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  1. Bloo, I believe the Delco Freedom were lead calcium alloy versus antimony. They were produced by Delco-Remy and later Delphi. Those plants were sold to Johnson Control a long time ago so that is not the current construction.


    They were less likely to gas and also had condensation areas in the caps. Seemed to work very well.



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  2. At one time Costco sold a covered temporary garage and they may still sell it but I haven't looked. I bought one and it really worked out until I could get a real garage for a new car addition. It was a metal pole framework covered by a tan tarp. Due to the sun and Santa Ana winds I replaced the cover once after about a year and a half. I was able to mostly hide it from the street and neighbors so there were no problems.



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  3. I was helping a friend get his car started. He said he did not change anything from when it ran but we could not get spark. Turns out he did put new spark plug wires on it and they were not solid wire but suppression type wires. We put solid wires back on and it ran.


    Something to check if you run out of things.



  4. They really did not have what is now known as a vin. The serial number plate was usually located on the passenger side sill slightly in front of the seat. They are often lost but many vehicles were registered / titled by the engine number. You should see a raised boss with numbers stamped into it on the fuel pump side of the engine. Depending on the year of the motor in your car it should be near the fuel pump or distributor.


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