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  1. Got me a ragtop

    Looks like you ended up with Charlie's car. Very nice ride!
  2. I found a $20 bill in one parts car. Another was just full of big red gum and Bobby pins.
  3. 1991 Front Lower Contol Arms

    I've sold dozens of control arms because of rust issues. Not an issue down here. Plenty of rust free arms.
  4. This may be a tuff one , Moonroof seal

    That may have been true a few years ago but is not the case now. Everything has dried up from Mazda for the sunroofs as far as I know.
  5. A teaser with my 36" dealer sign. I'll try to dig out some other neat stuff I have laying around and get some photos tomorrow.
  6. This may be a tuff one , Moonroof seal

    NOS = New old stock. New, never used parts but original equipment, not a reproduction.
  7. This may be a tuff one , Moonroof seal

    I have a couple NOS ones available. Keep in mind the sunroof seals don't actually do much to keep the water out. If your sunroof is leaking into the passenger compartment, you may have a clogged drain or rusted pan on the sunroof. Better to pull the headliner and investigate first
  8. Select Sixty Reattas

    Among other things, the color of the dip stick handle. Another Select 60 at the show was dinged for having a S60 emblem, and for the mirrors not being as shiny as the mirrors on the judge's Reatta.
  9. Select Sixty Reattas

    Here's the way I see it. 1988 Select 60s never left the factory with the hood emblem. Neither did the 1990 Select 60s. They are, however, both Select 60s. I don't think that either a 1988 or 1990 S60 should be considered "incorrect" with the Select 60 badge on. The story I have from select 60 dealers at the time (3 different ones), is that the emblems were sent to the dealer as an award for both 1988 and 1990. Some of the Select 60 dealers didn't even take advantage of the option to buy their car. Sometimes it was rerouted to another dealer during a dealer trade. The point is, I have seen 1988 Select 60s with and without the badge. I have also seen 1990 Select 60s with and without the badge. It's likely none of them ever left the factory with it. But does that mean it's incorrect? I firmly believe that a Select 60 should not have points deducted in the BCA 400 point judging system for having a Select 60 hood emblem. This has happened several times to people having their cars judged by "Reatta Experts" whose information is no better than the next guys. I know one Select 60 owner in particular who told me he will never come back to a BCA meet becuase of how he was treated by the judges. They tore a 3,000 mile all original Select 60 to pieces. This isn't the way the BCA should look to new members. I'm not sure the point that is trying to be made here. Everyone has "I heard ____ from ____" stories and there is no piece of paper stating anything of this sort.
  10. Dual exhaust question & navigation help please

    Hey I know that car! I used a Camaro (?) Muffler I salvaged off a parts car when I did that conversion. Not true duals but looks good and sounds good.
  11. High mileage Reatta record?

    The grey car I mentioned had a transmission rebuild at 240k. Original engine largely untouched except for maintenance items and gaskets. Not sure on the green coupe. It didn't come with any service records. But it had a massive transmission leak from the main seal. So either it had work done that was done poorly, or it was in desperate need.
  12. High mileage Reatta record?

    I have a polo green 1991 here with 256,000 miles, and a Grey 1989 with 310,000. Maintenance is everything.
  13. Seat covers - 1990

    All Select 60s were made with no pinstripe. I've seen several with ones added but it's not technically correct.
  14. Car - toon of the day

    That sure looks a lot like my Maui Blue/tan convertible clipped from the Buick Bugle
  15. Seat covers - 1990

    I use SEM color coat. They guys at the local auto paint supply store suggested it over the DuPont product because it dries easier, coats better, and has a better flex agent in it. My upholsterer just did them one off for me. After he did the second set he said he'd only do another set if he had no other projects going on. They are very time consuming to do because of all the stitching involved. Plus material cost.