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  1. Thanks West, that helps to fill some info on our car. I have him listed in the ownership but did not know he was the owner in 1966. I appreciate your quick reply.... Frank
  2. Hi All, looking for some history on our 1909 REO Model G. it has a 1966 winners badge attached the car is # 15263. Anyone have any info on this car? Thanks, Frank
  3. Agree Durant model A-22 Frank
  4. here is our Star roadster for comparison. our steering wheel seems smaller than the original pictured one? Frank
  5. I've used a product called Fresh Cab, available at farm stores. Seems to work well.....Frank
  6. If you like the older cars from the 20's to 30's then "Bonnie & Clyde" is excellent. Also the Canadian TV series "Wind at My Back"
  7. I posted a link over on our Durant site. Frank
  8. Agree with Smokstak, great place. here is one of mine. 22 1/2 hp Bessemer single cylinder. Frank
  9. I have seen these used on Motometers. Vintique used to offer some of the brand specific motometers with these miniature badges.
  10. Hi Ray, The W5 was the Continental motor designation used by Durant. My touring car is listed as a 1926, but has a lot of the earlier 1925 features. We in the Durant Motors Automobile Club, joke that Durant's moto was "no two cars alike". They even varied from plant to plant. This touring was made in Canada, I have another one that was made in California and is very similar but it has four wheel brakes and is a 1925. You are correct about Rugby being used in the British markets because the Star name already existed there. You can see a lot more info on our Club website Frank
  11. From the pictures I would say a mid 20's Star Model M, made by Durant motors. The clues: W5 continental motor separate mounted transmission 4 cylinder so a Model M Rear brakes only, so was made in Michigan, New Jersey Or Leaside Canada. Ribbed fenders and splash aprons like my Model M Star Unique Spicer coupling between clutch and transmission.
  12. Just got a great one for my 1969 Plymouth GTX. Steve was quick to respond with pictures and details. His price was very fair . Well packed and quick shipping. I would highly recommend Steve, Frank
  13. Hi Tom, Great car! We have a purple 2004, a real fun to drive car! Hope yours finds a good home...Frank
  14. could this be a hook for a body dozer / pulling post / frame machine? frank
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