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  1. oldford

    1925 headlamp trim wanted

    I have three complete lights that were on my 27 Big Six President and are labelled Guide Tiltray. The front of the lens frame is 9 1/2" dia and the light body is 9 1/4" deep from front of the rim to the adjusting screw. I know Stude used different lights in these years so I'm not sure if this is a match. Complete lights are $100 each, buy 1 or 2, or all 3. Frank
  2. Careful freeman, posts like that will get deleted, mine did. I repeat... IT'S A FLEA MARKET... Frank
  3. oldford

    WTB: Marmon 34 engine parts

    Glad to hear of your good fortune. Frank
  4. oldford

    Car Logo Quiz...

    43 for me...
  5. oldford

    WTB: Marmon 34 engine parts

    Unfortunately, Andrew called me about 2 days late. The engine is spoken for in Hershey. He knows that if the deal falls through, it's his. I don't think the deal will fall through, however. Frank
  6. oldford

    Should I daily drive a classic car?

    I'll put in my 2 cents... I am a first responder in our town and see auto accidents almost daily. As much as I love to drive my antique cars, and I put almost 1000 miles on my EMF this spring, I would NEVER use an antique car as a daily driver. There is something to be said for crumple zones, air bags, safety belts, etc. I used to be dead set against the use of seat belts and hardly ever used them. Now I've come to believe that those who use them walk away, those who don't get carried away... I have come upon accidents with roll overs and people trapped in cars the size of peanuts and with a little help, they walk away with minor injuries. God bless the crumple zone... Frank
  7. I'll have a set of five of these 25" 3-Piece rims in Hershey space C4Y34-37. Not sure of Manufacturer, but was told they fit EMF and others. $600 set of 5. Frank 518-755-0986
  8. oldford

    Teens Twenties EXHAUST MANIFOLD ????

    Do you want another one so they don't get lonely? I'll have one just like it in Hershey also... Frank
  9. oldford

    Car ID?

    I just googled images of the 35 Plymouth and the headlight stands are are totally different. 36 Dodge it is... Frank
  10. oldford

    Car ID?

    I was thinking 36 Dodge, but not sure if the belt line on the two cars are the same... very subtle difference. Maybe it's my eyes... Frank
  11. oldford

    Car ID?

    36 has vertical ribs in the grill, 35 has 4 main horizontal...
  12. oldford

    Car ID?

    1935 Plymouth?? Frank
  13. oldford

    REO Chain starter

    The chain drive starter above for the REO was also used on the Studebaker Big Six from 1918 through 1927. Same starter... 6 volts. it was mounted on the front of the crankshaft. Frank
  14. oldford

    New Engine

    That vacuum tank looks familiar. I think I have one.... Frank
  15. oldford

    Hershey 2018

    I'll be there for my 45th in a row. I'll be in a new spot this year. 33 years in a row in the same old spot. Needed a change this year C4Y34 - 37 Frank