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    1966 Electra radiator wanted long as the tanks are good you can have a new core installed. I have had that done to both my non-AC radiators in my Wildcats. One even has a 4-row core. Not many shops do it anymore.....Good luck. Peace WildBill
  2. Steve......i am 40 miles north of indy.......5 hour drive on a good day. LMK....... Peace WildBill

    66 Lesabre, not mine $3k

    That steering shaft looks like a 253,000 mile car......too might have been a nice Buick. Why do people do that to cars ? Peace WildBill

    NOS 60's Tachometer 6,000 RPM

    I have had it hooked up to signal generator that simulates ignition pulses and it works with it. I will hook it up to my Wildcat this weekend and advise you of the results. Peace WildBill
  5. I have one good 1966 front bumper core and i have one good 1966 WC/LeSabre rear bumper core. $350.00 on the front and $450.00 for the rear. No pay all cost to ship. No major rust or other blemish on them.Front just needs a bit of straightening as it was in a tow sling at some time. Contact me for exact descriptions on both.....very nice cores. They are both wrapped and ready to ship or travel to their new home. Peace WildBill

    NOS 60's Tachometer 6,000 RPM

    Maybe Ted.......taking offers. Peace WildBill
  7. Tom........i think i have me. Peace WildBill
  8. I have 65 rear ends under both my 66 Wildcats and i had this low mileage center section to put in when i wanted to drive one a long way to a show. Otherwise i run a 3:90 posi in both of them.Well i have put a Gear Vendors overdrive in the white 'Cat and TopCat won't be getting far from the Cat's Lair anymore. If there is one thing you can do to improve the drive-ability of an early big buick(especially dyna-flow equipped cars) is put 3:42 gears in them. This is a perfect low mile set and can be put in a 63-65 Riviera also if you change the yoke flange.These gears are very hard to find anymore.No shipping......well maybe.....but you pay actual costs. Pictures up in a day or two...... $2,000.00 Peace WildBill

    NOS chrome wheel center caps

    Got my centers and they look great. Thanks Bill ! Peace WildBill
  10. I bought this from the estate of a retired Delco Electronics engineer 30+ years ago. It has been in perfect storage since and it looks and works well. It is marked "4-cyl" on the back and it is probably an engineering pre-production piece. I have never tried to sell it so here it is....$400.00 shipped in the lower 48. Peace WildBill
  11. I have had these parts for years.....too nice to throw away. $20.00 plus actual shipping. Peace WildBill
  12. TOPCAT

    NOS chrome wheel center caps

    I will take them Bill. Peace WildBill
  13. Thanks Berta......i have a NOS drivers side one and the GM wrapper on it is marked Grp.12.112 #4226945 so i was thinking it was probably #4226946....? The molding has upper and lower black stripes with a red stripe in the middle and it is 50 inches long. Cash waiting. Here are a couple pictures...... Peace WildBill