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  1. Yes they can be fixed and someone will be along with a name of the shops that do those repairs. There have been many posts about it so you could try searching, might get lucky. Ply 33 also posted instructions on how to do it yourself, I think on the Plymouth forum. The Filling Station use to have new ones but I could not find them on their site, you might give them a call. Good Luck Dave
  2. I used a thinned spar varnish and made sure the end grain soaked it in until it couldn't. Then full strength varnish followed by paint. Dave
  3. It's funny but the "old" guys told me I needed to keep the belly pan on because they helped with cooling. Dave
  4. My father was a car guy starting out very early and by the time he was 18 he had a service station on Long Island. He ran a race car team, using the word loosely, out of that station. In 1936 he went to work for General Motors and quit working on cars. We made many long car trips in the late 50's and he would spend the whole time from Detroit to Long Island telling stories about the fabulous cars and his racing adventures. He would further my interest by taking me to the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. I still remember the old car races they held there on some days. If I spotted an
  5. The door skin on my 63 Riv was bolted on to the door. Maybe 64, and 65 were the same. Dave
  6. Hard Drive, I would seriously consider another alternative. I spent 38 years calling on the service trade and have seen or heard of many terrible accidents concerning pits. Find another way. Dave
  7. That is a great picture, thanks for sharing! Not sure what it is. Dave
  8. I am sorry for your loss. It looks like he was making good progress. You would probably get the best price if you put it together and got it running even if it is not finished. There is a big loss in value for a non running project car since the buyer will presume the worst. More pictures and details would help. I would also ask over on this site dedicated to Chevrolet's https://vccachat.org/ubbthreads.php/forum_summary.html Good luck Dave
  9. The only thing you might consider is adding a separate ground wire for the sender if there is not one already. Dave
  10. Sent you a private message with needs. Thanks Dave
  11. Thanks Oldtech I am leaning that way, the only other choice would be hideum similar to what is at the back. Dave
  12. No suggestions or photos? I would think 56s, 66s, 96s would have been the same. Maybe 29, 30, 31, 32 the same? I found a picture of a 27 and that is not the same the center "soft top" runs from drip rail to drip rail. Thanks Dave
  13. The rubberized fabric covered top my coupe is still in pretty good shape and the soft center section has been replaced. I am concerned it was not finished off properly. At the rear is the original hidum and at the front the aluminum crown molding that folds over like Bob's cm-291. My idea is that a strip of crown molding is missing from each side where you can see the sealer. There is a slight bead on each side of the original top material where it butts up to the soft cobra material. Does anyone know how this should be done? Pictures of the tops seem to be hard to find.
  14. This would be a good thread to read. Karl is the tool go to guy but his stuff stays packed for Hershey so I am going to follow up next fall. If you had pictures of known original tools or a reference book of sorts you maybe able to find some on your own. Is there a reference book on automotive tools? The parts books list them, I think the section 8.818 is a good place to start , 2.273 for the plug wrench. I have not been able to find jacks and tire tools yet so if anyone knows that group please pass it along. I found most of my tools were model a and franklin.
  15. They look pretty good on the outside, maybe they will just need to be cleaned to get it running? Dave
  16. I could not find anyone who would touch my Cabriolet windshield which was filled with pits and cracked in places. Sherman's plating in Sacramento agreed to look at it. The quote was breath taking high but he explained why. Each pit had to be drilled to good metal and filled and welding was difficult. The windshield that was in the weather for 50 years turned out beautiful. When I asked if he would give a discount for cash he politely said he lost money on the job and no. They really took their time on it. Not sure if the the same crew is there but they are Sherm's Cust
  17. From the bridge of the Missouri looking towards the Arizona memorial.
  18. The company I worked for signed General Yeager as our spokes person before the book The Right Stuff came out. He was a great spokes person and when ever I saw him he was very gracious and engaging. He once told a story about getting his old Chevy truck going and he described the AC plugs as diamonds in a goats XXX. Needless to say he kept about a thousand sales people entertained for days. Dave
  19. What a life he lived, a great guy. Dave
  20. The process I heard described at a particular lead recycler site was when the battery cores were processed there were two big guys in rubber aprons busting the cores open with axes. I found it interesting at the time that the epa not only went after the site but all who ever sold them cores. Dave
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