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  1. Saw several new sets last week while on Tour. They are being sold 'new'.
  2. Mr. Earl, doing his job. Thank you. My buddy mentioned to me at lunch. Isn't it funny the tire store won't touch a 10 year old tire 'just too dangerous', but they won't hesitate to dismount it and sell you a new one. Ha. Here's another interesting article while we wait for Tennessee to call. My point in all of this is to be familiar with tire date of manufacture, manufacturer and manufacture location. The Tire Fairy is not going to visit you and tell you your tires are shot but the Angels just might.
  3. Chinese/India/Timbuktu trailer tires (or passenger/truck tires too) is a subject all to itself. Seems the folks in China don't care if you lose a day of your vacation stuck in some remote spot with blown tires. Funny how they never fail at home. My last one was on the boat trailer, on a Sunday, in the middle of Michigan's U.P.. The good news is, Goodyear heard us and responded with a new, made in the USA product line. My bet is others will follow. I also know of others who switched rim sizes (to 16 and 17 inch) on their trailer in order to mount made in the USA LT truck tires after their own Chinese 'vacation'.
  4. Another thing to think about. No tire store will touch a tire over 10 years old if you need a flat fixed or a balance or a rotation. So if the tires show up 5 1/2 years old (like mine), you've already lost half your useable life of professional service. Most of us don't wear these tires out, we don't drive our cars enough, that's important to this age issue, not everyone can or will mount and service their own tires. Technically, if the 'new' tires arrived 10 years old, you could not get anyone to mount them.
  6. Carl, My beef is that they are sold as new. At what point/age should they disclose that prior to sale? I get the issue with NOS on some parts like ignition, trim, etc but not on tires. It was me and the wife on the guardrail-less mountainside last week in Tennessee not the tire company owners fanny.
  7. Last 4 digits. First 2 are week of year, second 2 are year.
  8. Got my 'new' 5.00 x 24 B. F. Goodrich tire today from a tire company in Tennessee. Anyone what to guess how may years old my $230 tire is already based on the D.O.T. date code? Waiting to hear back from their customer service team.
  9. Two B. F Goodrich 5.00 x 24 blackwalls from Coker. See their catalog for a better pic. 1/16 tread left. Perfect for spares or to get that project rolling around. $50 for the pair. Can deliver to Brookfield Meet or Hershey. Or you pick up 18 miles south of Flint. Not interested in splitting up. 2 to go, show me the dough.
  10. Larry Di, You're in luck. Next year's VMCCA Nickel Tour is in Somerset, PA, that has to be pretty close to you. Dandy Dave, plan now. We missed you guys. Larry S. and I had to double up on our BS to make up for you two!
  11. Twin Falls in Rock Island State Park
  12. If you have been following this long post, which if you got this far, chances are you have. There have been some goals for this 'valve job'. 1) Gilmore Pre-War Gathering on May 20th. 218 miles. Shake Down run to see if we were ready for Tennessee. Check 2) VMCCA Nickel Tour in Central Northern Tennessee. 550+ miles. Check. Here are some pics from last week in Tennessee to make you see it is all worth it. Most of the roads were narrow country lanes. Great views. Great fun. Great people. The Buick never missed a beat!
  13. Thiller, Glad you could find a spot. I won't ask who will be where and when and with whom since I'm certain you don't know either. See you and or some portion of your "Team" in Wisconsin. Looking forward to it. I am now back from my VMCCA Nickel Tour in Tennessee and it is full speed ahead on the BCA Trip and After Tour. Brian
  14. Thank you John. Have you down for the Dinner.
  15. Steam Cylinder Oil is a lard / animal fat based lubricant. Important for steam engines as it dissolves at high temps and is dispersed by that method within a steam engine to lube it (think of how a 2 cycle engines is lubed but in this case steam and melted lard). There are far better extreme pressure (EP) petroleum based lubes in a variety of viscosities you should be using Larry. Sorry to dilute Gary's wonderful restoration post. He gets more done is a day than I do in a week. Pretty sure he wears a cape with a script Buick 'B' on it.