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  1. Overhauling the valves ,, and did Mill the surface off the Top also ,,. Repairing the brakes all new cylinders and brake lines ,,,so sooon she maby Will wake up ...
  2. Some progress on the floors
  3. Thanks , i didnt know that there was also the engine number
  4. This is the engine number of early Buick . ,,Aint My engine number correct for a Buick Super 1941 ?
  5. At last home at me ,, all original , i think ,,, but probobly the engine is not original ,,, it was stack , but now it turns around , overhauling the valves , and cleaning the engine f
  6. Still on its Way ,home to me
  7. Arriwed to Sweden ,now waiting for the transport home to me
  8. Now its at the harbor waiting for the transport ..
  9. Hi i bought the parts to My waterpump from ,, a traktor parts seller Massey Fergusson traktor has same parts
  10. Does this VIN tag be the correct nr for the car Buick Super Coupe mod 56S. 1941 VIN :14044613 Bt
  11. What My plan Are ,, i really dont know ... i have to get it home first ,and then look at the Condition of the car ,drive it as it is or ??? this time the TITLE was at least on the chassi and not off the engine nr probobly i Will get it running first , rebuilt the brakes and electric get the engine running ,, then disade what to do christmas grettings from the Arctic of Sweden ,,Bt
  12. My new winter projekt ,,,seems to be real complete ,,, waiting now for the transport over the ocean to Sweden
  13. Buuick Century Sport Coupe Mod 66S 1938 ... For Sale
  14. Had to put in a new Clutch , so no its ready to drive this season