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  1. Try to find the post by ply 33 that describes repairing a temp gauge. What I remember you buy a new gauge from a parts store, put the bulb in dry ice, and solder the line on to your tube. Lots of comments on how dangerous it might be but I would do it if needed. 



  2. All good suggestions. You might try pulling the choke out a little as you accelerate and see if it runs better. Like Old Buick said it may be lean past idle.  


    Let us know.





  3. The battery may have been stuck somewhere in the supply chain and was damaged by sitting without being charged. Lots of other possibilities but I would bet on that one.



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  4. I think I would try and find the correct pump first. The AC catalog I have lists 428 and with a part number change, pump number 587. It is a B series pump , I will attach a general picture of B series.


    I have dealt with Then and Now on fuel pumps and they are very good. https://www.then-now-auto.com/fuel-pumps/


    I am presuming you have the original engine. We probably should start a new thread on the pump since it is a different subject.




  5. An experienced gentlemen that was helping me get ready for my first judged show considered judging as a way to improve his cars and I have adopted that way to look at it.


    He also believed strongly I should be a part of the judging process and would learn from participating. He was right, judging was a great way to help with the  show and they got someone to do the chassis.



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  6. There was a man who worked at Dixie Sales Co. in Greensboro, NC  that had a dent about the size of a ball-peen hammer in his forehead. I asked about it and they told me he had been in outside auto parts sales for them until one day a shop owner slid out from under a car and hit him with a hammer.


    Had a change in career.



  7. There was one particular thread (of many) on this subject on the VCCA forum that suggested using a piece from the old bottom seal to pack into the old upper seal to tighten it. You would then use a new bottom seal. They said this was a recommended procedure at one time. There was also discussion on using the older type seals, nos, rather than the new ones that were causing problems.


    I never have tried it but thought it was an interesting idea.



  8. My understanding is I can end it at anytime but would expect they would get me for one more month at the end. I did not sign a long term contract (that I know of).


    So far it has been a very good experience.



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