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  1. Delco, Remy & Delco-Remy history Question

    NZCARNERD, I did mean Durant, not Leland. I have a copy of Al Slones book on my shelf at home, I will have to look and see if it has much to say about the 1926 merger of the two companies. When looking for repro data tags we also have the big and small tags with the same info on the same year Pierce Arrows. They do not interchange as the pin distances are not the same. Karl
  2. Delco, Remy & Delco-Remy history Question

    In 1916 Durant purchased Hyatt roller bearing, Delco Light, and Remy, making them a part of "United Motors". Little did he know he would also get Al Slone as his successor who would run GM for many years. My 1929 Pierce Arrows all have just Delco tags on the generators, my 1930's have Delco-Remy. I guess the crash of 1929 was the final consolidation of the two companies to the same location as well, all the 1930 tags are from Anderson Ind. for 1930. Karl
  3. Old Gm puller

    My guide shows 2 3/8 inch, 16 threads per inch for 27-28.
  4. White Yellowstone bus frames

    The Pierce Arrow bus pictured above belonged to the e-bay seller hiperlightflyguy. (he sells data plate repros) He had it for sale a few years ago, I don't know if it found a new home or not. The pictures I saw of it then would scare most folks as the wood was in awful condition. He was not giving it away, I think asking price was $65K! I think he had history for that coach. Karl
  5. Delco Distributor 8 Cylinder???

    Marv, I found it: 1933 LaSalle Model 345C, 8 cyl., says it is interchanges with the 662Y. It also has a different point gap than the Y. Y 18-24", P 12-17". Auto advance, 11 deg max. Y and P replaces the 660Y which had 20 degree advance. Hope this helps. Karl
  6. Dash 2

    Thanks for the quick ID, Karl
  7. unknown dash 1

    Lief, a while back I thought it was A Duesenberg, but it too is not quite right. Karl
  8. ID these fenders

    nzcarnerd, does your car have a left tail light mounted in the fender? Karl
  9. ID these fenders

    I thought they would fit one of my Pierce Arrow's because of the rear edge until I saw the three holes in the left fender for a tail light, Now I don't know. Karl
  10. Dash 2

    Can anyone tell me what car this came from? Thanks, Karl
  11. unknown dash 1

    Can anyone tell me the make of this dash 6 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches, pat 1916 Tesla on the back, Thanks, Karl
  12. For Sale: 1929 Model 133 Pierce-Arrow 5 Passenger Sedan. $67,500.00 AACA First Jr. Winner at the 2016 Spring Meet. Three years spent restoring the mechanicals, Leakless water pump with modern seal. Rebuilt starter and generator. Radiator removed cleaned and flushed. New hoses and clamps. Water manifold removed, head and block backflushed. All oil and vacuum lines replaced and chrome plated as original. Correct headlight switch, all lights restored, all reflectors removed and newly plated for evening touring. Interior clean with newly upholstered seats and carpets. The long clutch has been removed,two new clutch discs, throw-out bearing, flywheel reground, fingers set to factory clearances. Two new spare tires. Engine valves adjusted, Carburetor rebuilt, all carb plugs removed, passages cleaned, screws and arms plated. Engine pan removed, bearing surfaces and clearances checked. pan, valve cover gaskets, water manifold gaskets new. many other upgrades. Email for more photos or contact me with any questions. Karl
  13. Philips Custom Body Co. Warren Ohio

    Upper is original Tag, Tags are the same size, (repro looks larger, but is not) Repro is thicker, but easily ground thinner from the back. Thanks for your interest. Karl
  14. Philips Custom Body Co. Warren Ohio

    K Beach, vmilke, I will post a photo of them when I get home with one of my originals. Price $15 each plus shipping. They should fit in a padded envelope for $3. Let me know and we will proceed. THe Wills, Pierce, and Packard that I saw all had two badges. Karl
  15. Philips Custom Body Co. Warren Ohio

    It is interesting that this thread is back. I had some tags cast in brass years ago, they are still in as cast condition, needing polished, plated and filled with black paint . If any Stutz Philips cars need them I have them for sale. I have also seen a 1928 Pierce and 1928 Packard in Convertible Coupes that have survived with Philips bodies. I often wonder if they were unsold Wills 26-27 bodies. Karl