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  1. The car used by queen Elizabeth was sold for $14,200/- and the buyer said he is gonna fix it (he mentioned it to a news channel) up and put it in the museum. But that was almost 2 years ago and haven't heard anything after. So I doubt it's gonna get fixed. It was suppose to be the first car to be ridden on the only bridge opened in Maldives in September this year.
  2. Agreed @Marty Roth. Surprised by the knowledge base in this forum. Never heard of this holden thing before. The purpose of asking is that I was thinking of getting it as a project car. But the state which it is and the issue of people not wanting to ship most of the items to this country making me think twice
  3. It's in Maldives. We only have them old cars when delegates visited here and they left them here. It was when Maldives was occupied by England and they had their base in the south. Don't know how this will help.
  4. Hey, new guy here. Just saw this abandoned car. Trying to figure out what car this is. This is 1 of 2 oldest cars in this country. The other one is a 1968 chevy impala used by the queen when she visited here. Thanks in advance
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