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  1. 25 Buick first start issues

    I was going to tell you to ask Jason for a set of brushes then I see that he is the one selling those. Ha. But you said your S/G was just rebuilt so it should have brand new brushes. Back in the day 20 some years ago, I made new ones from very large (and very cheap) industrial electric motor bushes. They are soft and easy to shape with a file and drill, just messy. But I saved a $100 that I didn't have back when they were $100.
  2. 25 Buick first start issues

    Make a mark on both before you loosen for reference. A small change in throw/angle goes s long way.
  3. 25 Buick first start issues

    The cross car linkage for the starter pedal has set screws where the levers attach to the shaft. Adjust the ‘throw’ of the linkage there.
  4. 25 Buick first start issues

    Agree. Non adjustable brush position. And a number of the linkage pieces are cast on mine. They would crack before they bend. In a pinch I have elongated the holes in the brush to get by and increase/fix the contact pressure on a worn brush but you are just prolonging the inevitable but that was on a tour in Kentucky and the Buick finished the week without getting the crank out. The brushes were replaced once home. Another comment is the starter brushes are large and are only in contact briefly when started. Once set up properly they last a very long time. The charging brushes are always in contact and are one fourth as large as the starter brush. They do wear over time.
  5. BCA 2018 Denver Meet Prewar Buick Parking

    TxBuicks - I would add that there were other issues with the Pre-War (and other Divisions) parking at the National Meets that Mark Shaw's announcement of procedure will rectify. For the cars being Judged, the Pre War owners do a pretty good job lining them up by years for A - D.. The issue is (now was?) with the Driven Class and Non Judged Display, a few Modified Pre War vehicles. These vehicles are typically relegated to a different, remote parking area away from the Judged vehicles. Two divorced parking assignments for similar Pre War vehicles, some meets it has been three or four lots; Judged/Driven/Display/Modified . . . I will speak firsthand with an example. 2017 BCA National Meet, I drove my 1923 Model 45 from Fenton, MI (18 miles South of Flint) to Brookfield, WI. I was registered for the Driven Class. As such, I was parked as far away from the Judged show field as possible. I understand why. The parking in the separate, Driven Class Lot was laid out with the oldest driven vehicles the furthest away on the north side of the hotel parking area, somebody had to be there. My Judged Pre War fellow members were on the adjacent lot on the west side of the hotel. I believe the Display vehicles were with the Driven but I'm not positive on that. Again, what many PWD members wish is to park by year, regardless of Judged, Driven or Display etc.. This is what Mark's request accomplishes within the BCA by-laws. Those who still wish to park with Modified or Display still can and he states this. Now, I will save several people from saying this makes judging harder because now the show field contains Judged, Display and Driven etc. and is larger. My answer is yes. Judges will have to look for the display card of the correct color to know which vehicles to Judge within a band of years. What I think people are missing though, beyond meeting the desires of a large group of Club Members to be/park together, is that this parking will enhance Judging. Judges would have additional vehicles of similar years to reference. On one side a Judged vehicle, and next to it an un-Judged Archival vehicle to assist as a reference and cause the judges to discuss a feature and come to a decision. Or a Modified next to a Stock Display vehicle to be able to appreciate the differences and similarities of the two. I also believe our guests will appreciate this as well. They understand model years but not our Divisions. And they will better see the fun people enjoying each others vehicles and company too. I also can't speak for the other Divisions but I hope they do as you suggest and stick together and enjoy themselves and their vehicles. I hope they will use the by-laws to best serve them and their members to maximize their Club experience for themselves and their guests.
  6. 25 Buick first start issues

    Delighted to have helped. Now figure out why your starter brush to commutator contact is poor and report back.
  7. 25 Buick first start issues

    This is key. The same armature and field coils that make charge also make cranking torque, but through a different set of brushes and commutator. So your armature and fields are good as are your charging brushes and wiring hook-up (connections to field and coil and meter) or you would not be making charge. You say your battery is good. You say jumper cables direct to the S/G and battery don't cause any change/improvement. So not a ground or feed issue. And your starter gear set in the engine mount housing are free to rotate and move fore and aft to engage the pinion gear and flywheel gear. I go back to the starting brushes not being in full contact. I had worn starter brushes once and it did the same thing. There just was not enough downward force on the starter brushes to draw enough current to make enough energy/torque. And as I mentioned in a previous post above, I proved this was the case by pushing down on both brushes with two wood dowels as the wife pushed down on the starter pedal and the starter then worked. Low starter brush pressure or poor contact for any number of reasons. brush hung up short worn brush weak or broken or missing brush spring dirty brush or commutator engagement roller and dowel not adjusted properly I've not seen you say you have pushed down on both brushes as you also engage the starter pedal/lever/brush slide/roller to see if it then starts.
  8. 25 Buick first start issues

