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  1. It would be easy to have the drivers shop the bumping. Change the rules to have a car requirement where the front bumper is soft. Any bump that would happen would damage the front of the car and ruin the aerodynamics of the car thus making the car uncompetitive for the rest of the race. John
  2. In 1909 Pope Hartford also had a Model S Roadster that had a sear on the running board. John
  3. How rare is this Union Oil Speed & Power Curb Sign with the Medal of Honor & Gold Medal , Panama - Pacific Exposition caption on the bottom of the sign. I have seen a few of this type of Union Oil curb sign with just Speed & Power but never one like this one. John
  4. In about 1960 my father B. Plez Nance of San Diego bought his second Stoddard Dayton a 1909 Model 9 F touring car from the original owner in Galveston Texas. The gentleman bought the car and ran a jitney service between Houston and Galveston Texas. Attached is the photo that gentleman in his car in 1909 that he gave my father at the time of purchase. My father completed the restoration of the car and drove the car on the 1962 Reno Tour. My nephew is now in the process of restoring the car for the second time. John
  5. Nice older restoration of a 1909 Stoddard Dayton Roadster. It was restored in 1962 by Henery Heinsohn for Herb Gunnison of Stoddard Dayton fame. Stoddard Dayton's are known for their wonderful looking engine and a good down the road touring performance. Big 4 cylinder 45 HP engine (4 3/4 x 5) 3 Speed Transmission (never been busted up) Exterior: Gray Interior: Red in good condition Body: Very good condition Brass Lamps: very good condition Asking $135,000 Contact me for more information. John Nance sprintcars@san.rr.com 858 829 2263
  6. What car did this hood ornament come off of? Could it be a after market accessory item? Thanks
  7. My dads 1915 First Series Twin Six Packard at Pieks Airport San Diego Ca. about 1954. John
  8. Google Pope Hartford and you will see leather aprons. John