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  1. Or cracked block
  2. Keithb7, If you do buy the 51 and want to part it out I would be interested in several parts - mostly trim, etc. Keep me posted and if you want to send me a Private Message (PM) that would be okay Joe
  3. SENT YOU A P.M.
  4. Whatever you buy the car for, and I wouldn't give more than a few hundred for it, by the time you got it out of the woods and then tried to get it roadworthy I believe you'd be "under water" as far as the value of the car if you wanted to sell it and how much you have invested in it. If your intention is to buy it and fix/drive it you'd better have deep pockets. Not knowing the condition of the engine, too, would be a major concern. An engine rebuild could run into the $1000.00's. Then there's brakes (power, too), tires, gas tank, rust repair, interior, etc, etc, etc...... I would be especially concerned with the condition of the floors/trunk area as the car appears to have sunken into the dirt and the floors are resting on the dirt - not good. I don't want to discourage you about the car but if you can find something that is at least running and roadworthy for a few grand or so then you are way ahead of the game. Sometimes it is less painful laying out the money up front for a nicer car, even though it doesn't feel that way, then to buy a "project" which will devour $$$$ faster than you can earn it . Just my opinion.
  5. I do not have the cowl mirrors or the stainless piece. Sorry. Joe
  6. You need to tell us what diameter hubcap you need. There were 10" and 11" caps.
  7. for sale

    Definitely NOT a Roadmaster. It is a Super.
  8. I do not have an extra one. Sorry but If you are in need of other stuff let me know There is a member on here called CarbKing - look him up. Maybe he can help you Joe
  9. As newlyweds we always did everything together and that included getting involved in the old car hobby. (Way) back then, because we were just starting out, there was a tendency to "ask permission" to buy a car. I think that was done only to keep the peace - otherwise you'd sleep on the couch. Now, many, many years later sleeping on the couch doesn't seem so bad. As a matter of fact it is quite comfortable. The mutual interest in the hobby has waned and now I am into it myself. My kids aren't even interested in the car hobby - only "how much are they worth?" My point is if I want to go buy a car, as long as I can afford it and have a place to keep it (not hide it !!!), then I will go and buy it. The one thing I MIGHT do beforehand is ask her opinion about the car - condition, etc - because we all know that us old car guys see things through rose colored glasses when looking at cars. As a matter of fact, the last 4 cars I bought she did not know of or see them until I got them home. Guess what. She thought they were all cool cars, too. The only question I was asked is "Where are you going to put them?" I told her not to worry about it and that was that.
  10. Sounds like master cylinder is at fault. The fluid needs to "flow" back into the master cylinder in order to release the wheel cylinders. Also, check the rubber flex lines going to the wheel cylinders. See if they are new,too.
  11. I bought a trunk floor pan from them for my 1950 Packard Woody but I have not yet opened the box to check it out.
  12. Throw out bearing?
  13. 1st thing - what size tires are on the present rims? 2nd thing - I need you to measure the center hole of the rim(s). The larger rims will measure around 4". The smaller rims - which I have - will measure approx 2 3/4". If your hubs are the 4" then my rims will not work on your car. I do have 5 rims - all with tires on them which will need to be removed. If the rims I have will work I can get one boxed and let you know the shipping costs. I am still looking for the other parts, too. Joe
  14. Can you measure the rims without the tires on them - across the rim edge to edge. Some of the rims were 5 1/2 and there were wider ones for the larger tires on the later cars. I believe they were 6 1/2. I have rims from the Royal parts car. They came with the 10" hubcaps. Let me know. Joe
  15. Hi Steelbreeze, I looked for the parts you asked about and I could not come up with them. Sorry. I will keep looking through my stuff and see if I missed them. I have boxes of parts from 2 parts cars and I "search" through them from memory so I may have a part but I just need to locate it. However, if you need anything else I have a lot more parts. One other thing. I have seen the carb kickdown switch come up on Ebay once in awhile. I don't know how soon you'd need one though. Joe