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  1. Mike, the insides had been gutted long ago. There is two locations for spring discs (check valves) like most mechanical AC and Stewart pumps from the 30's and up use to keep prime and pressure in the upper casting. 1929 Pierce Arrow went with a Mechanical AC pump on the "new eight" getting rid of the vacuum tank, but they like Wills liked Delco parts for a long time so an AC pump would make sense. Wills on the other hand was looking for the most modern , best constructed parts he could use for his all new updated1925 models. Karl
  2. Jan 1926 Motor, Karl
  3. Mike, the lower boat autopulse pump is what Wills used, but just one. The #500 that Duesenberg and others used has a much larger electric magnet than the earlier type.(Shown in your first photo) This must have been a good one as it is used for years and years. 50's cars continued to use 1-3 pumps. Karl
  4. If we go back and read the ad : It is endorsed by Underwriters Labs for safety, could we ask for more. On a Wills its running as soon as you move the Delco Ign. switch arm to the on position. Karl
  5. West & Ed, this is a copy of a Jan. 1927 ad. The month Wills shut the doors. I have a full page copy of an other Autopulse ad from 1926 that also states who used the pump. The small ad is from an Old Cars article I cut out and saved. When I get home tonight I will scan and post it for all to read. I could not find the other ad even though it was in my hands this winter, When I do I will post it too. Wills always said he was first in 1925. Karl
  6. Ed, I have an original, non running pump. It is in on the bench in pieces at the moment, I have had the upper casting reproduced, I still need to make bottoms. when done I will able to offer them to Wills owners as a simple pass through part, (non working). I know of a Wills owner who found one at Hershey 30 years ago NOS in the box, he has not put it on his restored car. I made 10 castings, it could be a lifetime supply with so few Wills out there! Karl
  7. Wow, I just noticed this post was from 2012! It also has had over 1300 views. Karl
  8. Wills Ste Claire in 1925 and 26 used a Ireland Matthews "Autopulse" electric fuel pump. This pump is located at the Carb. It is not much larger than a fuel bowl assembly. Karl
  9. Ron, yes, post 10 states that is the 1928 motor. If your going to drive one of these it's the motor to have in a Chevrolet. They do not have the cracking, and overheating problems of the earlier engines. Thanks, Karl
  10. Here are some before photos showing what a straight rust free car this is before it's restoration. Trades considered , (not projects). Spring is coming, it is ready for touring! Karl
  11. Mike, 1921-22-23 Series 32 HAD MANUAL ADVANCE for 24-29 DEGREES (small arm).AND AUTO ADVANCE FOR12-18 DEGREES. auto advance starts at 575 rpms. Delco number for this distributor is 5216. Dual plug 4 cyl. dist. is #5225. Delco cap for 6: 14320 or14884, rotor12071, rotor brush:23895, 6 cyl cam:31609, contact arm12413, contact screw12411. 1924 went to a 12 hole single cap, as did the trucks. So I guess you have to find 1921-23 only. If you have the cams I still think they could work on the truck body. I guess the 2-1 rotation is still the unknown for you needs. I do not find the cap used anywhere else, Points are used everywhere. Karl
  12. Mike, I just checked my 4 cylinder Pierce truck distributor, it takes two revolutions on the lower shaft to get one on the rotor. I do not have a 6cyl to check if it too requires two revolutions. If that is the same, the body should be just fine. If the car has a little hotter timing curve I am sure that could be changed for a hot rod. I know the brass car dual plug 4 cyl guys love this set up to replace worn mags using the truck distributors as is. I can check the Pierce rosters and get you a few guys that have series 32-33 autos who may know of someone with a pile of engine parts they will never use. My big Delco book is at home. I will check when I get home what all uses the 6cyl cap and post that here. Karl
  13. Mike, there are two versions of this unit. The one in the car looks to be the internal advance for timing unit from autos. (dual valve 6 cyl.), the "dirty" one looks to be from a Pierce truck with manual timing advance. The Stuts guys usually look for auto advance. The truck version comes up on e-bay from time to time. The truck units will have to have 6 lobe cams installed, (they unbolt from the shaft) as they are dual plug 4 cyls. Caps, points and condensers would fit without modification to the 4 cyl distributor. I do not have an extra at this time , but will let you know if I see one. Karl
  14. KRK Sr.

    1920 Cleveland six model 40

    Michael, Love the tree growing into the front bumper. Did you cut that out? Karl
  15. KRK Sr.

    Can anyone ID this motor?

    Rolf, My Delco book shows the distributor used in the following vehicles: Atterbury 1921- 22 model R, Elcar 8R Continental, 1922-23 Kelly Springfield model K40 &30. I am sure others too. With this info I would guess this engine is from 1920-1923. Karl