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    1915 Ford Model T Touring; The new car!
    1926 Ford Model T Fordor (Original)
    1929 Franklin 137 7-passenger Sedan (Disaster)
    1929 Franklin 137 7-passenger Sedan (under restoration)
    1962 Lincoln Continental Convertible Sedan (restoration project)

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  1. ericmac

    1935 Lincoln K Club Sedan

    Matt, this is real tenacity i have been looking forward to every one of these updates as you really are teaching me (and all of us) a lot. I can't wait to see you driving the car with a smile on your face.
  2. ericmac

    1935 Lincoln K Club Sedan

    I appreciate the candid report about this car. I am very eager to hear the next installment. Reading all this makes me feel like my frustration with my own Lincoln is mere child's play.
  3. ericmac

    1937 Pontiac on BaT (Not Mine)

    I agree this is an especially good looking car.
  4. ericmac

    Killing time during the winter

    Models are indeed a great way to spend some time over the winter. Here are a few I've done. To my knowledge this is the only complete set of Improved Fords (1926-27) extant in 1:25 scale. They are mostly based upon the AMT 1927 Ford Model T Touring kit with Revell, resin and scratch building mixed in.
  5. ericmac

    1930 Model A Tudor $9,000

    This seems like a nice car at a fair price. Good luck with a sale. This deal should make both the seller and buyer happy.
  6. ericmac

    1956 Premiere-based Continental V12 What-If

    As much as I love the Mark II, and I do, this probably would have made more sense. Of course they did get there but not with a twelve and not until 1961.
  7. I'm sipping a beer now. Champagne gives me a headache. Anyone know what the Franklin sold for?
  8. ericmac

    1937 Chrysler Airflow removed from our barn. It's available.

    I agree that you have some very interesting cars. I would love to read a complete inventory sometime. Don't let anyone deter you as you have done a great service to the hobby by preserving these cars for future generations.
  9. ericmac

    FOR SALE: 1967 Lincoln Continental 4-Door Convertible

    John, I agree with you about white. I have owned 12 of these cars and half of them, including the car I own now. Have been white. I plan to repaint mine in a factory correct darrk blue with maroon interior or chestnut metallic in and out.
  10. ericmac

    FOR SALE: 1967 Lincoln Continental 4-Door Convertible

    I have personally seen this car, which was maintained by the local Lincoln dealer for many years. While the colors of the car are absolutely atrocious (my reaction was, could it be worse? Answer, no.) it is magnificent mechanically. With a repaint it could be quite a nice find.
  11. ericmac

    1930 Peerless Six 61A

    A near classic at half the price of a comparable Chevrolet or Model A seems like a great buy.
  12. ericmac

    62 Lincoln engine part

    Will do. Thanks!
  13. ericmac

    62 Lincoln engine part

    I am looking for the base of the oil filter/pressure sending unit per the photo below. The engine is the same from '58-65 to the best of my knowledge. The part I need is labeled adapter assembly with the arrow pointing to it.
  14. I look over this thread and realize that the problems I have with my Lincoln are just child's play for you!
  15. ericmac

    1962 Lincoln convertible

    So, research helps. Good news. There is a bold on adapter for the oil filter. Replace it and I am back in business...I hope.