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  1. I know its the last thing you're worried about but believe I have several 58' Buick original radios when you're ready.
  2. I bought a bunch of paint chips from Paul as well. I figured they would make great gifts for my friends who have vintage cars. Paul gave me a great bulk price and super fast shipping.
  3. Original AM Pushbutton radio for 1968 Ford Custom, Galaxie, LTD., Fomoco Motorola model 8TMF. It was bench tested, powers up and plays clearly, and dial lamp works. No knobs but otherwise visually a clean radio, chassis is rust free and wiring plugs intact. $25 plus shipping USPS Priority Mail.
  4. Metal speaker grille, used but straight. 4 mounting posts look straight and not stripped. Outside frame measurements are 8 5/16" W x 6 1/8". Interior mounting bolts about 6 5/8" x 5 3/8" on center. Not sure what year/auto it belongs, if anyone knows PM me or reply. Based on metal and shape, I'm guessing its from 1950's, maybe early 1960's. Someone told me it might be for a Ford. Asking $20 plus shipping. Thanks
  5. OEM Motorola model 84MS AM Pushbutton radio for Ford Thunderbird. Really nice condition but likely needs interior refurbishment at 60 years old. Knobs turn and pushbuttons work. Right knob is missing silver insert, and comes with small rear bracket. Untested and sold "as is". $75 plus shipping. Thanks, Steve steventochi@outlook.com
  6. SOLD Beautiful original 1959 Mercury radio. However, it may not work because written on the side is "needs 12DU7 tube". Because of this, the radio is be sold "as is for parts". Also included is a NOS 12DU7 "untested" vacuum tube as seen in pics. May also fit 1960 Monterey, Montclair and Park Lane models, buyer to verify fitment. Comes with faceplate and knobs, all in very good condition with minor pitting if at all. Chassis looks clean and rust free and great candidate for full restoration. Selling radio and tube "as is". $50 plus shipping. I have hundreds of AM radios (no am/fm left) from late 50's to early 70's, please contact me if you are looking for a certain model. Thanks
  7. OEM Plymouth 6 volt AM Pushbutton radio Mopar model 832. Radio appears complete except knobs, and faceplate in very good condition with very minor pitting. Chassis is rust free and connectors intact. Also included is a Plymouth dash bezel which has some dents and bruises, along with some surface rust on the metal trim. $50 plus buyer pays shipping USPS priority flat rate box.
  8. BOTH SOLD... Two for one for $120. Both untested and sold "as is". Chassis on both appear to be in good condition and no rust, knobs turn on/off, move needle, wiring harness intact, have a bracket, and pushbuttons take settings. Both have Delco model number stickers. Bottom radio is 1961 Delco model 7276605. Has knobs, minor pitting, and dial lamp bulb is missing on top. $80 for this radio because it has knobs. Top radio is 1959-1960 Delco model 7274905. Less pitting but some light damage to bezel. No knobs. $60 for this radio. Or will take $120 for both plus shipping which may be around $40. PM me and I can send more photos. Thanks I hope you all don't mind but I'm going to try and sell more radios here, than I've been doing on ebay which is wearing me out!.
  9. Radio in excellent condition, plays and pushbuttons work. Knobs and bezel really clean. Did not get dial lamp to come on, could be a burned out bulb. Chassis in good shape, no rust and wiring is there. $70 plus shipping. Send pm if interested and I can send video of it playing. Thanks
  10. Thanks Carl, the "list" is something I've been meaning to get to. I'm having fun, I just pick a radio off the shelf based on a model than interest me, and list it on ebay and see what happens. I've sold about 85 thus far out of 500. What I've found is anything truck, muscle car and Japanese are really hot right now. I really do enjoy getting these back out on the street, and I'm making about minimum wage for the hours I put in. I did join some model specific forums, without much success, actually some commenters and naysayers about the radios or price I ask. I've been using Ebay which is sort of a necessary evil and of course they fee you to no end. Not to placate to the masses here, but AACA buyers have been the best and most appreciative. Here's a link to one of the radios I have out there, a 1954 Oldsmobile Delco. You can the click on sellers "other items" and please "follow me". (I only have one follower at the moment) https://www.ebay.com/itm/392397294904 Oh and I also have "a thousand" or so radio knobs, and inner tone knobs, new and used from the same era cars. Let me know what knobs you're looking for and pics would be helpful. Steve
  11. For sale, a NIB 1958 Motorola AM pushbutton radio with 24K gold plated knobs, pushbuttons and faceplate. Its a kit and comes with instructions, golden voice speaker, mounting hardware and even a warranty card. It is rare enough that I have never seen an actual image of one other than an advertisement. Probably not big sellers and too much of a luxury back in the day. I just put it on Ebay at $299 but let me know if anyone is interested. Its a beautiful radio and bench tested and plays great.
  12. Thanks Jay, Unlikely but I will look, 1974-75 is about the newest radios I have, and no am/fm which probably came with that car.
  13. John, I don't have white pushbuttons but several buick sonomatic radios with black pushbuttons with white letters. and plain chrome buttons without letter.
  14. Sorry, I don't have that model, and very few AM/FM radios.
  15. I have 1966 model 235, 1967 Model 230 1966 Model 228 1965 Model 224 Take a look at this website and see if any will work for you. https://sites.google.com/site/identifyingcarradios/home/radios-2/plymouth-1 Shoot me an email and I can send you pics of the ones you want to take a look at. steventochi@outlook.com
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