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  1. Curious to know if anyone might know if the Dodge / Plymouth transmission for 1928 would also work in the Chrysler Model 52? On a second note I’m looking for spare parts to repair the transmission in my ‘28 Chrysler. If anyone has any leads, would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hey Don I sent you a private message, not sure if you got it. But here’s my email address mark@rdusaclassics.com
  3. thanks for the offer but I’m not equipped at the moment to try a rebuild. - Mark
  4. Hi Don - yes I’m interested. I’ll drop you a call. - Mark
  5. have you sold this? I’m interested. Thanks
  6. The appear to be cloth spring dampers, cloth is something like you find on the exterior of a fire hose. I will search online to see if these can be rebuilt at home or if they must be sent out. Not sure about your comment about wires. There's no wires connected to these dampers that I can see.
  7. Would you guys happen to know what is the correct light switch from CLUM for a 1928 Chrysler Model 52. I have one in the dash at the moment. However, although it appears to be original, there is evidence from prior owners of having tried to remove/replace. I see new nuts on the posts that hold it in place. Whats left of the lever does not rotate, I'm guessing I need to pull it and tear it down for a benchtop rebuild. Is there any online information for these? Appears to be a CLUM 10709? thanks in advance.
  8. Would be interested to know the name of this publication and if it is still available? thanks in advance. I've got a 1928 model 52, just trying to gather info and learn as much as I can. Car is running but has some strange adaptations and modifications over the years that I would like to correct.
  9. I realize this post is eleven years old now, but I'd be interested in reading this document as well. Recently purchased a 1928 Chrysler Model 52 that is running a tillotson carb, but what I believe to be the original Stromberg OE-1 was included in the trunk. The car was modified to use a model T style choke rod that just does not operate well due to geometry of the rod and the way it runs through the firewall, and I'd like to hook up the cable style choke that has a position on the dash already. Knowing a little more about how this carb operates would be extremely helpful. Thanks in advance.
  10. Realize this is an old thread, but would this carb still be available?
  11. Recently acquired a 1928 Chrysler Model 52. Rear trunk floor that was installed by a prior owner was junk. Wondering if anyone has photos of the original and if it was indeed made from ash? I've since removed the wood flooring and was hoping to fix this over the winter.
  12. This thread appears to be one year old now, but I have recently acquired a 1928 Model 52 Chrysler that came equipped with Snubbers. They are in sad condition, one has the cloth severed and the other is holding on by threads. I'd like to remove them and rebuild them. Has anyone found the material used for replacement from any vendors? thanks, Mark
  13. Interesting to hear how you've made out with your '41. I brought home a '41 super coupe on Saturday, same condition as yours, nearly the same price. The body on my car is in fantastic shape, but the interior was a complete mess. Prior owners drove it from Nevada to Rhode Island in the 70s, and parked it. I found it in an old gas station in southern Massachusetts. I spent the weekend cleaning the interior and sorting through a box of parts. Started to reassemble the dashboard that somebody took out along time ago to rewire, but never got around to rewiring. Replacement glass for the windshield is on order. Not sure I'm going to keep this car is a really don't have a place to put it, and my 48 Plymouth is already taking up my garage.
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