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  1. It was not started for three years. It took nine months to free the engine after fuel tank and fuel lines were redone.
  2. New Orleans is ok but no electricity for the foreseeable future.
  3. Art restored the chassis and motor of my 1928 Brunn bodied SK. It is truly a beautiful restoration and me mechanically excellent. Although I never met him he was a true gentleman to me in phone conversations to a total novice.I have numerous written letters from him trying to explain details of my car. Check out these pictures, his work speaks for itself.
  4. I have the same lights on my car, they were connected to the original wiring harness.
  5. Gaskets are available from Olson Gaskets. I bought eight for my car from them about a year ago.
  6. Mine leaked after I removed the cover and replaced it with the o ring cord stock. After running a bead of Loctite SI5910 it stopped leaking. Maybe it would be worth a try to stop the leak with this without removing the cover. The o rings for the threaded heads is available from McMaster Carr( 1283N344). They also require Loctite to prevent leaking.
  7. My bakery sell over one million $$$ a year in fruit cake. No joking!😁 https://www.bakermaid.com/
  8. I have a Zenith model 63 on mine. It is single barrel and fits with a slight modification of the bolt holes in the carb. The car starts very easily however it has not been on the road yet.
  9. J.N. Willys limousine, the photo was given by Art Aseltine, suggesting that it may be my car.
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