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  1. 914bren, Hi, I can supply you with the shock strapping for you 30 Chrysler, strapping is $15.00 per ft Andy's Garage 302-245-7276 andygarage@comcast.net www,wiseandysgarage.com
  2. I supply Kevlar strapping for the Gabriel and Watson shocks 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 and wider, Andy 302-245-7276 andygarage@comcast.net www.wiseandygarage.com
  3. Andy's Garage will be at the Med-Atlantic Pre-War Swap Meet in Luray Va, May 14 15. Will have the Shock strapping for Gabriel and Watson, 1 1/4 or 1 1/2. Can drop off your shocks to be re-strapped or your cone clutch to be relined. Andy 302-245-7276 andygarage@comcast.net
  4. tudor26, Hi, I can reline your cone clutch with Kevlar. Call me to talk about your car, It is $350.00 plus shipping to reline your clutch on the Oakland 302-245-7276 andygarage@comcast.net Andy Wise
  5. Charlie, I send you a email with a name of someone that can transport your car, If you have not found someone Andy Wise andygarage@comcast.net 302-245-7276
  6. AWISE

    Lovejoy strap

    Fermato, The strapping thickness is 3/16, I also have the wedges and the rivets to hold them to the strap. Andy Wise 302-245-7276
  7. AWISE

    Lovejoy strap

    Fermato, Hi I can supply the strapping for your lovejoy shocks 1 1/4 is $15.00 per ft Andy Wise Andy's Garage andygarage@comcast.net 302-245-7276
  8. George Cole They are axle drop straps stops the axle from dropping to far. Andy Wise
  9. edinmass, Hi, I can rebuild or supply you the strapping for your snubber shocks, Strapping 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 is $1500. per ft Can rebuild for $200.00 each Andy's Garage andygarage@comcast.net www.wiseandysgarage.com 302-245-7276
  10. John_Mereness, the paint will need a good cleaning and buffing, The car is in Delaware it will be at the Luray Va, swap meet. Andy Wise 302-245-7276
  11. For Sale car will be at the Luray swap meet. Just out of long term storage. Won a AACA first 1965. Run and start good. $18.500. Andy 302-245-7276
  12. AWISE


    hi, Frank Rose, I have two split flathead 6 Pontiac engine 27/28 I will call you with photos Andy Wise 302-245-7276
  13. Hi, 55matchless, Are you looking for a drive ready or one that needs restored, Andy Wise
  14. 34studepres the 31 Oakland is a negative ground system.
  15. Lahti35, Hi, I have a 1926 Pontiac 2 Door Sedan for sale, Had posted in the cars for sale for photos, Restored in 2001, Have taken on some tours. Contact me for more Photos. Andy Wise andygarage@comcast.net 302-245-7276.
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