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  1. Wanna see Cynthia topless ?😆 Peace WildBill
  2. I have the upper.....lower and middle grille bars plus the L&R headlamp frames and correct headlight doors for each side........ most in OEM boxes.........$2,200 for them all. I also have NOS R&L "eyebrow" moldings.......$350.00 for the pair. You need pictures of these? .....then you really don't need them...... Last ones on the planet ? Peace WildBill
  3. A lot of things look strange under that hood......dual master ? Some other odd stuff.... Peace WildBill
  4. I have had these for 30 years....both are excellent NOS fenders. The driver side is in primer.Pictures up soon.... $1,600.00 with pick-up in north central Indiana. Peace WildBill
  5. I pulled these a Hidden Valley Auto Parts outside of Phoenix in in the early 80's...they are super nice with no broken mounting posts and the correct original mounting nuts with sealing rubber on them included. $200.00 with free shipping in the lower 48 states. Peace WildBill
  6. This Firestone NOS CF-182 filter for the Buick 2x4's....it is a Fram orange color and it has a metal exterior screen.....not nylon mesh like the repo's. $60.00 plus postage. Peace WildBill
  7. Very nice condition....no dents. 2 1/2 collectors. $375.00 plus shipping. Peace WildBill
  8. With a little prep work you should be able to install and GO. Contact me here for more info.Sale is for just the motor only....not the intake,carb and air cleaner or the headers or valve covers...... $1,500.00 u pick up. Peace WildBill
  9. If you are still looking.......i have almost all the parts you need.....even a pair of NOS front fenders..... Let me know as i will be posting them up soon here on this site. Peace WB
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