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  1. I will take them if still available. Darryl Sorensen 504 494 9716 Thanks
  2. These are the originals on my car. Darryl
  3. Thanks Peter. Does the jacket slide off the column or is it connected at the gear box?
  4. It might be ok as it is. Sounds like too big of a project for me. Thanks for the advice, it pays to ask.
  5. I would appreciate advice on removing the plated jacket on the steering column on my 28 Model J. The steering works fine but the jacket needs to be re-plated. Thanks Darryl
  6. They really do look alike, I did not notice this before.Good luck with the search for one . Here they are side by side.
  7. Here is the back side, sorry for the delay in sending. Darryl
  8. This is what it should look like, it is the one on my 1928 J. Darryl
  9. I have one correct lens but the edges have a few chips. Also have a pair of head lamps similar to the correct one that might have useable parts. The reflectors are about 1/4” smaller than the ones you need.In case you cannot find something better this might work.
  10. Art Aseltine restored my engine about twenty years ago. He used a Zenith carburetor he said was still being made for marine applications. In his opinion expressed to me this was the best option and as Ed said he was Mr Stearns Knight.
  11. The dashboard is steel with the instrument cluster wood grained. The rear interior is very plain, no arm rests and only wood trim on the window sills. It does have jump seats. There is a clock in one arm rest and a cigar lighter in the other.
  12. Don't think its double but I will check and let you know.
  13. Interior Stearns Knight 1928 Town Cabriolet Brunn
  14. The interior is broadcloth and the drivers compartment is leather. I will post pictures this evening. Both areas will have to be re-upholstered.
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