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    Like old Buicks & Boats

    My soon to be step daughter Anna, last Christmas when I had a lighted wreath on the front of my 56 Century. Anna had just picked a dozen of fresh eggs from her chicken coupe just behind the car.
  2. 1935 Buick engine clunked out

    Yes, there were 4 different series of cars and engines. No to little interchange. What is wrong with yours? Good block, head and crank? The more information the easier to refer. Good luck .
  3. Must see! 1956 complete showroom display

    Yep, announce the e-bay listing here with short cut, would be OK with me. I have seen these sell many times in the last couple of years for $195 to 395 with slides. This is not a venue to list it for bids or a I don't want to sell it price and asking 5 to 20 times more then previous selling prices..
  4. Must see! 1956 complete showroom display

    Next in line..... if MrEarl passes. Nice it has good slide panels. Steve
  5. Help ID this manifold section

    Pete, I think this is from there early thirties. I just replaced my 1935 60 series manifold and the center section had the heater riser as part of the center section. In those years there were 5 series of cars and 5 engines with very little inter change. I think the 40 series used a one piece manifold and all the other used the 3 piece. MAYBE from a 50 series? Not big enough to match up to the 60 series of those years. Sure glad you got all those Buick parts to get to use to use. Steve Fisher
  6. Coker Bias Ply Look Radials - OK for judging?

    For judging the correct tire needs to be on it. The judging manual says no deduction for wrong tire size- IF it is not manufactured and the size on the car is the next closest size. I was able to get a Gold senior with my 66 GS skylark with radials. The rest of the car had no flaws. I was willing to take a few points loss for a nicer, safer driving car. I have removed many Coker sets of tires that failed early, had vibration and balance problems. I have removed many sets that were failed before there time ( 7 and counting) and one set from a customers 41 Packard that failed, blew apart at 60 and banged up the rear fender real good, his tires were 2 years old. The 13 sets of Diamond Back tires we have installed all have performed well, , when I balance them they take very little weight. And a bonus is I can order the correct white wall width sow it looks correct for the year. I have 40 years of experience of Auto shop owner and we work on a lot of vintage cars. These are facts about tire issues, not just my opinion. I like to drive and tour with my car, I have a few on Bias , but most on Radial. I like to look look at the sites, put my arm around my sweetheart when I drive. Cant do that with Bias ply tires. The roads in Washington are always being patched and modified, the bias tires will chase every seam in the road. When I have a friend drive one my cars with bias on the freeway, they are a little white in the face when after the drive. They think the car is being thrown into the car or truck next to them. As much as nice looking wide whitewalls cost, I go the the ones that will last much longer and stay true. Steve Fisher

    Yes this car has a 52 nose and rear end. Some interested photo work, before the days of Photoshop. Must have been the Skylark prototype or 'mule' before the 53's were introduced.
  8. Receiving cars from Canada, what's involved

    Hey it is very easy. I have brought back 4 Buick's from Canada. Most recently 3 months ago. A 1936 and a1935. Drove one back and trailered the other one.It is very easy and CHEAP if you do it yourself. Every time, I drove to the cars location, made the deal. Then load the car ( Most of the time I had it on an open trailer. I have the seller give me his current registration and a hand written - or typed bill of sale. Then drive to the border crossing. When the not so friendly border guard starts asking questions. I tell him I am importing a car and want to have it inspected. After I park where I am told, go inside and wait in line, they review the paperwork and have you sit down. After a 30 minute wait they call me back and ask more silly questions, then give me an import paper that is stamped and official. And after I drive home I go the the state license agency with the three pieces of paper work and they issue a state tilte. Note Canada cars don't have titles, but your state will issue on. Old cars don't have safety items or emission items to inspect, so as long as the serial number matches, cant be any easier. Two years ago a bought my 1937 Packard convertible sedan that had no tile because the last owner bought from Canada and did not get the proper papers filled out. I trailed it to a customs office in Seattle and told them what happened, showed them the 1/2 filled out papers and car. The agent keep asking my who makes Packard and thought it was a cool car. Then we went back inside and he said this is easy, grabbed a new form, filled it out, stamped and signed it. 15 minutes later I was driving to get my stat title issued. I live in the Seattle area and the border is close to me, as well as the cars I wanted to buy. I think this easy process can get to be very expensive and a pain if you pay an agent to do it. If some one thinks its hard and is passing on a great old car, tell me were it is and I will go get it. Just kidding. Oh and there is no fee and charge for the inspection. Steve Fisher
  9. Wear you seat belts. I friends wife slid off the road, hit hard sideways and was ejected out of the car. She was almost smashed by the car, and was close to paralyzed after bouncing into the ditch. So now all there classic cars have lap belts or better. Steve
  10. 49 Buick on eBay, opinions wanted

    I agree with both remarks. looks like a bargain. But the poor pictures and lacking description could be hiding a lot of bad things. Then you have a sad car that will be hard to resell with a honest description. Do more home work and talk with the seller. Seems the seller is not familiar with good communication on e-bay - or is hiding problems Steve
  11. Carolina Roadmasters: Boca, Buicks and Burning Hot fun

    I had the same problem on two of my old Bucks. Fought vapor lock, worse on warm days. When I used ethanol free fuel is was better and when the electric pump was left on to assist the mechanical pump it would be drive-able. Then ran great on cooler days and I thought it was fine. Well warmer weather came and things got worse. I was able to get it to fail while working on it in the shop and noticed the secondary ignition got weak and could hardly make a spark.Replaced the ignition coil with a good quality NAPA part and now car runs great. Both cars, had all the symptoms of vapor lock. A weak secondary spark will act the same. Glad you got the fire out and are keeping a positive attitude. I enjoyed seeing your Raodmaster at Allentown. Let know what the fix is. Steve
  12. Interested in this book, Please send pictures Thanks, Steve
  13. Yes it is a 45 series. Came with 2 1/2 engines , couple of transmissions, lots of wheels and more and more.
  14. 1948 Professional Car

    You right Pete, I had one , now in a friends garage. Three foot stretch and they added 6 inches below window line to add height. A big car, with lots of room inside.