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  1. I've seen this problem about 3 or 4 times in the over 350 motors I have rebuilt. To date my solution is to reoamce it with one that does not wiggle. I test them all to make sure they're tight before installing them back into a motor. I have also noticed a correlation between this part failing and the motor having been previously rebuilt with different designs of bellcranks on the outside. Every single one I've gotten back as a core with this issue has had some other form of bell crank installed. I believe the reason this happens is because at the end of the travel cycle, the end of said bellcranks do not hit squarely on the bracket giving them a little bit of wiggle room that the original was not designed to have. This ultimately leads to slop in the mechanism that will slowly eat away at the splines
  2. Corvettes use the same inner housing but the outside is unique to the Reatta. These are definitely Reatta outer housings. That's not purple, but, as Agrove83 clarified, Claret Red. The sliver one appears to possibly be more Gunmetal Grey than bright silver. Gunmetal Grey has a slight purple tint to it in some lights.
  3. I will be there sometime on Wednesday. A little over 900 miles for me. I am organizing a Reatta caravan from East Coast Reatta Parts to the nationals. Right now we're probably going to go up to Muskegon and take the ferry across to Milwaukee Wednesday morning. If anyone would like to join, let me know!
  4. They are easy fixes. The reason I am selling it as is is to help the current owner get the most they can for the car. From a business prospective, I couldn't invest the money/time it would take to make it right and make the margin I need to make on it. Not to mention I have my hands full with 9 other Reattas here in various stages of restoration. This car is a great project for someone. They can invest the time and money and have a solid car for a fair price.
  5. This car is now on eBay
  6. 1990 Select 60 #64 restoration project for sale $5800 only 71,000 miles Needs a lot but runs and drives and the air works. Good: Complete portfolio Air works CD player works Both power windows work Door panels perfect All center caps Antenna works Top functions well Bad: Needs paint, top, tires. Wheels need to be refinished Two small chips in windshield Seat recliners do not work Visor clips broken ABS light is on Radio crackles One cable for the top release broken Headlight motors need to be rebuilt Seats need to be reupholstered I can preform some or all of these repairs for anyone who may be interested. This car will be going on eBay next week if it's not sold before then Photos can be viewed here:
  7. For Sale Supercharged 1988 Reatta. Bought from a customer who needed to clear some space in the garage. Over $10,000 reportedly spent to do this build. Runs and drives, extremely fast. Customer said it was pushing 300hp and I believe it. I have not had it on a dyno to be sure though. Everything interfaces with the CRT and even the cruise works. The car it's in isn't a particularly nice car. Has over 200k, but is a solid rust free base to restore. Or pull the motor and install in your current Reatta $2800 Will try to get some photos tomorrow to post. Car is an early 88 Red/tan with suede standard seats. Please contact me at 919.233.1973 if you're interested or have any questions
  8. Just to clear the air a bit here.... 1990 and 1991 Convertibles use FOUR bulbs. not three. They use 891 halogen bulbs. You can get them on anywhere from $1.49-8.98. These bulbs run so hot (like any halogen bulb) that their lifespan is not long, especially if they get oils from human hands on them. The oil will boil and destroy the bulb. Save yourself the trouble and buy 4 brand new bulbs and do the job the right way the first time.
  9. The cradles are different in 1988 models.
  10. In other parts of the country we don't have issues with the power steering coolers rusting out. We have about 30 of these sitting in a box. All rust free and all the correct Reatta part. Yes, that means no zip-ties or coat hangers required to mount it.
  11. Motors and regulators are two different parts. Your issue sounds like a bad motor problem, not a regulator. New motors can be had from NAPA or similar for under $50. I've only sold two regulators ever. The regulators are not available new, but rarely fail.
  12. If you have the entire button assembly (the only way horn buttons should be bought and sold), you must remove the airbag to remove the two T-20 torx screws that hold each button assembly in. '90 and '91 are different than '88 and '89
  13. 30 Black/Garnet Red convertibles had the 16-way seat option. It seems the convertible Barney mentioned that was not equipped with a black top left the factory with a white vinyl top. I can't imagine how anyone thought that looked good when it ordered by a dealer..
  14. Just to clear the air some... '88 and '89 fuel sending units are unique to those models. '90 and '91 are different as they have plastic lines instead of the metal lines. fittings are also different from coupe to convertible on the fuel sending units. in my experience, these units cannot be repaired. Particularly if they're rusted. Replacing the sender is the best course of action. We have the correct style sending units in stock. They're all rust free, and include a 2 year warranty. We also have the radio modules in stock. ill be through Birmingham later this month if you wanted me to drop anything off.
  15. We offer refurbished screens with ALL the problem components replaced. Not just the problem with each particular screen. We also have a proprietary method of refinishing the screen cosmetics to get rid of the wear over the volume buttons and other parts of the screen. These are the closest thing to a new screen as you can buy. We also include a two year warranty. our screens are available on our website and have been for years: