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  1. Hi Damon, how is the steering on these, pretty solid? Does the breaking work like that as in the Gould's? Actual brakes in the rear? Can you email me: gogospeedgary@yahoo.com Thank you, Gary
  2. Hi Damon, do you know what park these came out of and how long have you owned them. Also, are the motors on these Kohler?Thank you
  3. Shoot me an email with some pics and a price for the model T you have from Hershey Park. Thanks gogospeedgary@yahoo.com
  4. That's good news, which means there should be many of these still out there. These pictures are from the Antique Auto ride in San Jose, California.
  5. Model "T" Ford and/or Maxwell (guide track) cars built by Arrow Development "Wanted Dead or Alive!" These were built for amusement parks. Take in most any condition. Will pay up to $4000+- for good working condition model. Example park models: http://www.frontiervillage.net/pages/antauto.html