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  1. Wear you seat belts. I friends wife slid off the road, hit hard sideways and was ejected out of the car. She was almost smashed by the car, and was close to paralyzed after bouncing into the ditch. So now all there classic cars have lap belts or better. Steve
  2. I agree with both remarks. looks like a bargain. But the poor pictures and lacking description could be hiding a lot of bad things. Then you have a sad car that will be hard to resell with a honest description. Do more home work and talk with the seller. Seems the seller is not familiar with good communication on e-bay - or is hiding problems Steve
  3. I had the same problem on two of my old Bucks. Fought vapor lock, worse on warm days. When I used ethanol free fuel is was better and when the electric pump was left on to assist the mechanical pump it would be drive-able. Then ran great on cooler days and I thought it was fine. Well warmer weather came and things got worse. I was able to get it to fail while working on it in the shop and noticed the secondary ignition got weak and could hardly make a spark.Replaced the ignition coil with a good quality NAPA part and now car runs great. Both cars, had all the symptoms of vapor lock. A weak secondary spark will act the same. Glad you got the fire out and are keeping a positive attitude. I enjoyed seeing your Raodmaster at Allentown. Let know what the fix is. Steve
  4. Interested in this book, Please send pictures Thanks, Steve
  5. Yes it is a 45 series. Came with 2 1/2 engines , couple of transmissions, lots of wheels and more and more.
  6. You right Pete, I had one , now in a friends garage. Three foot stretch and they added 6 inches below window line to add height. A big car, with lots of room inside.
  7. I have a new one in the box, have PM you Steve
  8. Yes, I did go look at the car. A very sloppy 1960 fix up. It did start and run, looked OK from 20 feet. Top and seats were boat vinyl, carpets were hose carpet. rear fender seams filled with filler in places before a respray.. Still a workable car......... A solid car with tons of extra parts. It was offered to me for less, but was still a project and then to store all the good extra parts. These are the pictures from the original sellers place. So maybe it fell thru - or is being flipped and old pictures used.
  9. Sounds great Pete,Consider them sold pending pictures. And I DO want the bumper guard. This will help me greatly. Steve
  10. I am in Seattle. I know shipping want be nice. But I have had good luck and fair costs with fastenall. What would the cost of the fender be ? Do you want me to call you? The bumper guards are crushed. The bumper ends are OK. Steve
  11. I am repairing a 1957 Buick super that received front end damaged from a careless shipper. I am looking for both front fenders and the center bumper guards ( or a complete core bumper) I have found many good century front fender at fair prices, but to small. Needs to be Super or Roadmaster fenders. Thanks Steve
  12. I have an spare bumper from large series car. Can you give me the measurement you are wanting. I don't recall if I have a front and rear - or just one. Steve Fisher
  13. Roy, I will take the last one. Steve
  14. Yes, I know and saw the car. It was in a locale auction and I went with the idea of buying it. I was able to carefully inspected the car and found it to be a good solid car. It is NOT a restored car. A dealer was selling the car and I have found 3 if 4 dealers will lie and overstate the car. Most noticed when they say the car is full of options that the car came with for that model. I was able to crawl under the car, inspect the interior and pick it apart. This was a very nice 60 year old car that received a cosmetic exterior restoration ( and color change) several years ago that was showing wear on the edges. Underside was not restored , nor was the interior. Car looked good from 10 feet, then you could see many small flaws when close. I was thinking the car would sell for 30-35k as was not correct and not restored. I was so surprised it sold this high. Mind you it is/was a solid car, but not the car as described. Steve