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  1. If you will you decide to swap it,here my experiences : I had done it too on my '38. The old Frontplate will work fine on the 363,also the Flywheel (attention here,marking the location on the crank!,it will fit in all positions if you don't mark it). All Aggregates from the 248 will fit,(also my better looking small '38 Fuelpump), except the Waterpump,Thermostat housing and its tubes, that you need with the Engine. The 2 upper threads from the 263 sidemounts you must block with its srews, because they goes into crankcase,and starts otherwise to leak. May be you h
  2. Valk, Yes I don't like this modern and rugged style of the Carter ,the Choke mechanic, and for my fine tune important : the many available Jets ,levers and linkage like the classic clean looking prewar correct Stromberg. I had think about other pre war Carb models..,the Holley 81 too,but I've seen so many problems with all this Carbs that using vacuum Powervalves ,especially the risk for blowing a PV while a possible backfire. Bruce , I'm in the 7,5 to 8 comp ratio range with oem Wristpins and Rods.., not so high because I like it sounds smooth and nonde
  3. Looks like nearly a period correct Engine..,that's what I want..;-).. (Plug wires and coil are here on this pic the old ones)
  4. Overbored to 84mm BMW Car Pistons ,block decked, head milling 2mm, bigger I+E valves with 8mm stems, hydr. Lifter switched over to mech. from a 248 3 speed Engine, complete Intake and Exhaust porting Job, mild cam,balanced Crankshaft and Rods, custom flywheel 3 kg lighter and balanced , boltcircle matched for a Dynaflow Crankshaft to fit to my 3 speed Box with a Cherokee 4.0 Clutch. Compound Carb Manifolds, dual 2,5" exhaust with smithys ,two Big 97Strombergs with bigger jets, Holley marine stainless Airfilter, 12 V Pertronix Ignition with lighter Weights in the Distributor ,Fl
  5. Her'e some Pics from my since 17 Years everlasting-project-vacation-race-fun-'38 Special Coupe 😉 :
  6. MAN !!! exactly this constellation was my dream car before I bought my '38 Buick Special Coupe 16 years ago and make it fast with a hopped up 263 engine. (Had read California Bill's speed manual and fall in love with this..,but its impossible here in Germany to get a 270 GMC Engine ). WM,a tip from me before you installing the Wheel cylinder, disassemble each one and put it together again with a special Grease for brake cylinder. A common problems are stuck/rusted pistons after one or two years,because they are completely dry out of the box. That's my experiences with all
  7. For sale, not mine, just founded. https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/oldtimer-buick-8-9-kruemmer-baujahr-1931/1181520773-223-2061?utm_source=sharesheet&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_android
  8. Many cars of my Customers here too have the green Wheel Switch. I put it in also ,in my shop if the 50 or 60 years old electric in the Cars looks " critical"... Important is before installing ,to disassemble it and lube it complete with Battery-Grease. Then they've no contact problems especially on the small point under the Wheel. Myself use one like this : https://www.walmart.com/ip/Heavy-RV-On-Off-Off-Trailer-Vehicles-Auto-Knife-Disconnect-24V-12V-Duty-Battery-Truck-Kill-6V-Post-Doctor-Switch-Shut-250-750-Top-Switch-Car-Cutoff-A/454957724 Looks more old st
  9. Yes, l think so too, allignment and also sealing.
  10. I would also check each cell of the Battery for its acid,/loading with a acid tester, all cells must have the same capacity.( loaded, or unloaded doesn't matter) If one Cell capacity is not like the other the cell begins to sulfating, it can makes problems like yours.
  11. If you use a gasket, copper or something else,you don't use the rings anymore.. 😉
  12. I had the same Problem , Original, there is no gasket,the intake have the rings inside and the Exhaust had a graphite grease between Head and EM to let them moving because of the heat expansion in lengths. Don't try to pull a bended Cast Manifold down tight with the bolts..,a cracket EM can be the result . If it's only the rear runner thats not match with the Intake ? If yes,than bring it to a Maschineshop for that they planning the complete Intake/Exhaust combo down to a matching surface..,I had do that too. Then it's no problem to use the copper gaskets ( Best Ga
  13. I have also no spacer in rear on my 263 with the comp carb system...,it works ,with shorter studs ,without Problems.
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