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  1. HOME | 315-986-4451 | 800-659-8163 Services Antique Restoration Gallery About Us Contact Us they rebuilt a starter for me on my 1920 American LaFrance. located in Macedon, NY. southeast of Rochester, NYEARN MORE
  2. Home – American Automobiles Affiliate Disclosure Privacy Policy The Crow Elkhart Automobile & Crow-Elkhart Motor Car Co. Crow Elkhart Crow-Elkhart Motor Car Co. Elkhart, IN 1909-1924 The founders of this early American Automobile manufacturer were Dr. L.C. Crow and his son Martin Crow. The Crow-Elkhart automobile was produced in Elkhart, Indiana from 1909 to 1924. The Crow-Elkhart’s we
  3. per the quarterly, Enjine-Enjine #2019-4, published by SPAAMFAA, the vehicle shown is Glenwood's first motor fire apparatus. It is on a second hand 1907 Stevens-Duryea Model 6 "Big Six" touring car chassis with a 50 Hp motor. First truck used by Glenwood muster team. Muster teams are made up of fire personnel to run races, usually statewide. That issue has several of Glenwood's engines thru the years.
  4. It's not just the Chyrsler guys. This photo is from 1968. hopefully he raises the hitch stand.
  5. make sure the dollies are rated adequately for the vehicle weight.
  6. POR-15 was used on my Franklin gas tank after it was cut open and sandblasted. Then follow the sealer mfr's instructions.
  7. 1934 was the last year for the Franklin car.
  8. delivered on 5/28/2019 to Ontario, NY 14519
  9. noting that H & H Fire Apparatus made the fire engine, and they are still around, try contacting them. The original photo is a mfr.'s photo and with the town/city/county available, they should be able to help track down the vehicle specs.
  10. here is a 1950 Ford from H &H Fire Apparatus.
  11. Oliver tractors were more open and less in number
  12. just reading their advertisement. they indicate 2 types of speed units. Power unit? for what?
  13. there is more than just brushing it on. the kit includes 2 base coats, 1 can 6 oz. chrome, deluxe brush, a power unit, 1 pr. gloves, 1 microfiber cloth, and 1 minispeed shape for $299
  14. the haze is the interior items off-gassing in the heat. common. there are ways to clean it with micro-fibre towels, I believe you can find out how to do it on you-tube.
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