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  1. Hey guy so i have a 49 Chrylser windsor and for some reason the reverse gear won’t work and i am thinking it has something to do with the transmission linkage that goes to shifer, any suggestions would really help. Thanks
  2. Hey guys, curious as to how to adjust timing on my Chrysler Windsor, i bought a timing light and i know i have to do something with the harmonic balancer, but how do i know when its at 0 degrees.
  3. Hey guys, haven’t been on here in a while, so my carburetor is leaking from the bottom from the silver circle rivot looking thing in the picture. Anyone have any ideas as to why. Thanks in advance
  4. There was water in the oil and engine was over heating, and when i took head off it was clear there was a crack in the headgasket.
  5. Hey guys so about a month ago I replaced the head gasket on my 1949 Chrysler windsor, yesterday as i tried to start it there was antifreeze shooting up thru the carb, so i took the carb off and there was antifreeze in the headers, there was no water in the oil or anything and looked ok. Not sure as to why there is antifreeze in the headers tho. Any suggestions?
  6. hey guys, I appreciate all the helpful answers and advice, so my radio isn’t working in my 1949 Chrysler windsor and i am thinking it is a bad fuse or something , but cant seem to find the location of the fuses. Does anyone have an idea of the exact location?
  7. thats the problem, when I align the arrows with the wheel cylinder the drum won’t go all, but when i turn them away the drum will go on
  8. Hey guys so i replaced the wheel cylinder on my rear right wheel and everytime i put everything together the pins on the wheel cylinder that push the brake shoes are crooked. Any advice
  9. Yes exactly, its the other end and thanks for you’re input, i will have to look into that.
  10. Hey guys, so i am looking for the correct term or name for the part that comes off the tie rods and goes to the front of the car, i know its a steering knuckle or something, but can’t find anything online.
  11. There is compression and there is spark and fuel getting to cylinder, it just cranks and doesn’t start. I have got the firing order correct and all i did was replace disttributor cap.
  12. Hey guys, So i have a 1949 Chrysler windsor flathead 6 and I recently blew a head gasket. So I replaced the head gasket and now that i have put everything back together the car won’t start and Not sure as to why. Hopefully i can get some sort of help.
  13. Yes the timing is correct, still not starting honestly thinking might be a bad wire.
  14. Maybe 3 weeks and the valves were ok and nothing stuck. And yes the fuel is a few weeks old. There is a spring that goes to the carburetor linkage i think its called and i looked online and i think its not in the right place.
  15. Hey Guys quick question so i did a little work on the car replaced head gasket and spark plugs and i put everything back together and now it wont start and it like spits from the top of the carburetor, any suggestions?