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    1962 Lincoln Continental Convertible Sedan (restoration project)

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  1. ericmac

    1930 Peerless Six 61A

    A near classic at half the price of a comparable Chevrolet or Model A seems like a great buy.
  2. ericmac

    62 Lincoln engine part

    Will do. Thanks!
  3. ericmac

    62 Lincoln engine part

    I am looking for the base of the oil filter/pressure sending unit per the photo below. The engine is the same from '58-65 to the best of my knowledge. The part I need is labeled adapter assembly with the arrow pointing to it.
  4. I look over this thread and realize that the problems I have with my Lincoln are just child's play for you!
  5. ericmac

    1962 Lincoln convertible

    So, research helps. Good news. There is a bold on adapter for the oil filter. Replace it and I am back in business...I hope.
  6. ericmac

    1962 Lincoln convertible

    After a bit of rehab I am back working on the Lincoln. Have any of you ever felt like your enjoyment of a car is cursed? I'm about there with this one. I decided to start with the easy thing (or what I thought was the easy one) first, the oil pressure sending unit. My father in law had the correct socket and in a few turns the old unit was out and I was screwing in the new one. I reconnected the wire, fired up the car. Light was out. Problem solved, right? Wrong. I had a large puddle of oil growing under the car. Okay, i stripped my new sending unit, right? Nope. The threads of the new unit were fine. Naturally, I stripped the threads going into the engine. My first thought was to clean the female side really well, liberally coat with permatex, and try running the engine again in 24 hours to see if I have a leak. The problem is if the leak were to reemerge while rolling along at 70 mph, that could be catastrophic before I knew there was a problem. So, helpful readers, I'm open to your thoughts.
  7. ericmac

    1964 Chrysler Imperial

    My favorite Imperial! Really lovely car. If I did not own the '62 Lincoln, I would want this!
  8. ericmac

    1929 Pierce Arrow Sedan - Original - Unrestored

    I am blown away by this one. There is a tremendous amount of car here. I too wish I could make it!
  9. ericmac

    1929 wire wheel set

    Payment showed up today. Thanks again to Mike West for the help.
  10. ericmac

    Duesenberg watching

    Wow! Nice. Ed, you get to go to all the cool places. Pebble Beach last week and Cape Cod this week. Life is great. Eh?
  11. ericmac

    1929 wire wheel set

    Sold pending payment. I would like to extend a special thanks to Mike West for connecting me with a buyer. I will look forward to seeing this set on a 29 Victoria.
  12. ericmac

    The Premier Pre-War Event is This Coming Weekend

    If I were to attend only one car event per year this would be the event for me. I will be taking my 26 T to the show. Hope to see some of you there.
  13. ericmac

    Duesenberg watching

    I agree that the Model A Duesenberg has the misfortune of being overlooked because the Model J was so incredible. The first Duesenberg I remember seeing in person was a Model A Roadster which was at a car show in St. Ignace, MI. This would have been 1975 or 1976. At the time the old brown car did nothing for me. Today I wish I had a photo of it. In about 1978 I got to see my first J, a LeBaron dual cowl pheaton, car 2133 J-111, and that fixed my impression of Duesenbergs forever! At the time it was black with red coves. Still an impressive looking car.
  14. Thats a lot of money...but it looks like a lot more car. Best of luck properly rehoming this one. Its stunningly beautiful.
  15. ericmac

    Duesenberg watching

    I made a decision to restart this discussion under general discussion because it is the same place where I started the first thread. In the spirit of being non-territorial, I would be happy to move to the ACD thread. What say the rest of you?