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  1. Remember only the front half is visible when installed so any repair is hidden by the radiator or shroud
  2. Look me up on GM People Finder Tom. Welcome!
  3. Tinker's 1917 D45 Christmas wish

    Check with Dean Tryon too. He was having pedestals and rockers re-cast. Was looking for 'customers' to up the order, share the pain. Not sure where he is with the project.
  4. 1917 or 1918??

    Did the car come with any old registration materials and if so, what did they state as the model year? Is there a tag on the firewall? If so, what does it state? I'm not certain what year firewall tags started for Buicks so, somebody help with that.

    Finn is still working on his list. He said he had a ‘ruff’ draft. He he also took exception to being called a Yooper. He prefers Pooper.

    Well, here you go, eh? Merry Christmas from Michigan! Da Yoopers is a traveling comedy show and musical group from Ishpeming, Michigan. They are known primarily for their humorous songs and skits, most of which center on life in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The band's name includes the term "Yooper," slang for residents of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and the use of "da" instead of "the" is typical of the Yooper dialect. Da Yoopers has released thirteen albums, all on their personal label, You Guys Records. The band's lineup consists of Jim Bellmore (guitar, vocals), Lynn Bellmore (keyboards, vocals), Jim DeCaire (percussion, vocals), Bobby Symons (drums), and Matt Bullock (sketch comedy actor). Da Yoopers was founded in 1975 by drummer Jim DeCaire and guitarist Rodney "Joe" Potila, along with keyboardist Lynn Anderson and bass guitarist Jim Pennell.[1] The band took their name from the word "yooper", a common term for people of the "U.P.", an abbreviation for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and "Da" came from the Yooper dialect pronunciation of "the".[2] The band toured throughout Michigan's Upper Peninsula for several years, before recording their first album, Yoopanese, in 1986 on their personal label, You Guys Records. This album included nine songs, all written by Potila and DeCaire. A second album, Culture Shock, was released a year later. This second album featured several comedy songs, including "Second Week of Deer Camp" and "Rusty Chevrolet" (the latter a parody of "Jingle Bells"), both of which became local hits,[1][3][4] including airplay on stations in Chicago and Milwaukee. In addition, "Second Week of Deer Camp" would later be played on several Dr. Demento shows. "2nd Week of Deer Camp" has also received heavy radio air-play in North Central Pennsylvania annually since 1995 in late November and early December during deer hunting season. This album also featured humorous dialogue and skits between songs, a feature later duplicated both in concert and on subsequent albums. Several local guest musicians also performed on this album. By the release of Camp Fever, the band's third album, Pennell left and was replaced with Joe DeLongchamp.[5] In addition, Lynn Anderson married Jerry Coffey, who joined as a vocalist and percussionist.[1] It also included the first song of the band's career not to be written by Potila or DeCaire, as DeLongchamp wrote the title track. Yoop It Up, their fourth cassette, was released in 1989.
  7. Pardon me Sir. Have you any Grey Poupon ?
  8. Tire Chains. 😝 Found this I learned something. Never heard of it.
  9. Tire Chains. 😝

    Anyone ever seen this?
  10. wood floor board

    I second that motion as I am in that same VMCCA Nickel Touring Group as Larry. PM either of us for the 2018 Tour details.
  11. wood floor board

    Are the door sills shown being remanufactured and if so by whom? Thx
  12. 1925 Std. Starter and water pump shaft coupling ring

    Hugh and I are in contact. Stay tuned. This is what the BCA and Forum are all about!
  13. Hand starter crank for Buick

    Now that you have solved your issue, I will post this. Had a spare crank for my 1923 6 cylinder and sold it to a fellow in the UK for $50 plus he paid about half again that much to ship it to him. He must have known something. (See, if I had posted that up front you would have called me something.) Have used my crank twice other than letting people play with it to see what a beast a 6 with good compression feels like. Once we had a real cold spell here in mid Michigan and it was -17F/-27C in the attached garage, Lord only knows what it was outside, and I got it in my head to see if I could hand start the Buick after it had been 'sleeping' for 6 weeks. Three pulls with the choke on and it 'barked' on the 3rd pull. Went to 1/2 choke on the 4th pull and it started. Well, how about that I thought. To quote my wife, 'You are the only person I know who would wonder about that and then do that'. I took it as a compliment but have often wondered if it was? Second time I was on the 4 hour ferry boat crossing of Lake Michigan as we arrived in Wisconsin and they called all motorcycle owners and vintage car owners to some passage/gate since they didn't mess with parking the vintage cars or bikes, they let the owners back them into the hull and remove them as well. Down we trot to the bowels of the SS Badger only to see my headlamps a dim glow and I was the last car backed in, meaning the first one out and blocking half of those parked behind me as there are 4 lanes of parked cars but only 2 exit lanes at the gate. It was dark when we loaded and no one saw that my lights were left on including yours truly. The deck hand tells me not to worry, they have a tractor with a chain and they will pull me out of the way once we dock. The other old car people look at me with shame and gleefully start their cars. Back seat packed with luggage and daughter #3, who was 14 at the time suggests we push start it. Not a bad idea but we are packed nose to tail with only a foot between vehicles. No time to get pinned or break a leg between cars as we dock. Away I go, luggage flying, to find my crank under the back seat. No pull chain and tractor for me with all the other old car people looking on. With choke set and having run earlier that morning, it barked on the first pull, 1/2 choke and it started on the second. Never mind putting the seat cushion back correctly, pile on the luggage and get in as the gate is dropping. And, away we went. So, I hope you never need your crank but when your adrenalin is flowing like cheap beer, your pals are all looking on, you can crank that Buick like it was a scooter and the costs will be forgotten.
  14. 1925 Std. Starter and water pump shaft coupling ring

    Hubert, I have a couple extras of the couplings for my 1923 6 cylinder. Let me know if you need me to dig them out. Brian
  15. Parts for pre-1920 Buicks