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  1. More eye candy

    Ah ..OK...., I'm understand...,snow still in April ,i.hadn't think of that.
  2. More eye candy

    2 carb you remember..?. We wanna see that nice cleaner when its installed on your Engine ...😁
  3. 😁...πŸ‘πŸΌ..
  4. 1940 Zephyr V12 help

    If you can suck throu the vacuum Can,then the Diaphragm inside is need a new one.. (lincoln land florida ,may be is a source).. The other Thing is ,if you have 2 Carbs,there the ported Vacuum is less then with the original single one...may be the (new) Can will not move the full way while acceleration .. you can try to loose the adjusting screw on it so the less Vacuum will move the ignition to befor much easier.
  5. 53 Buick Special Questions

  6. 322 Nailhead boost

    Interesting Thopic..... TA Performance and Schneider offers stiffer Springs...
  7. Modified 263 for my 1950 41D

    Ben, may be your torque ball itself at the sealing Surface are worn out ? do you fix it ?... can get a new repro Part from Bob or somthing else ?
  8. 53 Buick Special Questions

    Interesting Topic... A Reinforced 200R4 would my first Choise too if I would switched over to an Automatic..,but I prefer a manual Tranny ( T 5 WC ..its more period correct to '38 )... RivNut,do you know , how the BOP Transmissions are useable behind the Straight eights ?
  9. Correct heater for β€˜38 Special

    here are a pic of my stored oem heater with the optional defroster on top.
  10. "Hill Holder"

    Yes..... a Drag Race-Line lock...,that Thought came over me too ,while reading this Threat..πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸΌ
  11. Modified 263 for my 1950 41D

    Ben, 'hope it will work with a sleeve.....,your 85mm bore is one mm more than mine at my 263 ...and i for myself ,thought i was at the Limit..πŸ˜“πŸ™ƒ Had read many about it,years ago in the TeamBuick about too thin wall at too much overbore... Wish you good Luck.
  12. My β€œnew 1938 Buick Special”

    Yes....,the most wanted plug-n-play-Part of many Specialowners ..,the rear Axle ratio from a Century..😁
  13. My β€œnew 1938 Buick Special”

    Haven't seen this model before....very nice.... wish you much stressless fun with it. I think the Century has 15 " wheels ? I would switch over to 16" and ride, like mine ,also with 7.50 tires on rear. My special with 7.50 -16", runs 5 miles faster with the same revs instead of the original 6.50 gums. Greetings from the other Side of our World.
  14. Master Cylinder Rebuild for a 37

    Let Sleeving your Cylinder... πŸ‘πŸΌ. The Problem is the deep rusted damages inside the Cylinder ...., only a Rebuild Kit will not fix that Problem.

    Man... thats a Dream for me too,since Years...,an Overdrive in my 38 Special ... The hopped up 263 has an easy play with my lighten up Car . for Autobahn it would be perfect. 1500 Dollar sounds at first very nice...i would pay it without a big think about it. But if i think ahead about the costs for the freight to him to Ohio and back to me in Germany gets me very sick ...🀒.. Sometimes....if i had save enough Money...πŸ˜‰