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  1. If your engine is stuck,  follow the good advice above and also take the valve cover off and spray penetrant around each valve. Then take a light hammer and gently test each valve for movement. A stuck valve from sitting will bend your push rods. Not the end of the world but you may be able to prevent it.


    To replace the oil pan gasket make 4 studs by cutting of the heads of 1/4 20 bolts so you have studs. Be sure to clean the surfaces very well. The night before wrap the small end gaskets around a coke can so they preform a circular shape. Put the studs in to hold the gasket lined up and use grease to hold the gasket on the block. Put the end pieces on and some use a small dab of sealant where they meet the long side gaskets. Put the pan on and once secure remove the studs. A few of the pan screws maybe different sizes so remember which hole they go in. The 39 did not have a rear main seal only a slinger. (most of the above copied from the VCCA site)


    When you go to see your car take a picture of the engine number and body tags and we can provide more info.



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  2. You can get reprints of good quality  owners and service manuals along with the Chevrolet Service News (order 38 and 39)here; https://www.fillingstation.com/


    If original to the car your 39 should have a 216 as mentioned above.


    Depending on how it was put away you should inspect the brakes and fuel systems. After any long  time sitting the wheel and master cylinders will need to be cleaned up, honed and new rubber cups. I have also had to put a couple of sets of brake hoses on mine over the years. The fuel system will need to be cleaned and checked from the tank to the carb. I would plan on a fuel pump and carb rebuild kits at a minimum.


    Dropping the pan as mentioned above is good advice and the vcca forum link has the proper way to reinstall the pan gasket if you need help.


    GM Heritage link; https://www.gmheritagecenter.com/docs/gm-heritage-archive/vehicle-information-kits/Chevrolet/1939-Chevrolet.pdf


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  3. Kylan, Nice car! I have been the caretaker for my grandfathers 39 Chevy for almost 50 years and it has been a lot of fun. One organization I wish I found sooner is the Vintage Chevrolet Club https://vccachat.org/ lots of good help on parts and service.


    I would research the grade of oil to be used. Many, myself included , feel a 10w-30 is better in the splash system used in your 39.


    Good luck and enjoy!



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  4. It is fantastic your daughter is interested in your great car. I have been thinking along the same lines but narrowed down to starting instructions. You have made me think expanding to a written record of starting, driving, storing, maintenance, thinks to watch for, history of the car , and why it is special might be a good start. Maybe a record of what I have done and where the spare parts are hiding would also be helpful.


    I wish you the best.



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  5. This is an interesting thread. My 31 60 series appears to be an original survivor. Valve cover, side plates and many other accessories are black but the block and head do not appear to be olive green. It has more blue in it than I would think olive would have. The vehicle has 44,000 miles and the body, interior, and chassis are clearly original. I suppose anything could have happened over the years and the paint may have changed color. I am interested in opinions. Thanks





    31 buick engine number.jpg

  6. No idea on what it would cost but you can do it yourself. If the harness you have is marked and the instructions are still there it is not too difficult. If the old harness is still in the car and you don't have the instructions, take a lot of pictures, make notes, and try to do a section at a time.


    The wiring diagram for the car is also very helpful and can usually be found in the shop manual or maybe on line.


    If you can determine who made the harness, YnZ , Rhode Island, or some other company, they may be able to provide instructions.



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  7. No cross on the M-744 which seems odd, maybe a high output performance pump? 95-41348 various ford products with 6.6 , 69-78. M 4385 various ford 67-76  6.4. Using an AC cross reference which is not the best way for application. The 95- NAPA numbers were supplied to them by ACDelco so the suffix is the ACDelco number.






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