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    And you chucked up how many for all your close friends . . . . .?

    Let's get back to the picture and 'what is that thing?' Also look at the pic of the engine from the other side and there is some sort of round glass thing on the firewall near it. What the heck is it? Is it related? Some sort of fuel cooler (anti vapor lock) like the hotrods ran in the 50s? Flipping manifolds. My buddy had a 27 Master with a flipped manifold.
  3. Buick sign 1910-1920s

    The 'B' in the Buick script is wrong and Buick would never represent their vehicle so poorly as drawn.
  4. 1954 Hudson Jet

    Car still available. Updates per talking to the owner last night. Repainted (~10 year ago) New interior (~10 years ago) Seat belts Gas tank sealed by Renu Rebuilt double action fuel/vacuum pump
  5. 1954 Hudson Jet

    Send me a PM and I will put you in touch with the seller.
  6. 1954 Hudson Jet

    65000 miles. Fuel system just gone through. Posting for the owner. Hydramatic. Located in SE Michigan. Vehicle has been in heated storage but started and driven on a regular basis.
  7. 25-25 DX on Cowl plate

    Maybe Disassembled Export, the knocked down cars or the chassis cowl cars? Just a guess.
  8. Buick 1927-24

    As we say here 'I hope you drive it like you stole it!' Looks like a great car to have lots of fun with.
  9. 1917 d45 first drive.

    I run the M-533 in the rear end also. Good stuff.
  10. 1917 valve guide lubrication

    Agree with the felt washer comment from McMaster. They are about the size of a candy lifesaver. 1/4 inch I.D. hole but once you oil them and get them softened up they stretch over the stem. See my valve rebuild post. The kerosene was to keep the valves from sticking. After winter storage I hit my stems with a shot of PB Blaster. Only time they have ever stuck is during winter storage and even then just a couple and not every winter. Give them a shot the day before you plan to start for the first time after storage. Not sure if 1917 has grease cups or the fill hole for 'oil' in the rocker pedestals. 1923 has oil holes and new for 1923 are the 3 little slide doors on the valve cover to access them without removing the valve cover. I run 90w140 up there and since I now have the felt washers since my full rebuild last winter, I still take the valve cover off before each ride of significant length (or each time I fill the gas tank ~100 miles) and I lube the valve spring retainer cups also with 90w140 since they act like a small reservoirs and hold ~ 1 cc of lube and it slowly work its way down to the washers and replenish the lube in the washer and I get some lube on the valve stem tip and rocker tip too, just drizzle a shot on each cup. 1924 Buick went to the new removable cylinder head and pressure lube to the overhead. Pre 1923 I'm certain lots of Buicks had their overhead lube neglected since it required removal of the rocker cover. When did the cover start? 1918? So 1918/19/20/21/22 were out of sight out of mind. Buick added the 3 little doors in 1923 for a reason. The earlier cars with open valvetrain got lubed more often but got road dirt too. To quote my late father 'Oil's cheap son, mechanics are expensive'
  11. 1917 d45 first drive.

    The viscosity weight of the lube in the transmission can also be a factor. Bought my Buick years ago and it shifted fine. First thing I did was change all the fluids. New 90w140 in the trans and I could no longer shift to save my sole without clashing gears. New 220w and all was good with the world. Snyder's (Ford T and A Supplier) has a product called M-533 this is re-packaged Chevron Meropa 220w. Good product, good weight, good price and easy to order. You can look up the Meropa specs online.
  12. Love This Add

    Reminds me of my favorite ad comment we've all seen numerous times: 'Ran when parked'
  13. FS/ 1923 Buick Model 48 parts car

    Terry, The rivitted assembly that bolts to the frame rails. The brackets and ring are specific to the 48 due to the angle. Note it has its own part number and you can't take it apart, it's rivitted together. Yes, the second tire hardware is missing but the hangers for it are on the existing ring. Brian
  14. FS/ 1923 Buick Model 48 parts car

    Not only a double rear spare carrier, but the brackets specific to the Model 48 that put it at the correct angle unique to that body.
  15. FS/ 1923 Buick Model 48 parts car

    Lots of value here. Took me years to find a spare engine, trans and axle and for lots more money and costly trips than this single buy that includes far more. The very rare rear tire carrier, specific to the Model 48 is worth the price. And Larry's not paying me to post this, but he has lent me his trailer more than once, and when we toured on the After Tour, we all did stay at a Holiday Inn, just not in the same room. Pretty sure the Holiday Inn TV commercial does not play in every country so, just got with me on it if you are not from the States. That's a tree trunk growing next to the fire wall in the bottom picture. Chopped off to free this 1923 but pretty sure Larry will include the fire wood.