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  1. Hi Guys, I was at the Stan Reynolds museum in Wetaskiwin Alberta last weekend. Rather than posting the 300 photos I am going to post the link to my facebook page. Hope you like them...
  2. cobravii

    Looking for bumper bolts

    I was able to get away with carriage bolts for the rear.... haven't tackled the front yet
  3. cobravii

    Looking for 1964 Electra info

    I know of one....... MINE! :-)
  4. I have a 1964 Buick electra that I am completing a frame off resto on. I have the new top installed and it seems that the side frames above the door windows are sagging. Is there any way to adjust this so the frame stays horizontal? Or do I need to repair something? Thanks in advance
  5. cobravii

    Looking for bumper bolts

    I am looking for bumper bolts for the front and rear of my '64 Buick Electra. Does anyone have a line on where I can buy them? They are hidden bolts and have kind of T shaped head.
  6. cobravii

    WTB: 1956 Buick 322 flex plate

    sounds good. I am actually inquiring for a friend and I have sent him this thread so he can reach out to you. Cheers, Larry
  7. Hi guys, just like the title reads reads I am looking for a flexplate (flywheel) for a 1956 Buick Special with a 322 in it. thanks, Larry
  8. Hi Guys, This is show quality rear bumper centre section for a '64 LeSabre or Wildcat. the story on this is I ordered it from a wrecking yard in Montana. It was shipped to me and although it was in very good driver quality I had it triple chromed. I packed it away for five years. A few weeks ago the time came to install this beautiful piece on my '64 Electra ..... only to realize Wildcat's and Electra's don't have the same bumper! :-( This up for sale for $500 CDN (What's that.... about $200 USD? lol) Anyways.... my failure is a gain for you....
  9. Ok, thanks guys. I had a "feeling" and thought I would reach out. I appreciate the input. Thanks for the lead Greg. I already have a LeSabre grill and am looking for an Electra grill.
  10. This is a snip of the email I got. The weird thing is I can't find that conversation anywhere on the AACA site....
  11. Hi, I have been emailing a person who contacted me from this forum and before I send him money I am looking for a reference on him. has anyone had any dealings with Chris Berne? He says he’s from Louisiana. thanks, Larry
  12. cobravii

    '64 Riviera Clock

    I know this is an old post. I am curious if it is still available Thanks, Larry
  13. cobravii

    WTB: 1964 Buick Electra grill

    Thanks, everyone, I have found a complete LeSabre grill. I am still looking for a complete Electra grill if anyone has one or has leads. Thanks, Larry
  14. cobravii

    WTB: 1964 Buick Electra grill

    It looks good. Let me measure the LH side I have and if it matches then we will see what shipping is. Thanks, Larry