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  1. John, I don't have white pushbuttons but several buick sonomatic radios with black pushbuttons with white letters. and plain chrome buttons without letter.
  2. Sorry, I don't have that model, and very few AM/FM radios.
  3. I have 1966 model 235, 1967 Model 230 1966 Model 228 1965 Model 224 Take a look at this website and see if any will work for you. Shoot me an email and I can send you pics of the ones you want to take a look at.
  4. I have "thousands" of radio knobs including volume controls, tone controls, inners, spacers, etc. Most are from American car radios from the mid 1950's to early 1970's. The vast majority seem to be new or like new condition. Unfortunately, they are not sorted in any way after a poor attempt was made to organize them. If you are looking for replacements or spares for your OM radio, please email me specifics (make, model, metal, plastic, size, etc) and detailed photos. My Boy Scout son will then go search for a match, and I'll send you a photo of what he finds. I promised him I'll give him half the money towards his Eagle Scout project this summer. Shipping will be included in negotiated price. Thanks, Steve
  5. Hi All, I have 5 of these with manufacturer emblems from years past. Still in packaging and they feel pretty solid. From L to R, what the back of each says for make and year(s): 1) Oldsmobile 1935 - up 2) Plymouth (just a keyring, no blank) 3) Dodge 1956 & up 4) Chrysler Four Leaf Clover 1945 - ? 5) Pontiac 1935 - up Not sure on value or collectability, how about $25 a piece shipped CONUS. I had an extra Oldsmobile keychain, and put it on ebay and see where auction ends up in 7 days. Send me a PM if interested and which one. Steve
  6. I found this NIB Motorola aftermarket radio kit, model is GV-800 and believe its from1959. It comes with bezels, hardware, owners manual, speaker and even a warranty card. I can't find any information on the internet about it, no pics. I found one old advertisement that says "gold plated" push buttons. Its just beautiful and well preserved, just needs a polish, I'm not sure if its really gold plated. Any old timers out there seen it before and can tell me about it?
  7. There is a refurbished one for sale right now on ebay. Not cheap though.
  8. Hi all, I'm glad to get a few radios back to the owners who need them. You may have this but I found this great link to identify your radio model for your American car. Steve
  9. Gary, I have to look, but most are AM radios. If you have a model # or picture, that might help.
  10. Thanks but I don't need anymore, I need my garage back!
  11. Hi Everyone, I just found and joined this great site. I have recently came into ownership of approximately 500 radios from 1950's to mid 1970's for predominantly American cars. They are from a car audio shop of 40 plus years in Hawthorne, CA whereby the owner carefully boxed and labeled the radios when he removed to install "hi fi" systems. Many appear to be in great shape with faceplates and knobs, some are not. Some are vacuum tube radios from the late 50's. I have not inventoried it all, but some of the boxes are labeled with the makes/models like Mopar, Cadillac, Mercury, Studebaker, Buick, Pontiac. My C1 vette friend said to "look for wonderbars". I cannot guarantee working condition but if you're looking for a period correct radio to refurbish or parts , there's a chance I may have it. I'm trying to avoid the Ebay route so shoot me a message or email at Thanks, enjoy the pictures. Steve