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  1. NCReatta

    Buick Reatta - Meets, Tours & Car Shows

    Don't miss the 2018 Reatta Rendezvous in Boulder, CO. More info:
  2. Don't miss out! Registration deadline is the end of the month!
  3. Bump! Hope y'all can make it. Don't forget to send your registrations in!
  4. NCReatta

    Buick Select 60 program

    From the 4 or 5 dealers that I have talked to (owners and general managers) of Select 60 dealers, you became a Select 60 dealer not so much by sales numbers but by customer satisfaction. Not sure how they measured that, but it was a huge player in if you became one or not. That way, I suppose, a purely volume delwrr couldn't get in unless they also we're doing a great job on the customer service side. I'll put a feeler out to a couple dealers I know that were in the Select 60 program and see what they can tell me.