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  1. I believe we have a winner! Thanks, to all of you! I found this 128 advertised with lots of pictures, the interior shows a brake lever and gear stick that matches in shape and style as far as I can tell, and more importantly, the third photo from the end shows the gearbox from the lower right and everything seems to match. https://inventory.chicagocarclub.com/vehicles/132/1928-dodge-brothers-128
  2. Thanks for all replies! I've been searching for pictures based on everything you've suggested, but so far no luck. That probably doesn't mean you're wrong, just that I haven't found the right picture yet. Supply and demand! When you want one there's a demand, and the price goes up. When you try to sell one the supply is bigger than demand, and price plummets. Always seems to go that way!
  3. Hello! I was directed here at the guys at the H.A.M.B, suggesting you are the right guys to ask about this. From what I've seen so far, it looks like they may be right! A relative got hold of this transmission the other day. Appears to be a 3-speed. Was told it's american, possibly mopar, but I got the impression that was mostly guessing. I've googled the casting numbers, and found absolutely nothing. Without something more to go on, I'm kind of stuck.
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