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  1. ragtop4two

    RARE 1946-1947 Clinton Engine for a doodle bug

    I seem to remember someone on here who was restoring a doodle bug a few months back. I hope that person sees this post
  2. ragtop4two

    The Story of My Car

    Great video, I would like to hear other people's stories as well. I hope some people do look you up while in your area.
  3. ragtop4two

    R-120 in woods

    I had this '53 given to me years ago. The catch was I would go remove the garbage from it and the following week it was filled with more garbage. After this happening a couple more times I said keep it. I have seen other trucks of this make and year since, so there are a few out there. Someone else took this truck and I have no clue on it's fate.
  4. ragtop4two

    Doing dumb things, who has done this?

    I wasn't aware of these heaters so I googled it and of course you are right again. The drive in I went to here in Ontario Canada never had them
  5. ragtop4two

    Doing dumb things, who has done this?

    I haven't done it myself but heard of it being done many times. Also it took me a minute to realize the T was missing in theatre, I was wondering what a drive in heater was
  6. ragtop4two

    R-120 in woods

    It looks like a 1953 model
  7. ragtop4two

    What is it?

    I was also thinking some kind of steam vehicle, one steering wheel and the other a throttle for adjusting the steam
  8. ragtop4two

    someone who knows what it's for parts

    Those look like the window crank and lock for the small triangle vent window on the doors in front of the side windows
  9. Keiser, first of all that's a good job on the bush. Secondly I think you would come across great cars even if you took up deep sea diving, mountain climbing or even space travel!
  10. I had a brand new kitchen table and chairs still in the box and sold them on marketplace. The set was valued at $350 and I was asking $200. The first comment from several people was is the price negotiable? I said no and sold the set for my $200 asking price in two days.
  11. ragtop4two

    Indian Head Gasket Cement

    Restorer32, I would not have guessed you were old enough to serve in the civil war
  12. ragtop4two

    Good Idea????????

    I don't think this would be wise as I'm picturing myself smoking the tires off that thing
  13. ragtop4two

    World's Ugliest Corvette?

    GregLar, that's exactly my thought
  14. ragtop4two

    World's Ugliest Corvette?

    Ugliest is a tough call as it has to rely on the perspective of many including the builder of this thing. You have to face it that most people believe their newborn baby is the most adorable ever, yet many of us would suggest that it has to be the first baby they had ever seen
  15. ragtop4two

    HELP what is it cyclecar?

    I was thinking the same thing as Keiser. Probably something to run multiple machines like this image shows