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  1. going through my parts n pieces and found a really nice Alemite 6187 Hydraulic Gun it is in really good condition, it does NOT go to my 1929 Chevrolet, I have a different model for it. can anyone tell me which year, make model car these are used on ?? since i have no use for it, I might be willing to move it along to a rightful home !!
  2. BearsFan315

    What did you buy at Hershey this year?

    I would say it was a successful venture at Hershey this year, scored some spare parts for my 1929 Chevrolet, picked up a few tools, and best of all met a few Fellow AACA & VCCA members roaming about I did all my scoring on Wednesday !! Thursday was wet and MANY vendors were closed or no where to be found. Traveled back home on Friday so not sure how things were then. Few Picts of my Scores: everything i got from Hershey 2018 a few close ups
  3. i did notice this as well, TONS of Motorized vehicles all over the place, many golf carts: many driving UP to the tables and cruising the tables from the cart, no one else could get a look while they were table searching. -only golf carts should be security/EMT & CLEARLY MARKED, Hershey People that are collecting trash or working, NOT cruising around looking bikes: saw plenty of people on bikes weaving in and out of walkers, dodging them, etc... -not at all, unless you are selling or buying, then walk it where you are going scooters: who did NOT have one, saw a young couple, maybe 30, cruising together flying and weaving in people, stop in the middle of aisle, jump off, go scan through tables and stuff, then jump back on and off they went. 75% of those i SAW on a scooter did NOT need it !! just being lazy !! -stupid people are ruining it for those that really need them, if they do not have a VALID placard and paperwork, just say NO !! segway: saw a guy cruising the aisles on his -NO automobile traffic: was horrible ON the field, people driving up and down the aisles, coming and going from spaces, trying to turn around tight coners with all the people walking. -set a limit to be on field, then NO driving, entering or leaving times, there is NO need for anyone to be driving a car truck, van on the meet field during the event, that is a safety issue and hazard. then again rules, regulations, guides, only go as far as the enforcement !! if you do NOT plan to enforce them, then dont bother.
  4. seems Wednesday was the only really good day to get around and swap. granted it was HOT i did a lot of shopping and got A LOT of parts for my 1929 !!
  5. so does this mean setup and open to everyone on tuesday ?? or try to stretch the week and let people set up monday !? i like vendors having Tuesday to set up and such. they can take time set up and not have to drive around people trying to swarm the field for a deal. I start my hunting on Wednesday morning. I respect the time they have to set up and prepare. plus they can unload with out someone else messing up their mess but it is all good.
  6. If Hershey weather is anything like our (South Eastern Virginia) Weather it changes every 15 minutes... Hoping the rain holds off till sunday !! I would like to put in a request for Clear Blue Skies, will gladly accept passing puffy White Clouds, nice breeze, and say 65-75F with low Humidity or am i picking too picky I am packing and preparing for the weather, warm, cool, rain, NOT for SNOW :p
  7. BearsFan315

    6 volt battery maintainer

    I have my Battery Tender PLUS thing is YOU want to make sure you have a Maintainer that is Intelligent. charges battery up, then maintains the charge. do not want a TRICKLE charger. the Battery Tenders have a 4 stage system, they are approved for standard lead acid as well as AGM. I have both a 6v and a 12v !!
  8. BearsFan315


    sent you a PM
  9. BearsFan315

    Hershey 2018

    Well all of you make me look pathetic I have ONLY been once, back in 2012, looking for part for my Chevrolet I was restoring. never found much, and man was it a COOL WET ONE !! we brought the kids, and had to buy some $1 garden gloves to keep our hands warm. went up on Thursday eve, kids were in school, and headed back Sunday morning. stayed locally in Harrisburg PA. really enjoyed the sites, only covered 1/4 of the field, place is crazy huge. we did walk the car corral, and went up early Saturday and walked the show field. now that the kids have graduated and are off to college and out living life I plan to go back one day. need to develop a plan for 2019 and just do it. really wish i could go this year, heard there will be TONS of 1929-1932 Chevrolet parts there (good friend is bringing them up). Ugh
  10. Forgot to post pictures of the finished bracket installed Oil Line Bracket 01 Oil Line Bracket 02 Looks great, and fit was great, line is now secured and will not rattle/vibrate I made a batch of them fro the strips i bought to make mine, so have a few spares If anyone is interested. Granted they would NOT be exact replicas. BUT based on pictures I personally think they will look CORRECT and Serve their purpose WELL !! May need to be adjusted and tuned when you get it to fit correctly !! PM Me if interested, figure just pay for material and shipping, I Will bend and drill them, they will be bare metal and require painting and fitting. Either Aluminum or Steel.
  11. BearsFan315

    Ouch, bought in Hershey

    sounds like a bad sad story, but is it real ?? the english in the writing is horrible!! thats was scares me, for the price if real is a steal, many good parts n pieces.
  12. BearsFan315

    drive and little car show in the south of France

    Wow, very nice pictures ans scenery !! how many days and km is this tour ?? and seems that you are following the green sunbeam
  13. BearsFan315

    drive and little car show in the south of France

    Very Cool it must be nice for you all to see an American Left Hand Drive car like it is for us to see a Right hand Drive here. It is really nice to see a few American Cars in the mix of the bunch. then throw in the VW. Do you guys have many VW bugs around the region ?? I know years ago they were everywhere here, but have since phased out.
  14. BearsFan315

    drive and little car show in the south of France

    Very Cool Pictures, and Really Cool Cars... Thanks for Sharing. I love seeing Vintage Cars from around the World !!
  15. BearsFan315

    34 Cherolet VIN issue

    yes the Serial Plate was on the passenger floor, as it was on my 1929, that was the Number of the vehicle off the production line for that factory in that year, numbers started at 1001. my understanding is IF you do not have the original tag, no real way to know the TRUE serial number. you could guess if you knew the numbers off the original engine, transmission and such to get a rough production date. 1925-39 Serial Plate Info 1924 Model Info just had a repro serial plate made for my 1929, but i do have the original one Hope this helps