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  1. I think I have some of the parts you need but it might save shipping if you made a list for me to check my inventory. I do have some much used inside and outside door handles, tail light buckets, and many other parts.  I bought my cowl light bases and lenses from I and I Reproductions and had the shells re plated. I am not sure if anyone is reproducing the lights but they might be.


    The t handle Rumble seat handle is hard to come by ,and the repos were out of stock last time I checked.  I did find one after much searching but it needed a lot of work. The one on my car was L shaped and that is available.


    I can take many pictures since my car is still in progress. I would like to see a few more pictures of your bottom rumble seat cushion and the wood frame. I will attach pictures of the seat back.


    If you wish let me know via PM when you have your parts list.



    rumble seat back.jpg

    rumble seat back 2.jpg

  2. Here is a picture but it may not help much. The u shaped wire is the primer lever. I checked the catalogs and it was used on many marine engines but probably has to be one that uses  a pump with a top and bottom cover. The only problem I had with my boat was when the engine happened to stop with the pump arm all the way in but all you had to do was bump the starter.



    fuel pump primer.jpg

  3. I will knock on wood but my 31, 66s, does not have that problem. If cold it needs a second or two of choke then off it goes, no choke when warm. I do drive it often but if it has sat for a few weeks it will start quickly using the choke.The fuel line from the pump to the carb has the loop in it and the carb is the original 10-795. I can't imagine it makes a difference but it does have the late 31 air cleaner.


     I did have to block off the heat riser, replaced the tubes, and installed a new intake/exh. gasket to cure a lean when hot running problem.




    edit -I have been using no ethanol fuel for the last year or two. 

  4. I asked on the what is it section and received some great patent info which is appreciated. Do you think this was used on a specific vehicle or was it aftermarket?  I would love to put it on my 24 roadster but there is no good place to mount it. Any thoughts on its value?





    green hand 1.jpg

    green hand 2.jpg

  5. A few years after buying a 62 Corvette in 1977  I got the idea to call the state  of Florida to get a list of the old owners. For a small fee they sent me copies of all the past owners titles going back to the GM MSO. I called information and amazingly got the numbers of all the old owners and was able to talk with them and hear their stories.  Unfortunately, the first owner did not have any of the original paperwork but it was fun talking with them all.



  6. I keep forgetting online resources. Lots of interesting info on engine codes but I did not find OTL in a quick search, are you sure that is correct? If I am reading the prefix correctly it was made in Flint on June 9th.



  7. The numbers stamped on the pad will tell you how it was originally built . I have looked them up in the past in Chevrolet parts books and maybe Motors manuals if I am remembering correctly.


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