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  1. pontiac1953 I am working on a 1953 Pontiac Sedan Delivery that I could use the power brakes set up and the power steering pump and steering column to finish the job. Andy's Garage Andy Wise 302-245-7276
  2. ADade, Hi, I can answer your questions about Kevlar for a cone clutch. Andy Wise Andy's Garage 302-245-7276 Will be at Hershey Space C4P 49 -50
  3. Hi, mechanician, I am interested in the early 12-15 coil box. Andy Wise 302-245-7276
  4. Jon, I have a NOS crankshaft 37-42 506232. Price $100.00 plus shipping Andy Wise 302-245-7276
  5. AWISE


    EDHupp, Hi, I have reproduce the wedges for the Lovejoy, shock straps, I all so have the strapping. Andy's Garage 302-245-7276 The wedges are $40.00 plus shipping.
  6. Andy's Garage will be at Chickasha South Building SC2 SD2 Andy Wise
  7. Scott, You have a early V8 mid teens looks like a Cole or Oakland. Have worked on a 1916 Oakland with a motor looking like that one It would be nice to see if there is number on the block or Heads. Andy Wise 302-245-7276 That is a great engine to have.
  8. Yes, I have belting for the Gabriel and Watson, 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 wide belting $15.00 per ft.. Do have 2 wide if needed. Will be at Chickasha, space SC2 with the Belting Andy's Garage 302-245-7276
  9. AWISE

    watson stablizers

    rjp, Are you trying to install the belting on the thin nut inside of the Watson Stabilizer. I use brake rivets to install the belting. Andy's Garage 302-245-7276
  10. AWISE

    Watson Stabilizer

    Dean3326, I have strapping for your Watson Stabilizer It is $15.00 per foot. Andy's Garage 302-245-7276
  11. 1964carlito, Hi, I have a NOS 6 cyl head for your 39 Pontiac. Andy Wise At Andy's Garage call for price and shipping. 302-245-7276
  12. hadhec, Yes I have a website 1 1/4 strapping I have $ 15.00 per foot. I will be at Hershey Space C4P49-50 light pole 36 Andy Wise 302-245-7276
  13. lump, I rebuild the Gabriel Snubbers shocks or supply the strapping. Andy's Garage 302-245-7276
  14. Andy's Garage has news product wedges for Delco Lovejoy shocks to go a long with the strapping that I supply. New Water pump Baffles for northway engines Will be at Chickasha spot SD2 with the new products and my display for cone clutch reline with soft Kevlar, Gabriel Stubber Shock restrapped. Andy Wise 302-245-7276