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  1. For sale, not mine, just founded. https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/oldtimer-buick-8-9-kruemmer-baujahr-1931/1181520773-223-2061?utm_source=sharesheet&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_android
  2. Many cars of my Customers here too have the green Wheel Switch. I put it in also ,in my shop if the 50 or 60 years old electric in the Cars looks " critical"... Important is before installing ,to disassemble it and lube it complete with Battery-Grease. Then they've no contact problems especially on the small point under the Wheel. Myself use one like this : https://www.walmart.com/ip/Heavy-RV-On-Off-Off-Trailer-Vehicles-Auto-Knife-Disconnect-24V-12V-Duty-Battery-Truck-Kill-6V-Post-Doctor-Switch-Shut-250-750-Top-Switch-Car-Cutoff-A/454957724 Looks more old st
  3. Yes, l think so too, allignment and also sealing.
  4. I would also check each cell of the Battery for its acid,/loading with a acid tester, all cells must have the same capacity.( loaded, or unloaded doesn't matter) If one Cell capacity is not like the other the cell begins to sulfating, it can makes problems like yours.
  5. If you use a gasket, copper or something else,you don't use the rings anymore.. 😉
  6. I had the same Problem , Original, there is no gasket,the intake have the rings inside and the Exhaust had a graphite grease between Head and EM to let them moving because of the heat expansion in lengths. Don't try to pull a bended Cast Manifold down tight with the bolts..,a cracket EM can be the result . If it's only the rear runner thats not match with the Intake ? If yes,than bring it to a Maschineshop for that they planning the complete Intake/Exhaust combo down to a matching surface..,I had do that too. Then it's no problem to use the copper gaskets ( Best Ga
  7. I have also no spacer in rear on my 263 with the comp carb system...,it works ,with shorter studs ,without Problems.
  8. Michael, where do you life? Can't find a introducing from you.
  9. The Filter is mounted to the Frame..,because its easier and a cleaner Job to change it.. And there also on, is a sandwich adapter for an Oilcooler in front of my Radiator... The Temperature went to hot on Autobahn while towing my Caravan for Hours, at 55 mph ,in Summer.
  10. Great ..🙂👍🏼... And sorry guys.. you're right....,I forgot this spiral Springs.
  11. A Spring ?... my 38 Coupe has also no springs...,only the Supports. I put one of these out because of too much weight and also a (for me) not necessarily mechanism where i must work again while lift the Lid. Frank, you can post a Pic from your mounted Springs ?...I'm interested in this.. By the way, the Lid is heavy by it's own Weight...my wife can't open it too... 😉
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