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  1. critterpainter

    1949 Buick Hi torque starter problem

    Here is a link to the starter.
  2. critterpainter

    Wanted Buick 1932 motorparts

    I believe the Main bearings are poured shell bearings and NOT replaceable insert bearings.
  3. critterpainter

    Fuel Pump 1938 Century...

    A 1938 dual action pump for a 320 engine is NOT the same as a later dual action fuel pump for a 320 engine. The vacuum line fittings are in a different location (actually 1938 320 fuel pumps had 2 different vacuum line locations) also the rebuild kits are different and I believe the actuating arm and mounting position of fuel pump to block is slightly different. Not to mention the glass bowl. The fuel pump the original poster showed early in the thread IS the correct fuel pump for an original 1938 320 CID engine. The "homemade gaset" shown in one picture is to stop oil from leaking from the fuel pump lever pivot holes, a common leak point on the fuel pumps. Bill
  4. critterpainter

    Babbitt BearingTolerances

    I sold it years ago to a gentleman in Washington state that is VERY active on this forum.
  5. critterpainter

    Plastic Ivory for horn button and gauge faces...

    The speedometer plastic for 1940 is NOT the same as 1941 up. The location of the odometer is not the same and the graduations are different as the top speed shown is not the same as 1941 and up. Bill
  6. critterpainter

    1936 46C on eBay

    Does not look like a 36 Valve cover or a 36 push rod cover. 36 didn't have the oil fill on the push rod cover. That was either 37 or 37, don't remember which
  7. critterpainter

    1940 buick special rear main seal replacement.

    I don't think I would touch the rear main unless everything else checks out OK. If I were to change the rear main, a lip seal would be the better way to go. The time to pull the pan again. 10-15 min. time to change rear main. HOURS, with lots of profanity. Bill
  8. critterpainter

    petrol gauge system King Seeley

    Bobs Automobilia has the back casting for the dash gauge. Bill
  9. critterpainter

    1927 Buick she's home lets begin!

    Looks like an order needs to be placed to Bobs Automobilia to get new levers for the Delco Combination switch or send them your switch to get it restored.!!
  10. critterpainter

    The worst of times

    My 14 T was commissioned to drive the BRIDE to her wedding. All the bridesmaids had spent the day before detailing the car. The chauffeur (me) walked up to the car, firmly grasped the crank and brought my pride & joy to life. I helped the anxious bride int the rear seat and off we went. for 15 feet. Thats all the further the car would travel. Determined to be wed, the bride disembarked and walked the 400' to her waiting groom. It was later determined that the pinion thrust bearing had failed, shearing 1 tooth off the pinion gear, 2 teeth off the ring gear and bent the carrier assy. NO car show holds a candle to an anxious bride. 12 years later and still married.
  11. critterpainter

    1920 Renault? in VA

    Saw this on the upcoming copart auction in Danville VA. Since I am in CA I have no way to satisfy my wants
  12. critterpainter

    Barn find '57 Super WOW

    Looks like the same car that was on EPay 1-2 years ago sitting in a Quonset hut somewhere in TX. kept getting re-listed with buyer didn't pay comments. That time the pictures were poor.
  13. Well the car is a 1939, but I can't identify the series. Does the car use 5 bolts to hold the road wheel to the car (US built) or 6 bolts to hold the road wheel to the car( Canadian)?
  14. critterpainter

    What am I doing wrong!! 51 special

    The redneck in me would coast it down a hill and pop the clutch. Even if the valves are tight, or the timing is a bit off the beast should try to run enough to help identify the problem. In spite of the shops diagnosis, I am betting on mal-adjusted valves. In your first post you stated that it had hydraulic lifters. You probably adjusted the valves with some collapsed lifters (a Buick habit) that are now starting to pump up, causing the valves to become tight. LOOSEN the valves, an engine with loose valves will start easier than one with tight valves.
  15. critterpainter


    The stainless hubcaps are reproduction. Original hubcaps (as you have found out) are chromed steel wrapped over a steel base. One of the styles of the reproductions was a stainless steel skin wrapped over a steel shell, very similar to original, but with a stainless skin. This style is currently not in production and the suppler is out of stock.