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  1. 70sWagoneers

    38 Century 66S Woodgrain Question

    Polish. Perhaps even a clay bar before. My dash board has some surface rust areas. I bet if i scrubbed it with Evaporust and a white scoth brite, then polished it... It would look great
  2. 70sWagoneers

    Want info on '38+ turn signal stalk

    Thanks Bloo and everyone. This is knowledge for the ages. Thanks James C
  3. 70sWagoneers

    Want info on '38+ turn signal stalk

    For now, im just worrying about a period correct GM stalk. The wiring needs replaced, but that is another problem for another day.... after i have a stalk that matches my 1937 survivor car. Thanks James C
  4. 70sWagoneers

    Want info on '38+ turn signal stalk

    I thought Buick adopted turn signals in 1938...?
  5. Ive got a 1937 Buick Special. I would like to add turn signals, but i would like a period correct, vintage, Buick turn signal stalk. Does anyone have any pictures or part numbers for the '38 and later stalks? Thanks James C
  6. 70sWagoneers


    I just drive mine to work and back, a couple of times a week, which is about 7miles. Seems like Im a bit too slow for even the backroad traffic around here.
  7. 70sWagoneers

    Correct 1935-1951 Tire Valve Stem Caps

    Ok. Thanks MC. I am planning on attending the Aaca meet in Charlotte. If I make it, ill be entering my 37 special survivor in HPOF. Please introduce yourself if im there. Ill order some caps from Bobs since ive got a few other things to get. Thanks James C
  8. 70sWagoneers

    Correct 1935-1951 Tire Valve Stem Caps

    Ive got a 1937 Buick. I'm pretty sure the rubber tire valve stem is correct, but the judging guidelines say deductions are made for plastic caps prior to 1951. What is the correct cap type for a rubber stem prior to 1951? Thanks James C.
  9. 70sWagoneers

    '37 Special Fuel Pump

    Thanks everyone, your help is appreciated! I'm going to stick with the pump Ive got if I can fix the lever arm. So now my question is where might I find a replacement arm number 1521467 ? Thanks James C
  10. 70sWagoneers

    '37 Special Fuel Pump

    Here is another 9304 pump listed on ebay that is listed for 1935-38 series 40. Perhaps it is a superceded part??? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F162890770771 Thanks James C.
  11. 70sWagoneers

    '37 Special Fuel Pump

    Yes, I agree. The cam was not worn. My goal is stock restoration so I would like to fix mine IF it is correct and original. Ive just found that Bob's Automobilia will rebuild your pump, but I need to speak to them about my lever issue.
  12. 70sWagoneers

    '37 Special Fuel Pump

    First of all, is this the correct fuel pump for a 1937 Special 248ci? And if so, does anyone know someone who might have a replacement fuel pump arm. Mine has been roughly welded on. My next option is to buy a correct pump to fabricate a correct arm and fix my "original". Would the arm be made or hardened steel? There is the number 9304 on pump flange, the number 51 inside a circle, and what looks like 521467 on the lever arm. Thanks James C.
  13. I rebuilt all electrical apparatus, replaced all wiring, rebuilt brakes, rebuilt motor controller, and painted undercarriage. The exterior and interior are a bit rough, but solid and all original. It is not my car, tho I wish it was.The shop I work for has all sorts of high end cars, but this is my favorite.
  14. Perhaps this movie will work... detroit electric 100yr old.MOV
  15. 70sWagoneers

    What rods do I have P/N 1339643B

    Thanks guys! I went ahead and machined my original rods for insert bearings and so haven't check back on this post in a while. This very useful information. Thanks, James C.