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  1. hwellens

    1913 REO - Remy 4 Starter Motor

    I have a model 4 Remy motor similar to yours. PM me for other pictures or details.
  2. hwellens

    Brake lining specs: 1915 Dodge

    See attached
  3. hwellens

    Carburetor for 1930 Model 77 Chrysler Sedan

    The carb looks like a Stromberg, but, about a 1936 model. The carb for your car is a DX3. Info attached. Surprised there is no model number casting on the bottom; may be a replacement carb by a parts store.
  4. hwellens

    Headlight bulbs

    The book does have some information on trucks, but, not bulb data. Harry
  5. hwellens

    Headlight bulbs

    These should draw about 10 amps. Assuming you do not have a voltage regulator, your 3rd brush settings must be too low if it shows a discharge with the lights on.
  6. hwellens

    Headlight bulbs

    Here is some data:
  7. hwellens

    Auburn Tie Rod Ends

    34 Hupmobile used ET40
  8. hwellens

    1938 RC Fan belt size? Napa# ???

    Attached is some info:
  9. hwellens

    Need a Measurement

    See attached
  10. hwellens

    Need a Measurement

    It is thick sheet metal with one bend and holes for the bumper bold and for the crank shape with the two ears. You would think that there would be a lot around for the 37-38 Mopars.
  11. hwellens

    Need a Measurement

    I only one I have is on my car. I have seen very few cars that have them. It will take some flea market searches to find one.
  12. hwellens

    Need a Measurement

    Yes, Loosen the bumper bolt and it folds up to use. I doubt you could turn the crank without that since it is the only support in line.
  13. hwellens

    Need a Measurement

    See attached pictures of a crank handle for a 38 Dodge. You also need the guide that fits behind the bumper to use it.
  14. hwellens

    Generator cutout: 1929 Hupmobile

    Here is some generic information on cutouts: Cutouts.pdf
  15. hwellens

    1927 finer 70 roadster

    Here is some more info on the filters: