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  1. Bet you haven't seen one of these:

    My neighbor had a red one.
  2. 54 New Yorker wheel

    What about installing a tube? Just a suggestion. Joe
  3. Franklin wanted.
  4. 1947 Chrysler Traveler C/L Omaha

    James, Thanks for keeping me in mind. I can take a lot of punishment.
  5. 1947 Chrysler Traveler C/L Omaha

    Hi, Yes I do like the Woody Wagons and I regret missing out on that one in Canada. I should have sent a deposit to secure it but... Yes I have 3 now. 2 1947 Chrysler T & C sedans and I recently picked up a 1950 Packard Station Sedan (Woody). I am a glutton for punishment and I am ALWAYS on the lookout for others, too.
  6. 1947 Chrysler Traveler C/L Omaha

    The only difference(s) between the Traveler and the regular Windsor sedan was the roof rack, paint scheme, interior materials, emblems AND the Traveler came with a metal step plate (99.9% of the time it is missing) that attached to the door sills so that you could reach the roof rack to load luggage, etc.... Hence the "Traveler" name. Everything else about the car is the same as the Windsor and the Royal Speaking of the DeSoto Suburbans I had one many moons ago and I would love to have another one. I totally regret selling that car (along with several others I have owned). It is just such an unusual car and that is what makes them so interesting to me. Besides, I like the oddball stuff anyway....
  7. "The car was never mistreated."

    Never mistreated but instead it was "abused, neglected, ignored, mishandled, etc"....It's all the same in the end
  8. How do you handle an unsolicited offer?

    As stated above if you think you can live without the car have some value set in your mind as to what the car should be worth on the open market and listen to offers. If you feel that you really don't want to sell the car remember that "Everything is for sale for the right price" Even so let someone make an offer and if it is a "ridiculous" offer - go from there. In the end it all comes down to whether or not you could "move on" from the car.
  9. Fluid drive transmission for 1950 Desoto

    If the noise is there while the car is running in neutral with the clutch out and then disappears when you push the clutch in I would suspect the throw-out bearing because the transmission is not "engaged" when in neutral. What type of mechanical noise is it making? Could you describe it if possible? Where does the noise seem to be coming from? Front, middle or back of the transmission? You would have to remove the transmission to be able to check/replace the throw-out bearing if you think that is the problem. Then you can remove the bearing and spin it while holding it in your hand. It should spin freely - with some drag - but without noise. If you hear any type of a scraping sound then the bearing is shot. It is not a very difficult repair - and not very expensive - and even if you find that the transmission is bad I would replace the throw-out bearing anyway while you have the transmission out for repair/replacement.
  10. Fluid drive transmission for 1950 Desoto

    Are you 100% sure the noise is coming from the transmission itself? It sounds like it could be the clutch throw-out bearing which is an easy, less expensive fix.
  11. Fluid drive transmission for 1950 Desoto

    What seems to be the problem(s) with your transmission that you need to replace it? Just asking.
  12. 1931 Pontiac

    Can't help you without knowing what type of 1931 Pontiac it is (i.e. 4-door, coupe, etc). Also, would need some pictures and a detailed description of the condition of the car (restored, original, running or not, etc...) It is also very helpful to put the location of where the car is, contact info, etc
  13. Throttle, Choke cables

    If these knobs are for a 46-48 Chrysler there is a small hex head set screw that holds the knob onto the shaft of the cable

    Good luck finding these. There is a guy that reproduces them now for $1000.00 each. There was one on Ebay. I will look to see if it is still around.

    I am in Pennsylvania.