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  1. I got the manifold back from Paul and it looked great. It was real close to being flat but I took it to a recommended machine shop for their advice. The shop owners first comment after looking it over was "who ever welded this knew what the hell he was doing". He did take a little off to true it up, the biggest problem was setting up the straight 8 manifold on his machine.

    Going to start putting it back together with the graphite oil mixture and correct washers. I am going to put it on just  tight enough to seal and still move around as needed.





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  2. The previous owner of my 31 fixed a leak there by hacking a hole in the cowl with an axe. I would not recommend that technique and would think you have to pull the motor. Might as well clean out the block and replace all the core plugs at the same time. A LR may be different and you have access?


    You can see the plug in this picture if you enlarge it416526851_enginein.thumb.jpg.26694c3d41bb3a09225b642b0c669a22.jpg.





  3. Of course I am wishing the manifold a long and happy repaired life but will continue to look for a spare or parts car with a good one still attached. The 31 and 32 , 60 series exhaust manifolds are unique and a fast count shows 55,135 60 series Buicks produced. I am not sure  what the market would be for new castings but I would be open to a reproduced manifold if anyone with a supply has one or is considering making a run. I missed a couple of engines removed for hot rods so I do have hope on a spare. 


    Thanks for all the help.



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  4. On 11/4/2020 at 7:54 AM, MCHinson said:

    I was asking about the Delco branded one

    The ACDelco number is/was FD 2. I noticed a couple of number changes on other Delco batteries so it is possible it has changed.



  5. 855751 (5751) is the correct pump for 31 60, 80, and 90 series so you have the right pump. The rocker arm for that pump is 1521745 and also fits 35-36 Auburn, Cadillac 32-37, Federal Truck 40,  IHC 32-34, 39-40 and the 30 Buicks Bob mentions above. My catalog did not give specific models on the arm fitment.


    Good luck and please post if you get the measurement for the push rod-I am also dealing with that issue.



  6. I think you are on the right track by taking it back to the Buick dealer. I would suspect these types of complaints are common and that is why the oe manufactures have invested so much in personnel to train the dealers to help customers with tech issues. The next step, if you are not happy, would be to get the dealer to set up a meeting with the GM Service representative. 


    It is a good looking car I hope you can enjoy it.



  7. The double bar does look like a Chevrolet and the mounting bracket matches my 1931. Double bars were generally early/mid 31 and back I would check your measurements compared to these charts. 





  8. On 10/6/2020 at 7:21 AM, Paul S said:

    The manifold might be a candidate for oxy/acet. torch welding with cast iron filler rod.



    Exactly what Frank said. Can you post your contact information or send me a PM so we can discuss ?





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