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  1. I have a 1923 6 cylinder transmission for sale if that helps anyone reading this article.
  2. 218 mile round trip yesterday to the Gilmore Museum Pre WWII Gathering. Buick never missed a beat. Even in an hour of heavy rain the last 35 miles to home. I can now head to Tennessee in a few weeks with Buick style confidence to run the VMCCA Nickel Tour (5 day). The Gilmore really looking good with all the new venue additions. Low key and welcoming. $10. No 'who gets in (maybe) $50 non refundable' baloney like you- know-who.
  3. Selling stock to buy parts for his new acquisition.
  4. What are 'front' brakes?
  5. I read a story where the farmer brought a Buick back after driving it 75 miles home and then 75 miles back to the dealer. He said it was too slow, cheaper cars were passing him and it used too much gas. Seems the dealer never showed him where 2nd and 3rd gears were.
  6. I didn't know Larry knew how to read.
  7. Restoration Supply Co. has contacted me back 3 times (2 emails and a call). I'm satisfied with the resolution.
  8. In the pic above the disc spline teeth have made small grooves in the hub which makes the discs loose on the hub.
  9. We do and he does. He's smart, he never barks except if you drive thru the Dairy Queen and not get him a cone. The kids in the window feed him the mini ones and all know his name. He gets a strip of bacon from the diner drive thru too. He's all about it. Pull up to the bank window for a milk bone and he's not all that excited.
  10. No, they sell 9mm connectors and that is what I bought and they have a rivet crimp issue. Stay tuned for the resolution.
  11. Not sure, if not both but check them for wear. My 1923 does this and the teeth are much wider.
  12. Reminds me of this rare find.
  13. Not my cup of tea, nor the price, but someone did some work to create it.
  14. Three times a week on average in the Summer months. We have a place on a lake about 10 miles from the house. Nice non-busy country drive to get there. If the weather is nice, my Buick is my car of choice to head out there. We often take our friends out there for a late day run around the lakes. This is where those halogens come in handy for the 10 mile ride home at dusk. So Saturday and Sunday out to the lake and then at least one trip during the week for something important like ice cream or dog food! I have other classic cars but like someone said above, it's musical cars to get them out so the Buick most often gets last-in-first-out positioning.
  15. The splines/teeth on the clutch discs are worn and they rattle around on the hub when the clutch is disengaged.