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  1. Want to Buy a 1951 Chrysler New Yorker station wagon. This would be the 331" Hemi motor on the 131.5" wheelbase chassis (shared with Imperial). Condition from very good restorable to older restoration or "what have you?". NOT interested in '52-54 similar wagons as those are all shorter wheelbase. NOT interested in 1951 Saratoga with Hemi on shorter wheelbase. MUST be the New Yorker on the 131.5 wheelbase. Thank you.
  2. As an immigrant, with no history of American cars in my youth I never thought I would get bitten by the bug.... We had just moved back to north of Atlanta, after 14 years in Central Florida. On a road near our house, someone was selling a red late 40's car. turned out to be a resto-mod Dodge 48 or 49. Looked at it but it was noisy (hot rod) and pricey. But then something was itching. Started looking on-line at ATClassics & ClassicCars.com. Found a '50 Plymouth(?) south of Atlanta, but it was more a street rod too (no chrome trim, black bumper and modern engine). Sales guy said easier to maintain modern engines, and have power steering and power brakes. But it did not bite me. The sales guy suggested, if I was looking for something more stock to look for Oldsmobiles as they were still slightly cheaper than the premium marques, (Chevy, Ford, Cadillac). By now I was beginning to get a sense of my "ideal" car, in running condition but not perfect 1) to keep the price down 2) would like to accomplish something myself on the car; would prefer a stock car but not original, restored to stock is OK and finally the icing on the cake would be a car dated the same year that I am (1951). Just after receiving the 'Olds advice', I found one about 4 hours away so I could take a look myself and not buy blind. Two days later drove up and yes, this one bit me ... and hard! In running condition (and what a sound that Rocket 8 makes), little rust showing, restored interior, just some issues with the (original) paint job. So I put down a deposit, went home and started arranging final payment, transportation and insurance.
  3. The car did arrive. Nice to have finally found one more or less local. I think this one was about 60 miles up the road, maybe 70. The owner had to come to Tucson for the title, so he just brought the car as well! It was an original Tucson car - spent first 30 years or so around here. The guy I got it from bought it about 30 years ago and had it in Nogales, AZ (Mexican border). He's to the point where he couldn't see getting around to fixing this one up, and his preference is Lincolns, so this Buick needed to go. Given my situation with the other cars, the plan is this will probably be on hold for a while...
  4. Y'all probably remember this one from the buy & sell forum. I said it would take a while, but it's finally arrived, after a roll-back, an 18-wheeler, and another roll-back. Now safely tucked away inside my garage. Roy's description was accurate but for one thing - while it was up on the transporter I looked underneath, and it looked even better than I expected. Darned phone was re-booting at that moment, so no photos. A couple of hornet's nests were found (and I don't mean just a figure of speech - real hornets). For now, my kids have named this one "Mater" for the patina. My daughter even asked, where's the tow hook? It's going to be a while before I can really get into this, but the parking brake works (more or less), and I think the movements on/off the transports loosened up the wheels some, because my wife and I pushed it into the garage pretty easily (for a 3680-pounder). Just to see what happens, I've got it on a 6v trickle charger right now, though I don't expect much. The interstate trucker got it to about here or maybe a little lower, got inside, popped it loose, let it roll back, stuck the parking brake, and it stopped in a parking spot, just like I asked. I didn't know how long it would need to be there, so I wanted it "casually" hanging out in a real parking spot. I'm not really even sure how he popped it loose - maybe set the parking brake, released the last chain, and released the brake? Anyway, he judged the stopping power of the brake pretty much right on. This guy was telling me about a '57 Buick wagon he used to own. He knew pretty well what he was carrying here. Valve cover cap is gone in this photo, but I found it later down the right side of the engine. Yes, that radiator hose is funky. Looking at photos of other cars, this isn't an original radiator - maybe not even Buick. Oh, and the engine is all black, so that might not be original either. Where's the engine number?
