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  1. Im coming, This will be my first ACCA meet. i belong to the National Buick club also been to several Buick meets. I'm driving my 73 Buick Regal 2dr,no trailer queen its a work in progress car but runs. Last year took it to Allentown PA Buick meet. Looking forward to Auburn.
  2. i made my reservation first of he year got my room at the Sheraton Brookfield,,just today got my vac oked also going to AACA spring fling Auburn Ind in May 11
  3. no everything fine already got a room just have to send in reg for show and get vac at work okd
  4. anyone know if the pittsburgh buick chapters are active or did they disband,,pittsburgh portholes? another one cant remember name
  5. does host chapter have a web page or facebook page?
  6. i asked AAA and chamber of commerce about it when trying to get local info,,they never heard of it ,or a old drive inn, i finially got what info i needed
  7. Leaving from Lorain , Oh going to meet up with he group traveling cross country from Washington,going to try to catch them at Falling Water PA Tuesday morning then on to Allentown,
  8. got my packet Wednesday all packed ready to go
  9. Question about the Buick Meet in Allentown ,,if iv already registered my 1973 Regal and im finding maybe it wont be ready and road worthy to drive that far, Can i come and switch cars with my 1990 Regal its a little more reliable to drive that far. I hate not to take the 73 but had trouble this past thanksgiving went to PA and the top radiator hose collapsed and got cut by the fan belt. Cant figure out why this happened.
  10. for sale

    Dealership i work at has a 64 Riv for sale,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,http://www.drivejoyce.com/VehicleDetails/used-1964-Buick-Riviera--Avon-OH/2759946973
  11. Thanks the 73 im working on it to get it road worthy to go to Allentown. Had a issue at Thanksgiving went to PA to visit my aunt ,,on the way back the top radiator hose collapsed and got cut by the fan belt. Working under the hood putting on a new hood insulation and touching up paint under the hood and engine area. Need to fix the air the POA valve is plugged up. The 90 Regal GS iv been several Buick meets received several awards gold ,senior gold and others now retires the car to focus on the 73. When i was 20 i had a 73 Century Colonnade red with a half white top. I got hit broadside in the door and got rid of it. It was just a plan Century but everyone i see now is a GS
  12. Thanks,,,no its called gun metal gray original color 2nd paint job done in 99 i think, the 73 is artic white original paint.
  13. My 1973 Buick Regal iv had about 3 yrs now bought it off the original owner with 48000 miles.a all original car and a real little old ladies car she is now about 72, even living in my neighborhood so no shipping. Car has some flaws need work on fender she hit and rust under the vinyl roof on back window. Hoping to have it at Allentown this year. The air dosent work so if anybody has a POA valve i would app it. My 1990 Buick Regal GS i bought it new from the dealership, the same dealership i work at today.
  14. Looking for a POA valve for 1973 Buick Regal colonnade 2dr 350 engine for the air conditioning.
  15. IS there a Las Vegas Buick chapter now? i see on Facebook some posts about Buick club going back tO Las Vegas no other info or year for this