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  1. noting that H & H Fire Apparatus made the fire engine, and they are still around, try contacting them. The original photo is a mfr.'s photo and with the town/city/county available, they should be able to help track down the vehicle specs.
  2. here is a 1950 Ford from H &H Fire Apparatus.
  3. Oliver tractors were more open and less in number
  4. just reading their advertisement. they indicate 2 types of speed units. Power unit? for what?
  5. there is more than just brushing it on. the kit includes 2 base coats, 1 can 6 oz. chrome, deluxe brush, a power unit, 1 pr. gloves, 1 microfiber cloth, and 1 minispeed shape for $299
  6. This is the membership chair: is the person to contact to join the REO club.
  7. the haze is the interior items off-gassing in the heat. common. there are ways to clean it with micro-fibre towels, I believe you can find out how to do it on you-tube.
  8. I have a 1933 Franklin with the same problems. Had the liquid drained and sent to a county hazardous waste site. Had the tank opened and sandblasted and then coated with a sealant. The removed metal was soldered back on.
  9. wow!!!!! A loud exhaust pipe for country driving and a small one for the city.
  10. Make sure that the tonnage rating is adequate to raise the vehicle.
  11. ALF1920

    26 window seal

    these people in PA advertise window channel quite a few options, helps if you have a cross section sample that you can match up.
  12. Sorry I didn't answer quicker but I just was scrolling thru when I saw it. I had a 1920 6 cylinder, 1000 gpm rotary gear pumper, 3 spark plugs per cylinder, crank start or battery. Sold to Hal Fillinger. Have a few brand new TT10 spark plugs and some older used ones that came from the engine. Also have the old Schebeler carb that weighs about 25 lbs.
  13. Just knowing the manufacturer of the apparatus, i.e., Sanford, Young Fire, Foam-mite Childs, International Harvester, just to name a few would put the person in the right ball park. Looking at a fire book I came across the Buffalo Fire Appliance Corp. that stretched the wheelbase of a REO speedwagon to make a small triple combination For Kenilworth, NJ. in 1926. Quite a few have come and gone, including American La France.
  14. You have to remember, it is only a show. Something to amuse the watcher.