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  1. Why waste your time on cheap gaskets that may or may not fit when you can go buy a $25 set from your local auto parts store that you KNOW will work, and will probably last longer?
  2. NCReatta

    Looking at a 91 questions

    Depends on miles and color combo. Security light flashing is completely normal, and lots of them have the tape deck issue. Not hard to fix. If under 100k miles or a rare color combo sounds like a steal at $7k
  3. NCReatta

    Installing sun visor clips on 1990 Reatta Vert

    No, if you take the top piece off the windsheild header you can't get to that screw. To properly do it, you have to remove both sun visors, the screw at either end of the interior colored header panel, and the screw holding each visor clip in. Then the whole interior header panel will drop down and you can get to the interior screw on the back of the header panel.
  4. NCReatta

    Me and My Buick Reatta

    Down a Riv, time for a second Reatta?
  5. Just made my.reservations and they were all out of king rooms. Hoepfully one opens up. If you have one and can't go, let me know. I'll take it.
  6. NCReatta

    Texas Road Warriors --- Mile High Blitz

    Made it to beautiful Van Horn tonight. Hope to be in Pueblo tomorrow as well. Probably staying at the Microtel. Did a last minute fuel injector change this evening after dinner. I kept getting poor milage and high idle which I believe is due to a sticky injector. Luckily I brought an extra set. Also stopped by Little Reata Ranch in Marfa, TX. From the movie Giant and where the Reatta's name originated
  7. NCReatta

    Texas Road Warriors --- Mile High Blitz

    I'll be swinging through south Texas on I-10. Staying in Van Horn 6/17, then heading north stopping at Carlsbad Caverns. If all goes well we should roll in Tuesday afternoon. I know I'm driving what most of y'all consider a "modern car" (1991 Reatta), but it's still a 27 year old car and can be prone to issues. This will be the second cross country trip for this car (bought it in Colorado in 2016 and drove it home), and I think she'll do just fine.
  8. I would say about 85% of the time it is a bad cluster. The other 15 percent it's a bad ECM. One thing we do offer is that if you buy the cluster from us and it doesn't solve the problem, you can return it and I'll send out an ECM.
  9. NCReatta

    Parts delivery to 2018 national meet

    Bump! I'm rounding up parts this week and getting packed. Let me know what I can bring you!
  10. NCReatta

    Buick reatta windshield and seats

    Where are you located?
  11. NCReatta

    Who's Going to Denver

    Let's hold it in conjunction with the Reatta Rendezvous. Already organized and we could use a few more people!
  12. NCReatta

    Who's Going to Denver

    Yeah, I was aware of that, just wasn't sure if there was anything planned for this year yet
  13. NCReatta

    Who's Going to Denver

    Did I miss the thread about forum breakfast?
  14. Thanks Ronnie for making this a sticky! Great thing to do this holiday weekend while you're relaxing - make travel plans for Denver and get registered for the national meet and the Rendezvous!
  15. NCReatta

    Who's Going to Denver

    I think there will be a lot of people who will be doing that... I'll be there with my wife in my 1991 Reatta coupe. We're taking a roundabout way through New Orleans, San Antonio, New Mexico and such. When we get there Tuesday afternoon, we'll be staying at the host hotel. We'll be attending the Reatta Rendezvous Thursday, the Rambler Ranch cookout, and the awards banquet. We'll be doing some touring on our own too. I'm not too interested in paying money to sit on a bus when I drove my car there. Looking forward to seeing you all there!