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  1. Brian_Heil

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    Amen Carl. Everybody, go read his post again.
  2. Brian_Heil

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    Larry’s comments also reminded me that the PWD does philanthropy too. The whole Flint Wagon Works wagon project was made possible due to PWD efforts. PWD members found it, donated it, donated a trailer to delivered it 1000 miles round trip, took vacation time off, donated and milled hardwood, repaired it for display, found and donated missing hardware, shook down GM and local merchants for a tow vehicle and fuel which was easy when they saw how organized we were. And, we had a great time. All of this was organized and shared on the PWD Forum and then the Bugle. There was not a single item we needed or issue that wasn’t donated or fabricated or figured out within hours. All without a single board meeting or vote. Not bad for a bunch of ‘Lazy Fares’.
  3. Brian_Heil

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    Just read the BCA Bylaws again this morning with my coffee. I could not find where it states Division officers or elections are required. Or newsletters or minimum number of face-to-face meetings or published rosters. Someone else take a look and comment. Please. Those that keep reposting these ‘issue’ please comment. I’m not being facetious. My thoughts on owning to a PW Buick car/truck or newer Buick. I always tell people interested in the hobby, join the club they like and have the club help them find a good car. They know where the good ones are and where the ones to stay away from are. I drove a Chevy to the Buicktown meetings for the first 5 years I was a member. I still remember The Old Guy’s quote. “That’s ok, we’ve all either owned one, raced one or stolen one.” Thank you.
  4. Brian_Heil

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    The PWD is not a traditional Division. Never has been and was organized not to be. Treasurer? We don’t collect dues. We have no funds nor do we require any. Free. Secretary? We don’t publish a news letter, we communicate as a whole via the PWD site and have fully communicated that when members did not support a newsletter with material with the final email news letter. We have Regional Directors and have had some excellent Divisional Dinners at National Meets when there was someone able and willing. Same is true of some excellent After Tours. We go ala carte and have never had someone stiff anyone. The only people complaining about the PWD are certain BCA BOD’rs who are not even Division members. And on a personal comment, the BOD has its own mess to clean up and is not a model I think any Division should currently follow right now. Complaint Department? That’s the kicker. Where are the suggestions from actual PWD Members that they wish change? I've formally filed my grievance with the BCA BOD that they did not follow the BCA Bylaws with the last vote on the PWD. And as someone said above. Let’s have an open and fair discussion on the topic with PWD Member input. Like professional adults running a first class national club.
  5. Brian_Heil

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    SECTION 5— Amendments of Charter. The Board of Directors may at any time or times in its sole discretion amend, modify, or supplement the Constitution, Bylaws, and /or rule and Regulations collectively known as Division Charters, provided notice to that effect shall have been included in the notice of the meeting of the Board at which such action is to be taken, and provided further that any such amendments, modifications or supplements initiated by the Board of Directors apply in like manner to all Division Charters. Alan O: Is there a second? Rick S: I’ll second that. (Assigned motion # 2017-2018-45) Alan O: We have a motion by Brian, seconded Rick, that we accept the petition by Jack to reorganize the Pre War Division As a Regional Director of the PWD at the time Motion #2017-2018-45 was made and voted on, I am unaware of any such notice given to PWD Members per Section 5 of the BCA Bylaws concerning Divisions that a Reorganization of the PWD was to be discussed or voted on. I ask anyone who can produce that notification to please post it here. As such, Motion # 2017-2018-5 and the subsequent vote are Out of Order and Null and Void due to the BOD's failure to follow BCA Bylaw #5 and provide Notice.
  6. Brian_Heil

    1925 Buick Standard horn button - no response

    Let me find what box it is in and post some dimensions.
  7. Brian_Heil

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    It is interesting that there were no PWD members complaining about the PWD or its Director and nobody asked us either, but a single person puts forth a motion and a BOD seconds it. But, there are non PWD members complaining about the PWD's desire to park all together, and Mark Shaw led that effort, and a number of those complaining are on the BOD. That's all fact. Then a person who has not been involved with the PWD, (go ahead search for posts by this person, the PWD site is the PWD communication method) asks via a motion that he replace the current PWD Director and 10 minutes later his motion passes and the 'information' this new person presents for part of his 'case' is proven false. And I agree this is no fun as someone said above, but when something this egregious is permitted to happen by the BOD, I rise and comment. No BCA member should be treated like this by any member let alone the BOD. I organized the 2017 PWD Dinner in Brookfield. I organized the 2017 PWD After Tour also. Ask those who attended either what they think about this issue. They represent the PWD. My pervious comment got erased when this topic got re-started so I am sharing this again. And another fact where the newly elected person goes on the record and states that he can't work with those PWD member on the BOD. Does that not make you wonder what's going on here?
  8. Brian_Heil

    1925 Buick Standard horn button - no response

    Sort of related. I got this part in a box of other Buick parts. Can anyone identify? Too new for me. For Sale once I figure out what I have. I would say it would buff up like new if you were careful. I'm not looking to get rich, more interested in helping this part find a home and help someone out. Don't be the guy who buys this and then takes it to Hershey to pay for his dinner.
  9. Brian_Heil

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    Thank you Matt for re-engaging this important topic. To our BOD: Forgive me, but you have made an error, both in your vote but more importantly in how you run a proper meeting. When any important issue is brought forward in the form of a motion for the first time, including a new motion such as a long standing, Division Chairperson's character and fitness to Chair a Division, you need to thank those who made the motion, and after the discussion, TABLE it. You then need to investigate the claims made and determine the facts. In what was less than 10 minutes you took action with false information, from a select few, and then took a vote. Would you like to be treated in this same manner? I would not want to be a part of any important motion with such short sightedness, nor should we as a club. The BCA is better than this and you need to correct your error. You now have the substantiated facts that were not presented during the brief discussion. The question remains, will you do the correct thing and admit your error and share the correct information and then vote again?
  10. Brian_Heil

    1923 Buick tire Question

    Been running 24 x 5.00 BF Goodrich balloons on my ‘23 for years. Much better wear and stopping contact area. 36 psi on the sidewall. I run them at 40. From Coker. Watch the manufacture date / age on anything you buy from Coker. Twice I’ve had to return tires that came to me 7 years old already.
  11. Brian_Heil

    Trying to unstick a E-49 engine, video part 4

    Anyone who would like to understand how the higher torque of the modern truck is further multiplied by a torque converter, 1st gear transmission ratio, final drive axle ratio and then transmitted by the ~1 foot moment arm of the truck wheel radius converting all this torque to a pulling force, send me a PM. My concern is for anyone reading this thread in the future.
  12. Brian_Heil

    Newbie with 1922 Buick Model 35 Touring car

    Welcome Brice!
  13. Brian_Heil

    Trying to unstick a E-49 engine, video part 4

    I agree. Hang in there. Can’t believe I forgot to mention the donkey factor.
  14. Brian_Heil

    1930 90 Series

    Send me a PM and I will dig out Denny’s contact info. i never met the owner, just his car.
  15. Brian_Heil

    Trying to unstick a E-49 engine, video part 4

    I for one, wonder why this vehicle was parked in the first place. Odds would say that there was some issue which caused it to be parked or it would still be in use. And forgive me, but you have no idea what that issue or issues is/are. What if, what you have now, is an engine that seized a bearing or piston or wrist pin decades ago and you just succeeded in damaging that issue further in the name of getting it to turn over or, broke something up stream of that seizure that is still seized? A modern truck has more torque than a 1919 Buick and you are on the reverse side of the axle helix and something near 4:1 multiplication with the axle. You also have no hydrodynamic oil film on any load surface.