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  1. HarryJ

    Early truck or modified touring??

    Don't know about the truck...but if you go on Google earth; the bldg is still there.
  2. HarryJ

    Can anyone ID this motor?

    I thought this was a unique engine.
  3. HarryJ

    Rome Turney Radiator Serial Number

    Again, the drive arrangement for the distributor / water pump / generator; appears very similar to the design developed by Zeder, Breer and Skelton ( Walter P. Chrysler's "Three Musketeers) for the Studebaker Light Six ; which was the last vehicle they designed for Studebaker before they left the company.
  4. HarryJ

    Rome Turney Radiator Serial Number

    Also; you can google Rome - Turney Radiator and there are several sites with extensive info on this company.
  5. HarryJ

    Rome Turney Radiator Serial Number

    Very interesting engine; shaft drive overhead cam, dual ignition. Could it be a racing engine or an experimental/prototype? Without markings I would guess it to be a one of a kind. It might be quite significant.
  6. HarryJ

    Head stud removal ,Help

    Stude light....I cracked a light six head trying to remove it (cuss word!)...and I spent a good bit of time slowly working it off......as per the PA, if it works I wouldn't mess with it.
  7. HarryJ

    Garage & Car Barn Thread

    I lofted out the old "Atlanta Speed Shop Building" and have my collection and shop in there.
  8. HarryJ

    1931 Lincoln owners manual

    Are you a member of the Lincoln Owner's Club......if not that would be a good spot to locate one.
  9. HarryJ

    What is it.....

    How much is one in very good drivable condition worth?
  10. HarryJ

    Leaf springs

    Small universe.......
  11. HarryJ

    Leaf springs

    Hey guys....thanks for the thanks.....however, I think hwellens is giving you the data.
  12. HarryJ

    Leaf springs

    hwellens...The car I need spring info on is a series "A" 1930 Pierce Arrow.
  13. HarryJ

    Leaf springs

    By the way, I was looking through my files and found "leaf Spring Data Manual, Volume 12" compiled by the Leaf Spring institute. It covers springs up to and including three ton units for cars 1946 thru 1956. Are there earlier versions available out there?
  14. HarryJ

    Leaf springs

    Rusty...Jim...Thanks, Jim you brought up issue I anticipated; that being a similar spring (performance wise) to the original could be made, yet, would not look like the original.
  15. HarryJ

    Leaf springs

    Is it better to have springs rearched; or should you have new ones made? Can anyone recommend a leaf spring manufacturer that can reproduce leaf springs of the twenties/thirties duplicating tapers etc. to make the springs look like the originals. Or is there a NOS supplier out there?