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  1. From back in the day when V8Buick peeps used to do a calendar.......those were the days!
  2. Happy 4th of July ! God Bless America Peace WildBill
  3. Now THAT is one HOT group of ladies !!! More shots of them please ! Peace WildBill
  4. long as the tanks are good you can have a new core installed. I have had that done to both my non-AC radiators in my Wildcats. One even has a 4-row core. Not many shops do it anymore.....Good luck. Peace WildBill
  5. Steve......i am 40 miles north of indy.......5 hour drive on a good day. LMK....... Peace WildBill
  6. That steering shaft looks like a 253,000 mile car......too might have been a nice Buick. Why do people do that to cars ? Peace WildBill
  7. I have had it hooked up to signal generator that simulates ignition pulses and it works with it. I will hook it up to my Wildcat this weekend and advise you of the results. Peace WildBill
  8. I have one good 1966 front bumper core and i have one good 1966 WC/LeSabre rear bumper core. $350.00 on the front and $450.00 for the rear. No pay all cost to ship. No major rust or other blemish on them.Front just needs a bit of straightening as it was in a tow sling at some time. Contact me for exact descriptions on both.....very nice cores. They are both wrapped and ready to ship or travel to their new home. Peace WildBill