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  1. No mention of the price? I had one some years back and still have what I think is an original tail light somewhere...........
  2. The Blue Brasier, about three postings back is the car that I had put together about 10 years ago. V8 Hisso from the USA, chain drive gearbox from Switzerland, all the rest, proper Brasier bits from 1908, ie chassis front axle and steering, plus brake levers and all minor bits from Australia and original radiator and instruments from France. It is a recreation of the 1904/5 Gordon Bennett Race cars, but with a later aero engine. Real hooligan fun, 100mph at 2,300 revs and I have driven it that fast. At the VSCC Goodwood Sprint in 2010(?) the next fastest car was built in 1932, a very hot F
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