    And I can’t temember. Do the charging brushes lift when starting? I know they motor at first. If so are they fully lifting? I know the starting brushes lift when charging.
  9. 25 Buick first start issues

    McMaster Carr sells braided ground straps with formed eyelet ends in several lengths. I dont think you have a ground issue if you used a good jumper cable and saw no results. Try that with a meter first. Have you had someone push down on both starter brushes with an insulated tool (wood dowel) as you also pushed the starter?
  10. 1916 Buick Valve cage removal

    One other thing someone asked me and I never answered: 'Won't the wool washers burn?' I will admit I had to look that one up. Seems our early Buick Engineers have once again done their homework. The ignition temperature of wool is 600C / 1112F. I didn't want to pull-the-wool-over on anybody.
  11. 1916 Buick Valve cage removal

    Sounds great. Get those felt washers, soak them to soften them up and then stretch them on a long tapered punch drift shaft (or similar tool) to open up / stretch the center hole so with a bit of work you can get one washer over the tip on the valve. Once assembled, the spring retainer cap acts like a small reservoir cup which I half fill with my overhead lube (I use gear oil). It leaks down from there into the felt washer. I lube these every time I pull the car out of the garage after sitting or every fuel tank fill up (~100 miles/daily) while on tour (in addition to the 3 rocker galleys). Last year, after my trip to the Gilmore Museum to shake things down (220 miles) then the VMCCA Nickel Tour (550 miles), I then attended the BCA National in Wisconsin and the Pre War Division After Tour and then the long way home via Michigan's Upper Peninsula (1485 miles). That was 2200 total miles and the main driver behind me doing the 'valve job' a year ago right about now. I bet I drove another 500 miles just around home. Never had a lick of trouble. Nock on wood for 2018. A Post Script. I thought the new valves and cages would 'seat' and I would lose lash. This never really happened. I attribute that to lapping each one in after the correct grinding of both the cage and the valve. They were 'seated' already due to the lapping. The lash never changed.
  12. 1916 Buick Valve cage removal

    You may find my previous post on this same subject helpful. Since you are a 1916, your intake and exhaust valves and cages are the same diameter as my exhaust. 1918 saw the intake valve and cage diameter increase. 1923 is the last year for caged valves on Buicks. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Glad to help.
  13. Early Buick Delco starter/generator needed

    They are often year specific and do not interchange. I posted the the chart as have others for the Delco part numbers by year on this site. You should be able to do a search for it.
  14. Here is another auction. Several early 20s Buicks. For the life of me I could not find an auction date. Maybe someone else can. Selling off Vintage Car Museum of Hardy, AR Albums Selling off Vintage Car Museum of Hardy, AR 227 Photos · Updated 2 months ago Establishment of Vintage Car Museum in Hardy, AR was the result of a lifetime chasing Horseless Carriages, Brass Era Motorcars by one self made southern businessman. Ernest Sutherland is CEO of three little high precision plastic and piping manufacturing companies, lives in Memphis, Tennessee and is a real Ford Model T Guru. I have been honored to have the pleasure of learning from and serving this charming gentleman for the past 5 years. The museum, that once was the pride and joy of Hardy, Arkansas, has now become almost isolated after a new shortcut expressway cut almost all the traffic to this beautiful little town. Also for his own health, Ernest family have asked him to cut back from his workaholic life style . . . All and all brings some lucky ones of you to this point that he is selling off all the museum cars for some unbelievable prices. some of them for literally what he paid for them 10 or 20 years back. some of them cars are quite unique and deserve a new caring custodian. This is our very first and simplest try which means the best pricing, Then we do ebay auction, then probably big name auctions or ask Mr. Wayne Carini to feature us . So comment or message us for further info before this unique and once in a life-time opportunity vanishes. Saam Noroozi
  15. 25 Buick first start issues

    Sorry to read all of this. To toss another idea at you. Once saw a water pump packing gland turned down so tight the engine had trouble turning over. I too had Jason Smith rebuild my starter generator and it came back looking and running like new. I have not had to touch it since in the two years I have had it and ~4000 miles of touring. You might ask Jason if he load tests units he rebuilds. I believe he does but best to ask.