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  1. Gasket between block and bellhousing? 1937 Special

  2. 1937 Buick Special 40 248c.i. Is there a gasket between the block and bellhousing? Or metal to metal? Thanks James C.
  3. Paint under spark plug cover? 1937 Special

    Thanks guys. I think my engine had a few replacement pieces; the spark plug cover, rocker cover, and water pump were all painted a non-matching shade of green which wasn't sticking well to a black under coat. The block was the correct original color. The head Im not sure about.
  4. 1937 Buick 40 248ci Does anyone know if the engine block was painted around the spark plugs under the spark plug cover? And perhaps was the mounting surface under the cover painted too or was it left bare where the gasket went? I already painted the rest of the engine under the assumption that they painted the engine assembled with all the various covers and then replaced the gaskets afterwards for the valve/spark plug/lifter covers. I'm assuming under the valve lifter cover is oil soaked so it doesnt get paint. But I'm getting the feeling the spark plug area should be painted too! Thanks.
  5. torque tube U-joint movement; 1937 Special

    An ol'-timer aircraft mechanic at work said that the bushing in the torque ball "centers" the shaft.
  6. I'm replacing the torque tube seal on my 1937 Buick Special and noticed that the u-joint has some movement I'm not sure about. The bearings/bushing have no slop as if they were wore out but the inner cross bearings can slide in and out of their yoke outer races. There is about a 1/4" of movement north-south and east-west. I have no experience with this older stuff, but the modern u-joints I have seen have no movement like this. Am I missing something? Thanks James C 20170614_204131.mp4
  7. Question

    My favorite electric car = Detroit Electric Speedster Looks like its an underslung chassis too!
  8. 1939 Buick Special restoration

    Shoot, it even looks good without the running boards!
  9. I just went thru this same scenario. Took it all apart and then rebuilt the Lovejoys myself. I must have tried to install everything 5 times but just couldn't get the upper pivot pin in there. Finally I figured out the correct sequence and lined everything up with the help of a ratchet strap and bar clamps! Upon installation, he top of the knuckle and the pin should be spaced evenly between the shock arm. Caster can be tuned later. I bought seals, but I was at suck wit's end that I was relieved just to get it back together! James C.
  10. 1937 Model 48: RESTORATION HAS BEGUN! (Photo)

    Did you have a crank seal in the timing cover? I don't remember seeing one when I took my motor apart and I'm wondering if it would be worth the hassle to retrofit an oil seal into the timing cover.
  11. 1937 Model 48: RESTORATION HAS BEGUN! (Photo)

    Great work!
  12. 1937 Buick 40 - 248 manifolds colors

    Hah, I'm still unsure
  13. 1937 Buick 40 - 248 manifolds colors

    Those are great source pictures, Grandpa. But my eyes can't tell what is what. The first picture almost look like both manifolds have a paint sheen to them. But the second picture I can tell they each have different color/sheen. So, did they mask off the exhaust manifold before they painted the engine color?? Or did they paint the exhaust manifold too and all that paint burns off? I definitely see that most intake manifolds that I can look up on the internet have some remnant of green paint but all exhaust manifolds are usually well burnt up. It just seems like an odd masking task to do. But, I wasn't there so let me know! I'm still leaning toward individually painting the manifold their separate colors before bolting them together. And then I'll machine the mounting face. Anybody got any tips on mounting this homely manifold on a Bridgeport?? Thanks James C.
  14. I'm gearing up to refinish my intake/exhaust manifolds and was unsure of what colors were correct. I was going to paint the intake engine color (green) and the exhaust log will stay bare cast iron color. Does this sound right? The old paint is a mix-match of color. Thanks James C.
  15. MrEarl's Old Buick Barn

    I just moved from Athens a couple of years ago. I lived in Winterville. I wonder if I ever saw you at the Varsity cruise-in?