radio Knobs, I would be interested in purchasing.. AS I need them.
  16. Great looking Buick !! Looking forward to watching your progress
  17. Great score... I love the 49 Sedanettes !! I'm a little biased as I have a project one. Please post many pictures inside and out so I can see what mine needs to be like.
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