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  1. just called denver host hotel its all sold out
  2. Auburn Spring Meet

    Read the nice story on the AACA Spring meet in Auburn in the Bugle said their were a few Buicks on the field ,,,,i was there also with my 73 Regal ,they,must have thought it was a Chevy or a Oldsmobile the date on the pics is wrong sorry should have been may 13,2017
  3. 2017 national meet photos

    All packed and ready to leave in the morning Wednesday getting a early start im dreading the drive around Chicago driving the 90 Regal the 73 still has no air fixed
  4. "BUICKS ON THE BRICKS" Car show, Flint, MI, August 2016

    Im coming for Saturday only ,,been twice before
  5. some of us work ,,have to get vacations ok'd by management
  6. not that we're procrastinators we have to get permission to get off work. i finally got my vacation oked then sent in my reg.. im trying to get permission to get the following sat off to go to Columbus Arthritis show but was denied,i work for a car dealership and they;re hard to get weekends off esp for when i want to go to a car show
  7. how many cars are reg to date?
  8. got my confirmation letter #228
  9. AACA / CCCA Central Spring Meet 2017 Questions

    already sent in request thanks
  10. Check and registration in the mail today
  11. AACA / CCCA Central Spring Meet 2017 Questions

    Larry Schramm on vacation
  12. mine will be mailed when i get home from Auburn AACA show
  13. Buick meet,,anyone going traveling along Ohio Indiana turnpike,want to travel as a group,Will be leaving Wednesday July 5 from Lorain could meet up om the Ohio turnpike
  14. AACA / CCCA Central Spring Meet 2017 Questions

    Looking forward to Wednesday to leave for Auburn only 21/2 hr drive taking back roads from Lorain along rt 6
  15. AACA / CCCA Central Spring Meet 2017 Questions

    are canopies aloud?