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  1. What rods do I have P/N 1339643B

    Thanks guys! I went ahead and machined my original rods for insert bearings and so haven't check back on this post in a while. This very useful information. Thanks, James C.
  2. 1939 Buick Special restoration

    Wow. Super interesting option. Ahead of its time in a way
  3. Antique Cars St. Simon's Island GA

    I believe the Amelia Island Concours is in March. My uncle just bought a place down there and we'll be spending New Years with them.
  4. This Just Ruined My Day.....

    Can't buy good tastes.
  5. Delco 6v Generator Paint Scheme

    From the internet, it looks like the case and both ends are painted semi-gloss or gloss black.
  6. Delco 6v Generator Paint Scheme

    Ive got a 1937 Buick Special 40 with a Delco Remy 6v generator; model #918-G. Im about to take it apart to replace the field coils and want to paint it also. The main case I'll paint semi-gloss. But what else is painted or not painted? Are both ends lefts bare cast metal or are they painted or plated somehow? What about the pulley/fan assembly? and what about the fasteners? are they black oxide or other? Thanks James C
  7. 1942 Buick Framed Showroom Posters (Originals)

    Did these get wet at some point?
  8. Auxiliary driving lights?

    Are auxiliary, clear-lens fog lamps legal to use with driving lights? I've got an all original 1937 Buick Special with 6v electricals and I would really like some more light! Ive cleaned all connections and the wiring is in decent condition. Thanks James C.
  9. 37 vs 38 Headlamp rings

    My 1937 Buick Special has a sealed beam conversion and Im looking to replace all the original parts. Ive found a set of headlamp trim rings that says 1938, so Im wondering if 38 rings are the same or different than 37 rings? Thanks James C
  10. What type shim for starter armature?

    Thanks for the explanation Bloo, I've been staring at these electrics for days, but I get so lost in all the ways things can ground out that I get lost sometimes! But alas, once again it was something fairly simple... Got home. Hit start.... Nothing. Engaged plunger manually... Started! Shut her down. Hit start... Nothing. Jumpered from POS batt to s-terminal... Nothing. Took box cover off solenoid relay, engaged small relay contacts manually... Started up again! Put cover back on, went and hit start button.... Nothing! This is when dad comes out and wonders what wrong. I jokingly say "it seems like it works when i take the cover off and doesnt work with the cover on". He says "maybe the cover is shorting it out". Eureka! And this is from my dad who has no idea about anything automotive! He even admitted he didnt know what he was saying, but whatever, he was right! The small relay cover was pressing into the s-terminal and grounding it out. So in the end, ive got an all original, rebuilt and cleaned starter, a cache of new unused starter rebuild parts, redundant heavy duty ground system, and a thorough understanding of my starter. So next is the generator which intermittently charges! Thanks everyone. James C
  11. "High" Nuts vs Standard for Cylinder Head

    Many straight 8 type manifolds have a relatively low torque value to allow for heat expansion and to account for the small clamping surface area.
  12. What type shim for starter armature?

    It isnt labeled as the "s" terminal but i was searching for common terminalogy. The s-terminal small lead on the positive side of the solenoid relay that gets power from start button or switch. For a while, before this rebuild, when you hit the start button (yes ive got a start button) the small relay on the solenoid would click but the plunger wouldnt move. As of now, nothing happens in the solenoid or its relay when I put power to s-terminal. Nothing but a big spark so power is going thru it so im guessing its grounded somehow. I will hopefully have time tonight to work on it. Thanks James C
  13. What type of paint? 1937 Buick special

    The only two places I could find that had custom mix nitrocellulose were Hibernia Auto and Bill Hirsch. Hirsch didn't seem interested in selling anything under 4gallon minimum. The Hibernia people were pleasant and mixed up a quart of my color for a decent price. James C.
  14. What type shim for starter armature?

    I edited my last post about the field coils having no resistance. They both actually have .02ohms. And they are not grounded to frame. They are fine. So in the course of tearing apart, testing, and rebuilding this starter probably 10 times... the starter now works!! It works perfect! except the solenoid doesn't work... My two main problems were the field coil terminal unsoldered and shorting to the frame and then the jumper cables I was using to bench test with over the last few days wasn't carrying enough juice to spin the starter. I removed the field terminal and fabricated insulation out of nylon sleeves, nylon washers, and a rubber washer and then resoldered the field coils. That was the cause of my slow start all along! The bunk jumper cables would deliver a big spark and fire the half of the solenoid that works, but literally wouldn't budge the starter at all. So I thought the starter was bad for the last two days. On a hunch I tried a different pair of cables and the starter spun fine. Lesson learned. But now the solenoid wont fire. Before I put it back in the car, on the bench, the solenoid fired and worked correctly. I put the starter in the car, pressed the start button and everything worked perfectly. I let it fast idle and warm up while I picked up some tools. Shut her down, hit the started button again.... and nothing. Ran a jumper wire from POS battery source to the S-terminal; got a big spark but no movement. The starter turns over fine still. So, anyone have any guesses on how to open up the solenoid can to get at the pull in and hold in coil??? Thanks everyone, I've learned a lot here. James C.
  15. What type shim for starter armature?

    So i found the problem (probably). The terminal to the field coils had become un-soldered. So with much frustration i got them soldered back. But unfortunately now the starter doesnt spin at all. Perhaps the coils got too hot and shorted? I dont think the coils are grounded to frame, but they do give a reading in the kilo-ohms from field terminal to ground. The resistance thru the field coils is 0. Is that too low? Field shorted? Pretty frustrated at this point EDIT: the coils actually have both .02ohm resistance!