  5. Hello everyone! I found this gem on Craigslist this past weekend and just couldn’t pass it up. I’ve always liked the look of the 50’s Buicks and the asking price seemed reasonable enough. Here are a few photos: http://s778.photobucket.com/user/josephlong757/slideshow/1951%20Buick%20Super So, I’m guessing that you’d all enjoy a little background! She was purchased new by a local funeral home here in Georgia and was used in funeral processions and driven by the family up until the mid 1970’s. The car then passed to an amateur collector who drove her on occasion and frequented car shows up until he passed away. After that, the car was parked and sat in a shed from 1989 until around 2010. It was then sold to the man who sold it to me. The interior is in excellent condition and I'm wondering if it may have been redone at some point. The exterior is a bit rough, but appears to be very solid. The car was re-sprayed in the original black somewhere along the line and whoever did the paint did a poor job. I have found a bit of rust up under the driver and passenger floors and some in the trunk. As you can see, the chrome is also in need of work. The car does run but I have not yet driven her because the brakes are not working. I’ve ordered a shop manual and will do some digging when it arrives. Anyways, the goal here is to do a full frame-off restoration. I want to keep the car original with the possible exception of converting to disk brakes, an FM “look alike” radio, and maybe adding A/C. Did these cars even come with a factory A/C option? So, here are a few things that I’ve been wondering: Is my car a Super or a Super Riviera? The plate (photographed) says “Model: 51-52.” Is there a place online to decode the VIN? Also, where did GM hide the build sheets on these? How difficult is it to rebuild the I8? It doesn’t seem to be very complicated but I hear that the bearings make it difficult…? Is there a rebuild kit that you guys recommend? What do I need to know about that DynaFlow transmission? I hear that it’s sort of like a CVT? Do shops still rebuild these? Have any of you converted over to disk brakes? If so, what do you think? Is it worth the trouble? What do you guys think about converting the electrical system over to 12v? Have any of you done a frame-off restoration on this model? I’ve had some trouble finding a complete thread on an engine rebuild or a thread discussing a full restoration. I think that’s it for now. I am really looking forward to getting to know the active members on this board and learning more about my baby. Her name is Grace, by the way. Apparently coined during her funeral home days. -Joseph
  6. Not mine. Harrison # 3123757 These radiators are hard to come by so I thought I would post this from Craiglist (http://buffalo.craigslist.org/pts/4832192761.html) The sellers name is Ray. Can be reached at: 716-783-1572
  7. Guest

    What engine oil?

    I have tried searching the different forums (fori??), as I am sure that this topic has come up before. Unfortunately the search tool is not sophisticated and brings up a lot non-relevant data. So apologies if I am asking something already answered elsewhere. What oil is the best to use in my 1951 Olds 88 rocket V-8, e.g. high-mileage, synthetic vs non-synthetic? I have posed this in the general Technical section as I expect that the make is not important, but the year could have an impact on your answers. Also, are there any additives that I should think about using, e.g. oil stabilizer. I am trying to run the vehicle exclusively using ethanol free gas, might this also influence what kind of oil to use? Thanks in advance to this learned group Stefan
  8. Guest

    1951 Special Moustache

    Hi there! We have been looking for this part a while now, asked someone and get forwarded to this site. We are currently in search for a new moustache (upper grill bar) for our 1951 Special. We hope we can finally get lucky here, and find this part (after years)! Thanks in advance!
  9. Looking for an 'M' (lost) and 2 'I's (damaged, so less important, could be repaired). I believe that 1952 trunk letters are the same. Can anyone in the community help? Thanks in advance Stefan
  10. Specifically looking for an 'M', with interest in one or two 'I's (I do have 'I's but they have lost one of the mounting pegs)
  11. Saw this on Phoenix c-list last week (but not on the Tucson list, and it's in Tucson). Unfortunately I don't recall the price they had listed... Guess they really want to move it. Claims that "all" the trim is there - but not in the photos. Ask them...not mine. http://www.ebay.com/itm/251658732592 (incorrectly listed as a Special, it's a 56R)
  12. The interchange book I have isn't so great. I need to invest in one of the "good" ones. But for those of you with a good one, can you tell me if the headliner bows for the 1951 76R (2-door hardtop) will interchange with those from the 1952 Super 2-door hardtop? Same question - for the stainless trim that is visible inside the headliner at each bow? Thanks!
  13. With any luck, the car attached to this data plate will be in my garage tomorrow... If so, there will be another "Me & My" thread...
  14. Since I've been delayed a bit on the engine, I'm going back around to another non-functional item: horns. When I first put the battery in, there was power at the horn relay when the horn ring was pressed. The relay itself was bad. I replaced the relay, and now there's not power on the line from the horn ring. The horns will sound when I jumper hot to the small contact on the relay. So the relay & horns are good. Trying to figure out the rest of it. This setup seems to work by providing hot to the relay. Is the wire off the left side of the steering column above the steering box & forward of the firewall - is that for the horn? Is that power out to the horn relay, or power into the horn ring/button? I would like to know what is on both sides of the horn ring/button - to see if the failure is in there. I searched the other horn-related threads on here. This horn relay appears to work with hot on the small contact, not ground as it seems to be on later versions. Thanks!
