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  1. How nice of condition do you need? I have a right rear (passenger side) fender from a 1940 series 40 four door. The rear section is crinkled a bit, but certainly repairable. Let me know if interested.
  2. I have a 1940 Buick Special model 41 that I just dropped the oil pan on. I didn't find it difficult at all. I had read a few posts that lead me to believe it was a real tight fit, but mine came right off with no issues. I had the front end up on ramps and the splash pans were already off. It was just break all 32 bolts loose and then spin them out. I left two on either side mid-way along the engine to hold it up until I was ready to lower it so the weight of the whole pan wasn't on either of the short ends. A couple whacks with a soft mallet freed the pan as the gasket was sticking. The front
  3. Thanks for the insight. I'm actually glad it isn't rare. I intend to make the car driver, but leave it unrestored. If it was a real rare bird I'd feel more compelled to do a full resto. I do have the wheel covers (3 actually, can't remember if its two rights or lefts), but don't have the hold down hardware yet. The neighbor and I have slowly working through the barn (and a 48' trailer!) finding parts and pieces. He's convinced he has them and I'm fairly confident we'll locate them at some point. I have poured over the car and haven't found any real rust or even weak sp
  4. I've been lurking on the forum for awhile and thank you for all the wisdom. I figured I should introduce myself, and I have a question about a new to me 1940 Special. I am new to pre-War cars, but am really enjoying the learning process. So first a quick story. I had been on the hunt for a project car for awhile. I was mainly looking at trucks from the 50's and early 60's. Over the past year I been casually on the hunt and had gone and looked at a lot of machines. The truck market has gone nuts with serious junk going for dumb money. I had come close on a couple but never pulled the trigger.
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