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  1. Give Mr. Dave Tacheny a call at 763-427-3460. I was just at his place near Minneapolis, MN a few weeks ago. There was a complete set of sidemounts in his yard for a 1938 or 1939 Buick. He specializes in Pre-War Buick parts for several decades.
  2. The original tint will not match with the new glass. It will stick out like a sore thumb. I would have to replace all the existing E-Z Eye glass in the car in order match the new glass. That is why I am searching for an original piece. Thank you. Lawrence Ten Pas BCA #23250
  3. We are looking for NOS E-Z Eye Glass for the passenger side door (RH) (2 door hard top) model 56R. Thank you.
  4. Could you please send me the information. I only need running board moldings, not the running boards. Thank you.
  5. CARS has a brand new water pump for $145 that will fit to your 263 straight 8 motor with no core charge. I own a 1951 Buick Super Riv. HT with 30,000 original miles. Lawrence J. Ten Pas BCA 23250
  6. We are looking for a straight set of running board moldings for a 1938 Buick 4-Door Special Model 41. Thank you.
  7. Looking for some nice driver condition 1938 Buick hubcaps. Thank you. *FOUND AND PURCHASED*
  8. Charlie Nash: I take it that you may have already removed the rear view mirror and knob - which is under spring tension so be careful. Do you have the 'special' tool to remove the antenna? See attached photo. This antenna tool can be purchased from CARS, Inc. www, PS: We have the same Buick year, make, and model. Our Buick is a survivor with 30,000 original miles. Lawrence J. Ten Pas BCA #23250
  9. I am looking for a straight set of running board moldings for a 1938 Buick 4-Door Special Model 41. Thank you.
  10. Looking for a 1938 Buick Master Cylinder Core or Rebuilt. Thank you. *FOUND AND PURCHASED*
  11. I strongly do not agree that anyone should be paying for photo(s) of carburetors that are for sale. I have never heard of such a practice nor will I ever support any such business that supports this type of practice. I used to send photos (polaroid) to potential buyers in response to my ads in Hemming Magazine long before the internet and did not charge them for it. Thank you.
  12. That would not make much sense to do all that only to have a spare carburetor in the trunk of my 1938 Buick and not match with the original carburetor setup. I have always carried a spare carb, starter, generator, fuel pump, tune-up parts, tools, bulbs, etc. in the trunk. I drive them and I have had a back-up plan. We all did this in the AACA as far back as 1987. Thanks.
  13. We are looking for a 1938 Buick Stromberg Carb. AAV-1 used or re-built condition. Thank you. *STROMBERG CARB. AAV-1 ORIGINAL USED CONDITION FOUND AND PURCHASED*
  14. Request photos and price for a used carter WCD 882S per your response. Thank you.