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  1. Throw out bearing?
  2. I have come to the realization, regrettably, that I will more than likely never be able to get to this one so I would like to sell it. This car sat in a garage for 40 years before I got it. The pictures show it on the flatbed and a couple where I cleaned it up a bit. It needs a complete going over - doesn't run. I have the rear seats which are like brand new as they were always stored inside - and still are. The dash and door panels are in really nice condition. Headliner is, too. I have bought the following for it since owning it: New front seat material - alligator pattern. New carpet set Parts book Some extra parts to go along with it Extra transmission.... I know I am forgetting other stuff.... It is a solid project. Floors and trunk area are solid. Rockers have some rust. I am asking $4500.00 Located in NE Penna I want to see it go to someone that can give it what it needs. I cannot. Please call and we can discuss it further: 570-476-1164 (HOME) 570-460-1669 (CELL) Joe
  3. 1st thing - what size tires are on the present rims? 2nd thing - I need you to measure the center hole of the rim(s). The larger rims will measure around 4". The smaller rims - which I have - will measure approx 2 3/4". If your hubs are the 4" then my rims will not work on your car. I do have 5 rims - all with tires on them which will need to be removed. If the rims I have will work I can get one boxed and let you know the shipping costs. I am still looking for the other parts, too. Joe
  4. Can you measure the rims without the tires on them - across the rim edge to edge. Some of the rims were 5 1/2 and there were wider ones for the larger tires on the later cars. I believe they were 6 1/2. I have rims from the Royal parts car. They came with the 10" hubcaps. Let me know. Joe
  5. Hi Steelbreeze, I looked for the parts you asked about and I could not come up with them. Sorry. I will keep looking through my stuff and see if I missed them. I have boxes of parts from 2 parts cars and I "search" through them from memory so I may have a part but I just need to locate it. However, if you need anything else I have a lot more parts. One other thing. I have seen the carb kickdown switch come up on Ebay once in awhile. I don't know how soon you'd need one though. Joe
  6. I have not forgotten about this. I need to get a chance to look for them. I work long hours and I find little time for much else. I will keep you posted. Joe
  7. Send me a picture of the stainless piece you need. About the cowl mirrors.... There are repros out there but you need to spend around $1200.00 for them. As far as finding used good ones - not much chance of that. They are very difficult to find. I have a new repro set in the box but I am reluctant to put them on my car out of fear they might get damaged or broken. I have a hood release cable but I am not sure if it is broken off at the hood end. The knob is there and the cable but not sure if it ever broke. Kickdown switch - I have to look. Joe
  8. Try here: I don't have the gasket. Joe
  9. Hi Steelbreeze, I am the guy parting the 46 Royal. I do not have the gasket you need but I think this is what you are looking for: Joe
  10. I will take a look and see if I have that piece. Give me a few days. Thanks, Joe
  11. Hi Steelbreeze, Do you have a picture of what you are looking for? Thanks, Joe
  12. As Keiser31 suggested check the ground. Also, some of the old floats in the tanks were made of cork and because they are so old the seal coating on them will break down and allow the cork float to absorb some gas. This will result in the float not "floating" but sinking. Even if the float is not cork I have seen where the seam on the float will develop a leak and the result is the same - the float will fill with gas and not "float". As far as where the sending unit is I will venture to guess, as I am not sure, that there may be an access panel in the trunk floor. I know older Mopars had them there. If there is such an access remove the screws and the panel and you should see the sending unit on the top of the tank. Joe
  13. I have been able to buy many old cars by leaving a note on the windshield with my name and #. I left a note on a car 5 years ago and was recently contacted - they wanted to sell it. Maybe they won't sell it now but maybe later they change their mind Joe
  14. You can probably get that pink purse in just about any store......... I'm sure that's what you were asking about, right?