  15. MrEarl recommended that I post a link to my restoration website and blog: http://www.bessythebuick.com/ Really excited about this project! So far, I've had good luck locating needed parts and received excellent guidance from the Buick community locally (Colorado) as well as nationally. Good folks all around:) Thanks, Jeff
  16. Hello, I'm pretty excited as this is the first time I'm posting a thread on this forum. Unfortunately, my first post is marred by tragedy(A financial tragedy, at least). The story begins when I nabbed my license approximately a year ago, as I turned sixteen. I have been collecting and restoring vintage radios, televisions, and phonographs for the past ten years so I am mechanically inclined, and my uncle owns a garage where he assured me I would have access to the resources I needed to fulfill my dream. That dream? To own a classic car and employ it as my daily driver. Foolish I know, but at that time I was having an early-mid-life crisis. My goodness, I thought to myself, sixteen years already gone! That's about a quarter of my life right there! Social Security checks would start rolling in any day now. It was time to really start living. My parents agreed to go half and half on the vehicle and I saved up $7000 through working various jobs. To make a long story short, I ended up paying fourteen grand for a '51 Buick Special Riviera. Seriously, fourteen with three zeros behind it. The car is a nice, unmolested survivor with 51,000 on the OD. Sat in a barn in the Nevada desert for twenty five years. No major problems (Except for a cracked intake, but by the grace of god I managed to locate a cheap spare). I love the car to death, and plan to drive it for many years. However, I feel as though I've overpaid by at least $6000 if not more, and I need someone to check my sanity, because I'm seriously freaking out right now. I didn't expect to make an investment, let alone an extremely profitable one, but the idea that I overpaid by that much is making me nuts. I guess I just wanted to vent a little, sorry if I wasted your time. Sincerely, Jacob
  17. Hey all, I own a 1951 Buick Special equipped with the dreaded "Dynaslow", "Dynaslush", or however you prefer to call it. It's honestly not that bad, granted I've only driven it for about a month. But, I was wondering, how much wear would it put on the transmission if I started off in low gear and then proceeded to switch to drive at around 30? You've probably got this question plenty of times at this point, but I couldn't find any other threads regarding this topic. Thanks for your time. Sincerely, Jacob
  18. Rechromed '51 taillight spears for 2-door Ford. With installation hardware. $335 for the pair plus shipping.
  19. Good day everybody, I am really happy that I discovered this group. I have been following a number of threads, and have learned a lot. Some of the journeys that these vehicles have traveled to get where they are is truly inspiring. Unfortunately, I am a stone cold rookie, so I won't be able to offer much in the way of new wisdom. I hope it is okay with you folks, but for a while at least, I will be asking for help much more than I will be able to offer any. My story starts with my first purchase of a 1951 Buick Special off Ebay. The seller turned out to be a great car guy, and I ended up with an awesome deal. Unfortunately, there were some issues with transit. I contracted Alpine Auto to ship her from Knoxville to Port Gibson, MS. She left Tenn. on 8/13 and was due to be delivered the next day. However I got a call from the driver that he apparently hit some road debris in Birmingham, and had to wait till the next day to have repairs done and was going to be delayed. He got back on the road on the 14th, and I started to get excited again. I learned, Never get excited till you see her coming down the road. That evening I got another call from the driver, telling me he broke down in Mathiston, MS, and parked the trailer with my baby in a restaurant parking lot while his truck was towed to another town 30 miles away for repairs. To make a long story short, the dealer took till 8/21 to get the truck running. To top it off the driver was out of state, and by the time he got back to his truck, it was too late to deliver the truck that was on the trailer behind my 51. Delivery was finally accomplished on 8/22. (Of course, while she was stranded, I drove 3 hours to see her and took some photos that I am having difficulty uploading.) Thanks again for your time, I'll be asking questions very soon. These are photos I captured off Ebay, I don't believe the seller will mind.
  20. Somewhere in the forum I found a post that listed the exact part number for the radiator for the 1951 40-series with Dynaflow, and what other years interchanged. I wrote it down, then lost what I wrote & can't find the post again. Anyone have that info? I believe it's a common part across 1950-52, but want to check. My '51 does not have the original radiator & rather than restore/recore this mystery part, I need to start over with the right radiator.
  22. I have a used, but in fantastic condition, Radiator from a 1951 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe. This will also fit 1952 6 cylinder Chryslers. May also work with other Mopars. I was going through a boneyard when a new arrival, a 1951 Chrysler Windosr Deluxe caught my eye. I would swear the car was driven there. (what a shame) The car was in good condition minus a few pieces now. It looked like someones treasure and pleasure before the inheritance. I pulled a few smaller parts when the radiator caught my eye. It was in such great condition on the outside, almost perfect. Then when I removed the cap, I discovered it was full to the top (no leaks) with antifreeze, I knew it was worth a second look. When I drained it, nice new clean antifreeze came out. Hardly a spec of rust. I have flushed it with water a few times and barely any discolored water has come out. I think this radiator was installed and hardly run, if ever. The picture that is shown is how it looked as wiped it off. Amazing condition. A steal at $350. Pick it up in Omaha or I will ship it but you will need to pay the shipping.
  23. 1952 Dodge advertising: book matches $5. 336-765-8312 or wwhitfield@triad.rr.com
  24. Have a '51 Roadmaster 4 door with a broken front stabilizer. Looking for a decent used one. Can also use the two "U" shaped mounting brackets (one of mine is mangled). I know this part is common with a couple other years but don't remember off hand. Tim minoxphogorapher@yahoo.com
  25. :cool:EMAIL ME @. July_93704@yahoo.com if you can help. Thanks.
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