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  1. Thank you TerryB, looks like I've got a lot of studying to and a lot of searching to do. I really appreciate the help.
  2. I'm currently working on a 38 Pontiac with the 223 flat head 6 and a 3 speed on the column. The transmission is completely locked up, and I'm struggling to find a replacement or even a conversion trans for it. I bought the conversion manual and either I'm blind or just overlooking something, I don't see a comparable. I do plan on taking the trans apart and checking everything under the instructions of the service manual. With that being said I'm pretty green when it comes to that style of trans, but hey gotta try. If anyone knows of a replacement trans or even something that would work from another model, I'd be greatly appreciative. If its a floor shift trans I can accommodate and fabricate no problems. Thank you, Tony
  3. There was very little oil in the gear box, I found a the exact cover just waiting for delivery. So I put the old cover back on and the gears are still stuck solid, will not move for any gear. Is there a way to break the gears loose other than I'm trying to break them free by manually shifting it without the linkage hooked up.
  4. Ok so after some long hours of finagling my arms and hands around, I found that trans was low on fluid by a lot, and the 5 bolt cover on the top of the transmission has broken into 4 pieces. Luckily it wasn't inside the trans, I have since cleaned and had our local welding company tell me its to brittle to weld the cast I'm having issues finding a replacement. I appreciate everyone's help and with out y'all s help I'd still be scratching my head.
  5. Lalutze, Thank you for that fluid info, and I will take everyone's advice and check the linkage and fingers cross that its the issue and it can be easily solved.
  6. Bloo as far as I know, I know thats not the right answer but I will check first thing, what would be the correct fluid to use if its low?
  7. Yes pushing the clutch in the old gal will move. I was tooling along normal then out of no where in third a high pitch sequel let out and holding in on the clutch was the only way to stop it. I will unbolt the linkages tomorrow and try the positions manually. 1939_Buick when you say floor change do you mean putting a shifter on the floor or am I reading that wrong?
  8. Hello All, I own a 1938 Pontiac six with the 3 speed trans. I current problem is the gear lever will not move it is stuck in neutral? With that being said I got it to move last week and I started to tool around town and the most fierce noise came from the transmission (high pitch scream) I want to say its a throw out bearing but I'm not 100% sure. Now I have it parked and it's back to being solid on the gear selector. Clutch pedal is good and not stiff, I'm just stuck on what it could possibly be. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.
  9. Hello everyone, I am currently working on my 1938 silver streak 6 and I'm wondering if anyone has converted the wiper system to electric? I've been searching and searching but haven't found a kit that isn't rigged up. Im looking for a kit that will work if there are any out there that y'all recommend?
  10. The tank that is in it somebody already put blobs of some sort of patch crud on it. Its literally all over the tank so that's why I'm searching for a new tank. I will certainly look into tanks thank you for that name drop. This is my first restoration project and I believe I picked a doozy. Thank you for the information.
  11. Hello, everyone I keep running into parts issues, with my 1938 pontiac six. Im currently looking for a fuel tank so that i can get this beautiful gal on the road longer than around the block. Ive seen a few from summit that are the right dimensions but not sure if sending unit and everything else would work. Does anyone know of a tank that will work in the correct location, or point me in the right direction. I appreciate all the help and knowledge.
  12. Does anyone know an interchangeable fuel tank I could use for my 38? I recently found my fuel tank has a group of pin holes in that drips on to the tail pipe. I appreciate any and all information.
  13. I appreciate that, it cruises now on or around 45-50 with no problem, other than the miss while throttling when warmed up. I want and need reliably. I appreciate all the advice
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