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  1. This photo was taken in 1954. It is a photo of Bill Gent and his 1909 Stoddard Dayton 9K roadster. Mr. Gent was a friend of my father Plez Nance of San Diego. Mr. Gent help my father when my father was restoring his 1910 Stoddard Dayton Model 10K. I think this car is the same car that was owned by Joel Finn and acquired after Mr. Gents passing and is now in the Museum in Maine. At the time Mr. Gent had not completed the restoration of the car. John
  2. Johnny, As far as I know they are original. The car was restored in the 1960s and the photos I have of the restoration are very poor. John
  3. Johnny, Was this an original configuration? Yes. Stoddard Dayton had touring, roadster and town car models available in three different horse power ratings. Did this particular car come with this style body? As far as I know. Are there restoration photos available? I have a few but they are news paper story type photos. I am selling the car for the sister of the man that owned the car. I am not a broker just a fellow Stoddard Dayton owner helping out a friend. john
  4. It is a Packard. About 1914/1915 john
  5. Two photos of my dad ‘s 1932 Auburn with one of them with my mother in the photo. John
  6. Bob, I thought you like the following photos. They took place in Yuma Az. About 1938 /1939 time frame. They are of my father’s midget race car (#15) and other midgets that raced in the Yuma / Imperial Valley area. One of the photos is of two women racing the midgets with one car getting a little air with a caption on the back of the photo that my dad wrote. Most of the cars they were running had hoped up model a engines in them. I dad told me a neet story about the time Gib Lilly called them and invited the cars from Yuma to a race in San Diego at Balboa stadium. Gib Lilly was having a ca
  7. Bob, Thanks for the reply on the George Conner Hunter Spl. car. I got to meet George before he passed away also. Attached is a photo of the letter he sent me telling me the history of my car when he drove the car. Hope you will be able to read it. By the way would you happen to be the Bob I new back in the Bill LaRorsa’s Hot Line days known as Bob the Kid Swanson? 🙂 John
  8. Three photos of the same car. Photo #1, 1935 Legion Ascot Speedway with George Connor, (Hunter Spl.) Photo #2, About 1940 Same car with John Vesco with one of his 4 Port Riley Engines in it Los Angeles Photo #3, Same car as it is today San Diego California. Just added a photo of what the car looked like when I found and bought the car. John
  9. 1915 Parkard Twin Six. Pikes Airport San Diego Ca. 1953 1909 Stoddard Dayton Model F, Galveston Tx. 1909 John Vesco Before WW2 in With one of his 4 Port Riley
  10. It would be easy to have the drivers shop the bumping. Change the rules to have a car requirement where the front bumper is soft. Any bump that would happen would damage the front of the car and ruin the aerodynamics of the car thus making the car uncompetitive for the rest of the race. John
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