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  1. I have had this frame laying in my pasture for years at least 60 that we know of hard telling how long before that. It is a Crow Elk-Hart I know nothing about restoring one of these cars. They dang sure made them well I’m shocked at how well this frame held up over the years. We were going to junk it until I seen the hub caps were all there and looked in good shape. The frame has front and rear axles all four springs and all four hub caps I have no idea what’s under the dirt I can’t see. Frame is located in central Kansas if interested $500 you must pic up and I do have a skid steer to load.
  2. 30 miles north of Salina Kansas
  3. 30 miles north of Salina Kansas
  4. I did pic the wrong size of the pics so I will upload some different ones thanks for the help
  5. I have more pics but it won’t let me add any more can you help me how to do that?
  6. I was looking at this old frame that has been laying in my pasture all my life hard telling how long before. I was going to junk it then noticed the hub caps were still in good shape. I know nothing about this car or how to restore one so this was the only site I could find anything on it if anyone is interested I will be happy to help them out. The frame is a Crow Elk-Hart
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