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  1. BCA 2018 Denver Meet Prewar Buick Parking

    I agree with Mark and Brian. I like all Buick's and love the early ones and there changes through the years. After attending several nationals and having to look all around for the early cars it is not as enjoyable as a spectator. Not to mention the preway car owner that atends the show with his prewar car wanting to spend time by it and talk with other owners of the same era that are scattered around. Yes it may be a little harder on the several hours of judging. But the increased enjoyment for the spectators and car owners over the many days they are there FAR out way any downside. I live close to the LeMay family collection. They have 1500 cars that were packed in many large buildings. A short time ago one building was emptied and then cars put back in by year. You started with the early years and went up was you walked. This has been the most enjoyed display by all the visitors. So for the prewar I think this will be a much enjoyed arrangement. I can't wait to see them when I go this year. Steve
  2. 1941 Buick- Clutch disc design question

    I had the same concern last year when I replaced my 1941 Clutch . After not finding the original type I installed the newer type and it is very smooth. The original style of pressure plate did not work very well over the years. So I think it is an upgrade with the newer style. The Buick's really amplify a clutch chatter with the torque tube rear end.
  3. For sale 1962 225 Limo $18k

    Last year for torque tube was 1960, as well as the gas pedal start. I had a 1948 Flixeble Roadmaster with a 3 foot stretch. They did add to the torque tube and it worked well. Neat car, very tempting......
  4. Lot of Scams Right Now

    Yep this is another. A local Buick guy made the car as a driver. Looks good, but has chev 350 v-8 & turbo 350 automatic. Just not how I like them. Looks good and at a Seattle dealer for 29.5k . After a while you can spot the scams, I hit the prohibited icon and hope other do so the add will get pulled fast and not waste any ones time. There are still some deals out there, just have to pass and the 50 scams to see a possible one. But I keep looking..........
  5. 1927 Series 60 $9500

    Yes, this is another scan. It is listed with many picture on another site at 18.5 k with a more complete description.
  6. 1932 Buick only $7000

    Always a scan when, low price + poor description ( little real info) + single picture ( with state plate hidden) and no - or out of area phone number. I spent some time googling the cars like this for sale and almost always found the real with many pictures and a price that was 3-5 times higher. - A quick check and it was found on Hemming's for 18.5k, still a good deal for a nice one. - This add a SCAM
  7. 1960 Invicta front suspension swap / brake swap

    Sure, BRAKE & CLUTCH SUPPLY 2930 6TH AVE S. SEATTLE WA 98134 206-510-3691 I have had good luck with Napa when they have the correct size. A big help is the shoes arked to match the drums. They work good right away instead of driving for thousands of mile to seat the shoes in. Some customers that is 2-5 years. Steve
  8. 1960 Invicta front suspension swap / brake swap

    I agree with NTX5467. I have run my repair shop for 40 years and we work on a lot of classic cars. Every couple of months a nice car come in with poor braking. You almost have to use both feet and they are afraid to let the wife drive the car. After all wheel cylinders, hoses check out I go for a test drive. While going down a steep hill at 30 I shut off the engine, pump the brakes to loose the assist and then try and stop the car. Most of the time I can only slow the car because of hard and improper friction material. Then the shoes get removed, a light clean cut on the drums and then I send the shoes out to a brake and clutch shop in Seattle. They re-line the shoes, arc them to match the drums. After it is assembled the car ALWAYS stops very well. They stop so well the owner needs to be careful until they get used to it. But the car will lock them up in a panic stop and work well cold and hot. I have corrected 20 cars this way from 1930s-1963. After that most of the off the shelf shoes seem better matched. And with your bolt pattern 5 on 5 there are many wheels to chose from. I think the fined aluminum loos cool thru the wheels.
  9. 1960 Invicta front suspension swap / brake swap

    My 1960 Wagon had disc brakes installed by last owner. It was a simple kit with later GM rotors, calipers with caliper adapter brackets. Unsure of brand. But... it did not stop near as well as my other 1959 and 1960 Buick's. Read Beemon reasons, If took more pedal pressure and longer stopping length. Never had a problem with those big aluminum drums overheating. So on a good driver I would not recommend a change to disc. Steve
  10. Sold Kelsey-Hayes wires, ‘53 and ‘54

    I see the wire wheels have an index hole in them. Some don't and I have read the spoke wheels don't have them. Does any one know which is correct, or did they come both ways? Or someone drilled a hole to ease installation. I have some 53 and 54 wheels that don't have the hole. Was just wondering?
  11. Ebay - 1965 Wildcat Dual Quad 4-Speed vert

    i agree with Wildbill. This is a make up car. After I look under the hood of my original 65 Wildcat Custom 4 speed car I can see the problems that are pointed out. And look at the chrome under the radio. It has an accessory switch to the right for the power top, but the left side is not lettered. If it had factory am/fm with power antenna , it would be lettered 'antenna' on the left. The big, and I mean big red flag is the riveted on build tag. The factory did NOT do that! I would like to see the top of the tunnel from the bottom side where the shifter cut out is. Someone is going to get very hurt from the looks of this clone being represented as a 1 of nine. Would be good if the seller correctly inspected and verify the car. Cancel the listing and relist correctly as the car stands. Steve
  12. FOR 1931 60 SERIES:

    I might be to late to help you. I should have a extra one from 1931 80-90 big series. Should be the same as the 1930 60 series (big series). I needed one for my 1930 60 series and spent a lot to got a good used one. They look to be made by forging with would be a lot stronger then a cast or steel one. If you still are looking for an original one , let me know and I will need to look at my spare parts. Steve
  13. Prewar Div. Parking at 2018 BCA National Meet

    Way to go Mark. I agree this will be very useful to see the changes thru the years when they will be parked in order. The original cars, restored cars each have there own merit and the original cars can always teach us a few things. Looking forward to it. Steve
  14. I bought a couple from CARS for the front of on 1935 60 series, they were very good quality and so nice have a smooth operating cable. Give them a call next week. Steve