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  1. This one wasn't my fault...honest

    Really a sweet looking little car! Will it make it to Denver next year?
  2. You might consider a Reatta as well. If you're not concerned about carrying a lot of people (only a 2 seater), they're great road cars. Very comfortable, same motors as the park avenues and very attractive styling. I've driven Reattas cross country on 6 or 7 different occasions and never been stranded. I have a couple very nice low milage examples that I need to sell (warehouse is full of Reattas). Give me a call if you think you might be interested!
  3. Old topic on 1990 Select Sixty cars

    I think it's fair to say "either is correct" for both emblems and dip sticks. I have 15 1990 Reattas here right now. It's split about 50/50 some have black some have grey. My 1990 select 60 had grey. While my Maui Blue convertible has black. On the subject of emblems... Is it correct for an 88 select 60 to have the emblem?? They didn't leave the factory with it either apparently. I looked at a low milage 88 Select 60 a couple months back with no emblem The 1990 select 60s are, well, Select 60 Reattas. I see no reason why anyone should have points deducted for having a select 60 hood emblem on their 1990 select 60. And for the record, installing the smaller select 60 emblem on a 1990 doesn't mean you have to repaint the hood. The adhesive disk below the emblem is smaller than the select 60 emblem. So you can put the smaller emblem on without anything else showing.
  4. Reatta Convertible $8500 - 19,000 miles

    Color combo? Location? Any photos?
  5. Why is it that people from California always assume any car that's not from Southern California is rusty? I own a car from Los Angeles ('91 convertible) and a car from Dever ('91 coupe). Both are equally rust free. The life it's had is more of an issue to me than where it's from.
  6. What to do with dead Reatta

    Sent a PM early this morning. I can come get it this week or next and have it out of your way.
  7. Looking for any history of a Buick Reatta

    That's a quick way to bend and break something. Just loosen all the bolts on that side and give the bumper a few good yanks from the end. It'll usually pop right out. I've done this several times on Reattas. Voice of experience, not just postulating about something that could solve the problem. That rear panel will cost $150-200 to prep and paint if you find a good place. $500 is pricey. Many times, shops that are paid for an "inspection" feel like they have to earn their $100 and tear the car apart. It's best to A) use your sound judgment and ask "why would a 30,000 mile car need a rack if it has no leaks?" Or "the a/c works well, why does it need a compressor?" Or B ) take it to a reputable shop you can trust not to tack on a bunch of superfluous garbage. Congratulations on the purchase of a nice car. Looks like you got a great deal.
  8. Fire at Country Classic Cars, Staunton IL

    I've driven by there several times, never stopped in though. Rather odd that all of their Hemmings ads are already taken down.
  9. Reattas at the National meet

    I believe that's Gene Phillips on the end?
  10. Dead Mouse in Reatta

    Mice can and will get inside the HVAC system. This is a statement from experience. Not pensively puffing my pipe behind a computer screen. If you're lucky, he hasnt made it past the blower box. If he has you'll have to pull the dash. Remove the blower motor and you'll likely find him in there. Having the blower resister module out helps with a place to shine light in as well.
  11. New headlight problem

    I've seen this problem about 3 or 4 times in the over 350 motors I have rebuilt. To date my solution is to reoamce it with one that does not wiggle. I test them all to make sure they're tight before installing them back into a motor. I have also noticed a correlation between this part failing and the motor having been previously rebuilt with different designs of bellcranks on the outside. Every single one I've gotten back as a core with this issue has had some other form of bell crank installed. I believe the reason this happens is because at the end of the travel cycle, the end of said bellcranks do not hit squarely on the bracket giving them a little bit of wiggle room that the original was not designed to have. This ultimately leads to slop in the mechanism that will slowly eat away at the splines
  12. Corvettes use the same inner housing but the outside is unique to the Reatta. These are definitely Reatta outer housings. That's not purple, but, as Agrove83 clarified, Claret Red. The sliver one appears to possibly be more Gunmetal Grey than bright silver. Gunmetal Grey has a slight purple tint to it in some lights.
  13. Bloomfield WI ...BCA meet...who is going?

    I will be there sometime on Wednesday. A little over 900 miles for me. I am organizing a Reatta caravan from East Coast Reatta Parts to the nationals. Right now we're probably going to go up to Muskegon and take the ferry across to Milwaukee Wednesday morning. If anyone would like to join, let me know!
  14. 1990 Select 60 Restoration project

    They are easy fixes. The reason I am selling it as is is to help the current owner get the most they can for the car. From a business prospective, I couldn't invest the money/time it would take to make it right and make the margin I need to make on it. Not to mention I have my hands full with 9 other Reattas here in various stages of restoration. This car is a great project for someone. They can invest the time and money and have a solid car for a fair price.
  15. 1990 Select 60 Restoration project

    This car is now on eBay