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  1. The Filter is mounted to the Frame..,because its easier and a cleaner Job to change it.. And there also on, is a sandwich adapter for an Oilcooler in front of my Radiator... The Temperature went to hot on Autobahn while towing my Caravan for Hours, at 55 mph ,in Summer.
  2. Great ..🙂👍🏼... And sorry guys.. you're right....,I forgot this spiral Springs.
  3. A Spring ?... my 38 Coupe has also no springs...,only the Supports. I put one of these out because of too much weight and also a (for me) not necessarily mechanism where i must work again while lift the Lid. Frank, you can post a Pic from your mounted Springs ?...I'm interested in this.. By the way, the Lid is heavy by it's own wife can't open it too... 😉
  4. Here My Ride .. Last News, 2 Big 97 Strombergs on my overbored 263 (now 283) with comp Carb and double 2,5" exhaust. Runs great, on 1/8 mile its enough for a 68 Mustang 289 4V ...😎
  5. Here's a topic from Nov.2018 to this .... hope it helps. I think, theres a Problem with a not correct adjusted Shiftfork Lever 2-3 ,outside of the Box.
  6. Jim, The Belt is'nt slipping ,if the Compressor is switch on ? ..and how far is fallin the Idle .. ?.. I think, your WP (-bearing) makes a hard Job now...😉
  7. There's no problems to have fun with a 263, included compound carburetion system AND dual front Exhaust Tubes yet , if you have a prewar (especially a light S40 Coupe) ...😎... Sorry Guys....,I could'nt deny myself that little Joke..😉..
  8. Had seen it as an eary type Jackstand...
  9. I had do open up my holes in the Weights for more total advance a lil bit ...,had also set my timing point much erlier .., , so that run while accelerate without pinging.. my overbored 263 (283cui) ,highcompressed accelerates and feel in constellation with my 3 kg lighter Flywheel like a small Sportsengine .Vacuum works also great...,A Pertronix is also inside( runs and starts more better as before) ,I ride with 98 octane minimum...Car runs and feels great...,Plugs looks nice .Run with 41' Compund Carbsystem..,,two front aav1 carbs in parallel connection, two stainless Holley Marine Airfilters and dual short exhausts..
  10. If interested,i run a 263 engine in my 38 special and had no problems to install the small 38 pump onto this Engine...because it looks cleaner than the big,also stored ,52 pump. Had installed it only with a homemade paper gasket because of the, upper discribed, lil differend surfaces of Block and pump.
  11. The Engine Color looks like a Frog.?..and yes the Radiator and Shroud looks like somebody is not interested to have a clean, original car. No Pics and Words about the condition of Underfloor and outside lower sheetmetal area.. I'm always would be very careful to by a Car without my magnet testing (Bondo) ,Roadtest ( Noises from all Components, Rear and front Axle,Bearings,Kingpins ,Synchros of the 2.and 3. Gear are Ok.? ).. No Leaks ?...especially the Brakes ?...many times i've seen new wheelcylinder on old bad Hoses... ,Pics under the Dash would be also interesting ( because of a dangerous ,hot wiring Salad ? ) ... For this less described Car, it was a lot Money... M2C