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  1. This did come from Art's website. Glad to send you a copy if you pm your address. The copy I have is hard to read. I have a 1928 Stearns Knight J with a Brunn town cabriolet body. I posted a picture on the Stearns Knight thread on the CCCA forum.
  2. The original colors were two shades of drab. The leather was a drab close to olive. These color may not be as appealing today as in 1928. In the 1928 Salon catalogue Brunn illustrates this car in black with a green swept panel from the cowl to the radiator. This is probably how I will do it.
  3. It was blue and beige when it was sold by Harrahs. This was a repaint over the original colors. A previous owner had this taken to bare metal and primed.
  4. I currently own the Town Car by Brunn. It is being restored slowly. the car is located in New Orleans. I will try to post a picture. Darryl Sorensen
  5. I am interested. How many cylinders?
  6. I am interested. Please send pictures,info and location. Darryl Sorensen
  7. Please send more info,pics and location. Thanks,
  8. These belts are available from McMaster Carr ,phone # 404 346 7000.They are sold by the foot in 3/8,1/2, and 21/32" widths. The 1/2" is part #6198K25.Be sure to get the tool to connect and disconnect them,part #6198K45.Hope this helps.