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  1. What car did this hood ornament come off of? Could it be a after market accessory item? Thanks
  2. My dads 1915 First Series Twin Six Packard at Pieks Airport San Diego Ca. about 1954. John
  3. Google Pope Hartford and you will see leather aprons. John
  4. I think it is the Stoddard Dayton that is at the Seal Cove Museum in Maine.The Museum list it as a 1910 but it is a 1909 Stoddard Dayton. Try this url. https://www.sealcoveautomuseum.org/collection-test/1910-stoddard-dayton/. All 1909 Stoddard Daytons had straight rear fenders and 1/2 olliptical real springs. All 1910 Stoddard Daytons changed to round rear fenders and 3/4 olliptical rear springs. My brother was at the museum and ask to look at the engine to see if it was a single rocker engine but they would not let him. He said the chassis was definitely a 1909 chassis. John
  5. Looks to be a 1909 Model K. 1909 was the last year to have straight rear fenders. Wheels look to be later demountable type wheels. John
  6. The photo was taken some time around 1959 to 1961 in the San Diego area. The restoration of the 1909 Pope Hartford was completed in 1959. John
  7. The Pope Hartford on the right was my fathers Plez Nance and is a 1909 Pope. This is and old faded color photo and the brown color should be maroon. The other Pope Hartford ( 3rd from the the right) in the photo is a 1913 Pope Hartford that belong to John Ogden of San Diego. The photo was probably taken on a La Jolla Regional Group local tour. All the other cars in the photo were cars owned by La Jolla members. John Ogden’s Pope now belongs to John’s son James of San Diego. My dads Pope now belongs to my brother Bill Nance of San Diego and is now being restored. John
  8. It is a 1910 Stoddard Dayton. All 1909 Stoddard Daytons had straight rear fenders and 1/2 olliptical real springs. All 1910 Stoddard Daytons changed to round rear fenders and 3/4 olliptical rear springs. John
  9. I do not think it is a Stoddard Dayton. For one reason is the hand throttle and spark advance in the photo is not Stoddard Dayton. Also the shift quadrant is not Stoddard Dayton. The shift quadrant is not either the 1909/10 type or 1911/1913 Stoddard Dayton quadrant. See attached photo. John
  10. I was lucky enough as a 16 year old to be able to drive my dads 1909 Pope Hartford on the 1964 Reno tour. My dad had just finished the restoration on his 1910 Stoddard Dayton Model 10-K so my dad, mother and sister were in the Stoddard and my brother and got to drive the Pope. I even had to toe the car from San Diego to the Stateline NV. tour site. At the time I did not think it was a big deal. Thinking back about it I am very proud that my dad trusted my with his Pope. We had Andy Williams the first night and Lawrence Welk on the last night. As I remember I was not to impressed with Lawrence Welk. His show was for the older people. Bill Cosby was the opening act for Andy. I really reamber the lunch in the meadow. It was something else. We stayed at the Mapes in Reno one night. We even had Edgar Bergen do a little show with Charlie McCarthy after one of the dinners. Edgar Bergen drove his car on the tour. All I can say is that he Reno tour was the best. John
  11. After about 35 years of looking for a set of 52 MM Rudge wheels I found a set which included hubs, wheels, lock rings and knock offs for my race car at a swap meet at a very reasonable price. There were two guys behind me that were hoping I would not buy them. I had to stay with the set of wheels while my brother went and got me the money required for the wheels. I was at the right place at the right time.
  12. All Chevy’s are overhead valve engines. Chevy never had a flat head engine.