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  1. Joe Cocuzza

    Replacing water pump

    It is doable but it is a lot easier with the radiator out. It is not that difficult to remove the radiator - only 6 bolts. But if you want to leave the radiator in...First thing to do, as suggested by a good friend of mine, is to tape a piece of cardboard over the radiator to avoid damaging it. Next, remove the bolts that hold the fan to the pulley and then remove the fan and the pulley. You should now have enough room to remove the waterpump.
  2. Getting back to the original question....... Dave's Interiors 525 Chestnut St, Emmaus, PA 18049 (610) 965-2172 He has been in business for 41 years. I know him for 30+ years. I have had work done and I have seen his work - excellent.
  3. Joe Cocuzza

    1955 Packard 400 hardtop for sale

    Sorry. I misread your post. I thought YOU backed out of the deal. Joe
  4. Joe Cocuzza

    1955 Packard 400 hardtop for sale

    Should have taken the money......
  5. Joe Cocuzza

    Parting out 1946 Chrysler royal

    Send me your email address. I have a couple of pics of the grille(s) Joe
  6. From your pictures it is obvious that you certainly need a new shift linkage bushing. They are available - probably from Steeles Rubber. I do not have my parts book in front of me and I am not at home until tomorrow to look at it or my car but it doesn't look like a nut fell off but rather the bushing was so worn out that the end of the shaft that is tapered popped out. I believe from the pictures the tapered end gets pressed into the bushing and the bushing is what holds it in place. I may be wrong but someone will correct me if I am. I probably have a linkage in my pile of parts if you need it or any parts. Joe
  7. Joe Cocuzza

    Need help on 1949 Cadillac purchase

    Thanks. I just hope that it runs/drives as good as it looks - when I get it running. Joe
  8. Joe Cocuzza

    Parting out 1946 Chrysler royal

    My friend has been very busy so he has not looked for the grille halves as of yet. (he is moving) When he gets to them I will contact you. Sorry for the delay Joe
  9. Joe Cocuzza

    Need help on 1949 Cadillac purchase

    Now that the outside is all cleaned and waxed I intend to move on to the mechanics and getting it running again. That may take a little time but as soon as I can move the car in and out of the garage I will snap some shots of it outside. BTW, thanks for the compliments from everyone here. It keeps me motivated. Joe
  10. Joe Cocuzza

    Need help on 1949 Cadillac purchase

    Hood & front fenders now waxed....
  11. Joe Cocuzza

    Saw this VW Beetle at the store today....

    There was even a game called, "slug-a-bug" where if you spotted one first and said, "slug-a-bug", you got to slug the other person on the shoulder. (What can I say? I grew up in Detroit.) Where I grew up (New Jersey, what can I say?) we called the game "PUNCH-A-BUGGY"
  12. I am looking for the rear license plate lense (glass) for my 1949 Cadillac. I may be looking for a couple of other things later, too. Thanks, Joe
  13. Joe Cocuzza

    Need help on 1949 Cadillac purchase #2

    Thanks I am slowly cleaning it up. If all goes smoothly I should be done with the polishing/waxing in a couple of weeks and then, as the weather cools off, I plan on attacking the mechanics - brakes, engine, gas tank, etc.
  14. Joe Cocuzza

    Parting out 1946 Chrysler royal

    He is going to look for them and send me some pictures. It may take a day or two
  15. Joe Cocuzza

    Parting out 1946 Chrysler royal

    The grille halves I have are rough. I have a friend that may have a pair. I will ask him. Joe